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The Time to Reply Ratio - The Single Greatest New Ratio to Build Sales via eMailTM In Helsinki

Thank You Covid!

  • Covid-19 helped us discover a NEW and exciting ratio to DRAMATICALLY Build sales! And it only costs below €10/user/month!
  • Prior to Covid—it was IGNORED!
  • Fewer people working out of office, sales can’t catch them by phone. But they can by email… if they reply QUICKLY!

timetoreply is an email analytics tool built for managers and team leaders who want to visualize their team´s email reply times and volumes. Founded in 2013 by South African entrepreneur, Dane Spear, timetoreply´s SaaS tools have since provided crucial business email insights to a growing list of SMEs and Fortune 500 companies in every industry from advertising to logistics, travel, and legal services.

The team at timetoreply are committed to making email (still the world´s most widely-used business communication channel) a stress-free place that enables sales, support, key account and remote teams to do their best work. Read more [pdf] about timetoreply.

timetoreply is the best, most secure and ONLY universally compatible email analytics tool (tracks email volumes, reply times, and first and last activity for G Suite to Outlook and everything in between) for individual and shared mailboxes (and individual contributions to shared mailboxes) with the best data and most comprehensive metrics (real-time reporting, customized scheduled reports and API integration, as well as advanced filters to help make sense of your most important customer and lead emails) as the price-performance leader with included free support, and a full-feature free trial, no software installation required.

timetoreply Sales is best suited to:

  • Sales teams leads

timetoreply Success is best suited to:

  • Customer Success team leads
  • Customer Support team leads
  • Client Services team leads
  • Key Account Management team leads
  • SLA Driven team leads

timetoreply Remote is best suited to:

  • Managers/companies for a daily snapshot of their remote team´s workload (email volume) and productivity (reply times). Timetoreply Remote is light and affordable enough to be rolled out across an entire organization.

Major Problem Solved

  • You need your team to perform now more than ever. Especially true now that companies have been forced to adopt remote working and are on the lookout to recover lost sales
  • Existing employee tracking tools or expensive CRMs have issues
  • Existing performance tools are pricy, time-consuming and invasive employees hate them
  • You´re in the dark about your remote working team´s productivity when you can´t afford to be. When everyone is working remotely, you have no view of how quickly your team is handling leads or responding to customers

Read more [pdf] about timetoreply.


  • Are all your valuable incoming leads being handled effectively?
  • Is your support team giving your paying customers the attention they need?
  • Are your internal communications fruitful in keeping your business running smoothly?
  • Are your employees engaged and productive when working remotely?
  • Is the workload balanced between team members?


Problems witth Sales Teams

  • Your sales team is “working” from home–you hope. You notice fewer phone calls (many prospects don’t pick up), but a LOT more email requests
  • Sales tends toward emails anyway… if you let them
    • Less sense of rejection than phone calls
  • Team dynamics don’t apply at home
    • Phones are not buzzing, no two-cow theory
    • Dampens competitive atmosphere
  • But you don’t even know when they start, or if they are even working

Problems with Customer Service

  • Fewer calls
    • Calls are not always routing to home phones—so fewer valuable analytics
  • Is customer service even working (from home) the same hours, or the hours expected?
  • A LOT more emails (up 20% according to some studies)
  • But is support being more responsive, or less?
  • How fast?
  • Does it matter? A little? A lot?

Problems & Concerns from HR

  • Are employees even working?
  • Which employees do well, and which do not?
    • Social Distancing may eventually reduce total attendees allowed in the office
    • Many do NOT work well at home. Distractions, kids, TV, sleeping in
    • Which employees are fine working from home–which fail?
  • How can you even find out?

Solution to Build Sales


The Time to Reply Ratio is the single greatest NEW ratio to increase sales via email in CITY. It can become a tool to monitor performance, productivity, and their influence on the bottom line.

It is one huge and unlimited platform that stores and sustains priceless online conversations that can make your company succeed.

Four Main Reasons to Consider Time To Reply RATIO

Quick and Easy – Set & Forget

  • Gauge team performance, productivity, and workload without the team having to do more paperwork

Non-intrusive – no need for training or workflow interruption

  • Does NOT access email content or require your staff to learn how to use another tool

Actionable insights.

  • Monitor team performance and workload. If team active—great, if not re-coach.
  • Track team and individual response times—your Time to Reply ratio… seldom tracked.

Increases Sales & Happy Customers (brand value)

  • We all LOVE it when a company responds to us QUICKLY
  • Track it, improve it = increase sales!

But they are not all the same

Some tracking tools…

  1. Are Not Compatible.
    Most tools only track one mailbox client like Gmail or Outlook..

  2. Offer LIMITED analytics.
    Too many tools have a limited dashboard. You can’t analyze results across multiple team members or over time.

  3. Only track shared OR individual mailboxes.
    Most tools only allow you to monitor either a shared email address, or individual email addresses, but not both.

