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O-Matrix 6.5 High Performance Data Analysis and Modeling, a cost-effective alternative

O-Matrix is an easy-to-use integrated technical computing environment and matrix-based scripting language. The high-performance integrated O-Matrix environment includes an extensive collection of mathematical, statistical, engineering and visualization functions with performance that far exceeds other technical computing environments. The robust and diverse set of analysis functions enable the rapid development of complex, computationally intensive scientific, engineering, and technical computing solutions. You can also port MATLAB®-scripts or integrate O-Matrix with Mathematica®. Toolboxes available:

  • Image Processing for image manipulation, analysis, digital imaging, computer vision, and digital image processing
  • Signal Processing for algorithm development, data analysis, and visual presentation
  • Statistical Time Series Analysis for performing time series and statistics related analysis and visualization
  • Linear Programming integrates lpsolve, a free, public domain linear programming solver with the O-Matrix matrix language
  • ODBC/SQL Data Access enables O-Matrix to load data from databases and other ODBC compliant data sources using SQL, (Structured Query Language)
  • SigmaPlot Interface Toolkit integrates the high-performance technical computing and data analysis capabilities of O-Matrix with the easy to use and interactive publication quality plotting capabilities of SigmaPlot.

The Integrated Technical Computing Environment

What is O-Matrix?

O-Matrix is a high-performance, matrix oriented language and integrated environment for analyzing data, creating simulations, visualizing results, and building turnkey scientific and engineering computing solutions. The O-Matrix language includes a broad range of mathematical, statistical, engineering, plotting, and user-interface building functions for solving a broad range of technical computing problems.

O-Matrix enables you to solve technical analysis and simulation problems faster than with traditional programming languages such as C++ and FORTRAN, and provides performance that far exceeds other integrated math and engineering software tools.

O-Matrix Performance

O-Matrix has been designed from the ground up for accuracy and high-performance. The O-Matrix environment enables you to both prototype designs and perform large scale analysis within the integrated environment. O-Matrix has been built using highly optimized C/C++, FORTRAN, and assembly code to provide optimal execution performance. The linear algebra routines in O-Matrix are based on the algorithms from BLAS, LINPACK, and LAPACK to provide robust, accurate solutions.

O-Matrix Analysis Functions

O-Matrix provides an extensive set of functions for implementing solutions in a broad range of technical computing disciplines. Functions are highly optimized and designed to be easy-to-use for prototyping applications and extensible for specialized requirements. Most functions include complete source code to allow you to review the implementation and modify it to your own requirements if necessary.

The O-Matrix Language

The syntax of the O-Matrix language is a hybrid of BASIC, and other matrix languages providing a very easy-to-learn and compact syntax where the notation of algorithms reflects the mathematics they represent. A few lines of O-Matrix code can often duplicate the functionality of many pages of FORTRAN or other compiled-language code. Common vector and matrix operations are part of the language syntax and numerical functions operate with scalars, vectors, and matrices of integer, real, and complex-valued types.

The O-Matrix syntax makes it simple to create short, single-file solutions and possible to create large applications that span numerous files. O-Matrix provides object oriented capabilities and language features typically only found in languages such as C++, Java, and Python. End user solutions in O-Matrix range from a few commands entered at the command prompt to tens of thousands of lines of code spanning dozens files. (Numerous examples of typical O-Matrix solutions are available in the omwin/example directory of the distribution.)

In addition to the O-Matrix syntax, the O-Matrix language can run scripts and functions written in the Matlab language.

Data Access and Manipulation with O-Matrix

O-Matrix provides extensive capabilities for working with data from files, applications, devices, and databases. Directly load data from formats such as Excel, text files, HDF, WAV files, and PLT files. Low-level utilities are provided to enable importing and creation of arbitrary ASCII or binary data. Using the O-Matrix OLE/COM Automation functions you can leverage the data import and export capabilities of other applications. O-Matrix can link with compiled objects from languages such as C/C++ and FORTRAN to enable the use of custom data input and output routines from within the O-Matrix language.

The O-Matrix data access and manipulation routines are highly optimized and can efficiently work with data sets that contain hundreds of thousands of data points and using many megabytes. The import of a multi-megabyte file in O-Matrix takes a fraction of the time needed by Excel, and is typically much quicker than the same algorithm implemented in a compiled language.

O-Matrix excels at manipulating and formatting data. Numeric and textual data can be re-formatted as it is loaded or manipulated after loading. Flexible routines are provided to enable sophisticated formatting and manipulation of various data formats.

New features in O-Matrix

O-Matrix Version 6.5 is now available. Some of the new features and enhancements in this release:

Detailed information about O-Matrix

System requirements

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Pentium 4 or greater processor
  • 150MB free disk space
  • 256MB or more memory

Resources for O-Matrix

PowerPoint Overview


O-Matrix Demo

Download a fully functional 30-day demo of O-Matrix
File size: 108 MB
Download O-Matrix Light!

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