  4. Don´t give you enough data.
    Many are stripped to the bone-making it much harder to gain actionable insights. Don’t SHOW the time to reply ratio.

  5. Are too costly.
    Many charge extra for enterprise-level services, additional analytics, or try to squeeze in extra charges for support.

The BIG Question?

So, how should you use email analytics data to monitor and support the productivity of your teams, and make sure that your clients and leads are getting the attention they need all at an affordable price?

Perhaps you should consider:

World´s BEST Email Performance Analytics Software


  • Timetoreply is a trusted email analytics platform used by SMEs and Fortune 500 companies alike.
  • Founded in 2011 and lead by a credible team of entrepreneurs, developers, and investors.
  • Notable clients include Telarus, Petronas, Acuity Brands, and Hisense.
  • Security: ISO 27001 and Google Security Audited.
  • Leadership includes former VP GE, Sr. VP Motorola, launched Netscape and AOL, and launched over 400 products

Best Email Analytics Software

There are FIVE MAIN reasons to consider timetoreply

  1. Universally compatible
  2. Best Performance Analytics
  3. Best shared and individual mailbox tracker to build sales in Finland
  4. Data LEADER
  5. The price-performance LEADER

  1. Universally Compatible.

  • Works with all mailboxes.
    Unlike all other email analytics alternatives, timetoreply is the ONLY email analytics tool that tracks individual and shared mailboxes for ALL email clients, including Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, o365, IMAP, MS Exchange, Mac Mail, Mimecast. No hunting around for a company-wide compatible tool, or starting a trial only to realize you can´t use the product. 

  • API Integration.
    Your email reporting data is also easily integrated with your other reporting data via the API. This means that you can roll your email data stats into a broader picture of how your team/company´s performing, or use the data to support contractual agreements or win more business. 

  • Bulk adding option.
    Managers can add their team´s individual mailboxes one by one OR by bulk, with or without employee involvement. Get the productivity stats you need without taking your team off track.

  1. Best Performance Analytics

  • Tracks inbound and outbound email volume.
    Timetoreply gives you stats on the volume of inbound and outbound emails for each one of your staff members or for shared mailboxes. This gives you an accurate picture of everyone´s productivity and workload, enabling you to support/make changes where needed. 

  • Tracks average reply times.
    View initial, overall, and average response times for teams and individuals. Use this actionable data to coach performance where needed, or reward superstars. Set goals, and have everyone focused on replying faster to the revenue-focused emails that matter most.

The facts:

If you respond first, you close more deals.

  • Companies that respond to inquiries within 1 hour are 7 times more successful than those who take 2 hours, and 60 times more successful than those who take over 24 hours!
  • 78% percent of sales that go to the first company to respond.
  • You´ll see a 900% increase in contact rates when responding to lead in under 5 minutes.

Email responsiveness builds repeat business

  • 80% of Americans say speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service are the essential elements of positive client experience.
  • When their expectations are met, customers are 80% more likely to continue using a business — and eventually, spend 67% more.
  • BUT, 6 in 10 will walk away after just a few bad experiences.
  1. Tracks first and last activity.
    See each staff member´s time of first and last email activity. Get a clear picture of their time spent online and engaged ideal when working remotely. You can also use this data to make sure that everyone is working within agreed working hours, and not beyond them if it´s not company policy to do so. 

  2. Advanced filters.
    Make your data 100% accurate with the ‘closed conversations´ functions, time zone and business hour settings, outlier management, and advanced filters. Combined, these powerful filters allow you to easily spot messages that need replying to, course-correct slow reply times, and make sure that no leads or customers slip through the cracks.

  1. Best shared and individual mailbox tracker in Helsinki, Suomi, Finland

  • Tracks individual mailboxes.
    Track the individual email performance of each one of your team members and analyze all of them in one place. Quickly compare your team member´s performance over time, and take corrective action before it´s too late. 

  • Tracks shared mailboxes
    Track the analytics of any shared sales or customer service mailbox. Set SLAs, reply times goals and make sure that your team hits them. 

  • Tracks individual contributions to shared mailboxes.
    See who´s contributing the most/least to shared mailboxes that you use for client/lead communication. Re-balance workloads among your team members, identify areas of productivity improvement and start new initiatives with team members who have extra time to spare.

  1. Data Leader

    Timetoreply is the ONLY email analytics tool that provides comprehensive data from the FREE trial to paid plans.
  • Pre-ingested baseline data.
    Unlike alternatives, timetoreply gives you a comprehensive baseline of up to 2 years of data to work with. With an established average in place, you can aim to improve your team/company´s performance and track progress. 

  • Real-time reporting.
    Unlike alternatives, timetoreply´s dashboard gives you access to real-time, extensive metrics, in one central place. No need to take any extra steps to ‘unlock´ the features or data you need when you need it. 

  • Customized scheduled reports.
    Get several different kinds of scheduled reports sent directly to your inbox on the metrics you care about most. This saves you from having to log into your dashboard to retrieve your data AND you can set the reports to be sent to management or fellow team members keeping everyone on the team accountable and higher management in the loop (and hopefully impressed) with your progress.

  1. Price Performance Leader

    Timetoreply offers the best price for the feature set and personalized support you´ll get in Helsinki, Suomi, Finland.
  • Affordable.
    Timetoreply is affordable so you can roll it out across your entire organization. Both tools are more affordable than complex CRM, employee monitoring, or collaboration software that gives you more features than you´ll ever use. 

  • Annual Subscription Discount.
    Take advantage of the annual subscription discount on either the Remote or Ignite plan. You can also save when you add more mailboxes with the tiered plan. Use the extra budget to roll out timetoreply Remote across your company. 

  • No hidden or extra fees for managed services.
    Billing is totally inclusive of the customization and any extra services you need. No unexpected bills that put a bad taste in your mouth. 

  • FREE support.
    Timetoreply´s technical and customer success support is included free. No extra monthly or annual costs that you didn´t expect, and all of the personalized support you need to get the most out of your analytics. 

  • Full Feature FREE trial.
    Enjoy ALL of timetoreply´s features, filters, dashboards during your 7-day free trial, no holds barred. This means you´ll have the best idea as to which plan is right for you at the end of the trial no guesses needed.

What´s Holding You Back?

Now that you can see the advantage of using timetoreply to track your team´s email analytics, what´s holding you back? The following are some common questions.

  • Can timetoreply see the contents of my/my team´s emails?

Absolutely not. We only ever use the metadata in the subject line of emails to measure reply times. We don´t have access to your email content. We also abide by the strictest and best practice data security measures, are ISO 27001 and Google Audit certified a fancy way of saying that your data is ironclad.

  • I have a CRM, can´t it do the same thing?

Maybe–but it´s not the same. CRMs are great, but they´re focused on giving you the stats you need on your marketing emails, not your business emails. They also don´t give you the valuable information you need on who´s still waiting for a response, or what happens when a conversation transitions away from automation to a private business email address.

  • I´m worried about what my team members might think. Will they be alerted to the fact that I´m tracking their mailboxes?

It´s usually not a problem. You can track your team´s mailboxes without alerting your team members if you prefer. However, we also have coaching materials on hand to help you introduce timetoreply to your team in a way that gets them on board and excited. Customer service and sales team should already be familiar with the concept of tracking progress, and now that we´re all working remotely, more and more companies are using some kind of tool to track employee productivity.

  • Is timetoreply easy to install? I really don´t have time to onboard and teach myself and my team how to use another tool.

Yes! It takes just a few short minutes to get set up on timetoreply, and, once you´ve linked your mailboxes, you´ll receive your first report instant gratification guaranteed. After that, it´s up to you how you customize your reports and filters but don´t worry, our Customer Success team is here to help you with every step.

Picture This

Your Old Life

Employees are stuck at home and you have no idea if they’re still productive. You get a complaint from a customer. Apparently, they’ve been waiting days for a reply from your team and are so irate that they’ve left for your competition.

Another loss you can’t afford!

And the leads? Where are they? Who’s closing them? You’ve tried an expensive tracking tool but it’s invasive–your team hates it, half of them aren’t using it, and it’s been a flop.

Your New Life – you’ve just picked up timetoreply.

Within minutes you have your first email timetoreply report. You know your exact RATIO! You see that your sales team is on the ball and responding to leads at lightning speed. You reward your superstars and they work even harder, closing more deals! Sales INCREASE… dramatically!

You also notice Jenny from customer services doesn’t seem to be online much at all. In fact, she only begins to respond to emails at 2 pm! You quickly get her the coaching she needs. Your customer services team sets a response time goal and see immediate weekly improvements. You watch your team respond quickly and upsell to existing clients

Your boss loves you. Your team is on fire…

Life is good

Step to Actuate What Next?

  • Read more [pdf] about timetoreply.
  • Start a free trial
  • Get a quote
  • Give us a call at +358-9-3424 370


timetoreply allowed me to track and improve the reply times of my team to ensure that we were meeting and exceeding our goal to respond to all clients within an hour of receiving their email. David. Logistics Manager.

When you have 5+ inboxes to track, timetoreply is the best for the job. It is very easy to set up and import as many Agents (users) as you want and see the data populate in a matter of minutes. Robert. Operations Manager.

It offers the privacy that individual users need/appreciate while still giving insight into communication performance for both internal and external clients. Alex. Project Manager Lead.

Very well priced, easy to use, and perfectly tailored to my needs with easy integration. Excellent customer service. David. Business Analyst.

Increased productivity and sales conversions. I loved the overview of full organization interactions. The domain-level reporting was amazing for our top 10 customers and SLA management. It´s simple to use too. Britta. Head of Media.

Read more [pdf] about timetoreply.

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