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Autodesk Mudbox 2013

Autodesk® Mudbox® digitaalinen 3D-muovailu- ja tekstuurien maalausohjelmisto

  • Ammattilaisten 3D-muovailutyökalut
  • Maalaus suoraan korkearesoluutioisiin 3D-malleihin
  • Useiden materiaalikanavien maalaus
  • Tekstuurien paistaminen
  • Interaktiivinen näyttö
  • 3D-tasot
  • Sujuva integraatio
  • In-product Communityn tuki

Autodesk® Mudbox® 3D digital sculpting and digital painting software gives you the freedom to create production-ready 3D digital artwork. Designed for professional artists working in game development, visual effects, post-production and product design, Mudbox combines an intuitive user interface with a powerful creative toolset of stencils and brushes. The robust feature set and high-performance environment help you to create highly realistic 3D characters, engaging environments, detailed props and compelling concept designs in less time. Available for Mac®, Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® operating systems.

  • Professional 3D sculpting toolset – Fast, smooth and accurate results.
  • Paint directly onto high-resolution 3D models – See results immediately.
  • Paint multiple material channels – Powerful toolset for painting and viewing textures across multiple high-resolution maps.
  • Texture baking – Create accurate normal, displacement and ambient occlusion maps.
  • Interactive display – Render quality results directly in the viewport.
  • 3D layers – Experiment with design concepts and make revisions easily.
  • Smooth integration – Round-trip data with products in the Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suites 2013, and enjoy enhanced compatibility with Adobe® Photoshop® software.
  • In-product community – Access a library of free* design tools.
Key New Features in Mudbox 2013

Extreme Detail with the New Gigatexel Engine
Create massive amounts of detail—in the range of billions of texels—to produce the texture complexity required by today’s high-resolution formats and increasingly demanding consumers. The amount of detail possible is limited only by the artist’s hardware configuration. The Gigatexel engine works automatically and transparently to help you efficiently handle exponentially more pixels—with the quality and performance benefits that come with painting in true 3D.

Multipurpose Curves
Draw curves in screen space or in 3D space, and use them in a variety of ways to augment the painting and sculpting toolsets.

Customizable Workspace
Configure the user interface to better accommodate individual workflows and preferences, with the new ability to customize, save, and share custom workspaces.

Support for Edge Hardness, Creasing, and Smoothing Groups
Enjoy the ability to more accurately interpret and display models created in Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Softimage software, and certain other content creation solutions that contain special data controlling the hardness, creasing, and smoothing of particular edges.

Combine Bump and Normal Map Detail
Combine painted bump map detail with extracted normal map detail to produce a single normal map— even in tangent space. You can now create relief detail both by sculpting and painting, and combine the results into a single map suitable for use in games engines.

Sculpt and Paint Tiling Detail
Easily sculpt and paint tiled detail to create seamlessly repeating textures and maps that can be used to more efficiently cover large surface areas. Even “off normal” detail featuring undercuts and overhangs can be tiled and extracted as vector displacement maps (VDMs). You can work with a live view of the artwork repeating across the surface to make better creative decisions while you paint and sculpt.

Enhanced Photoshop Interoperability
Take advantage of a more fully integrated workflow with Adobe Photoshop, with new support for importing and exporting 16-bit PSD files.

Duplicate and Flip Models
Easily duplicate objects, and optionally flip them to create mirrored versions, helping save time when objects are repeated on a model: columns on a temple, or a pair of boots on a character. You can also flip objects back and forth to get a fresh perspective while working.

Presets for Adjust Color
Easily manipulate or correct the colors of a paint layer with new presets for Adjust Color that enable you to invert layers, apply inverse gamma correction to photographic sources, extract luminance values from an image, and perform certain other tasks.

The shape of things to come

Autodesk Mudbox software delivers new tools for helping deform and pose models, an extended texture painting toolset, and enhanced file transfer with leading 2D and 3D applications.

Autodesk ® Mudbox™ software helps accelerate design, sculpting, and approval phases with powerful new tools for deforming and posing models, and the ability to create high-quality turntables for presentations. Moreover, the texture painting toolset is significantly extended with image adjustment brushes and blend modes for paint layers, while a Vector Displacement map extraction method offers new possibilities for creating and rendering complex details. In addition, with single-click file transfer with Autodesk ® Maya ® software; multi-layer PSD exchange with Adobe ® Photoshop ® ; and support for Windows ® 7 and Mac OS ® X 64-bit operating systems, Mudbox fits more seamlessly into existing pipelines.

Posing Toolset
Quickly and easily deform and pose models to change their design, access occluded regions, present them for approval, or prepare them for map extraction. With tools for quickly creating and editing joints, and the ability to import weighted skeletons from Autodesk ® Maya ®, Autodesk ® 3ds Max ®, or Autodesk ® Softimage ® software, the new toolset enables modelers to create and manipulate poses as part of the design, sculpting, painting, or approval process.

Image Adjustment Brushes
Selectively edit and manipulate existing paint and photo-based layers with new image adjustment brushes: Blur, Dodge, Burn, Contrast, Sponge, Hue, Hue Shift, and Invert. These brushes enable existing image data under the brush to be altered or enhanced—for example, color-corrected, brightened, or softened.

Vector Displacements
Extract maps using a new Vector Displacement method and represent displacements that do not simply follow the normal: for example, forms with appendages, undercuts, folds, and bulges, such as a human ear. Once extracted, maps can be used to help recreate detail at render time in supported renderers, or as brush stamps or stencils in Mudbox to sculpt complex detail onto meshes in a single stroke. Artists can build up a library of commonly-used forms and reuse them on models.

Paint in UV Space in the 3D View
While painting in 3D space helps with precise placement of detail on the model, in some cases it is easier to paint textures in a 2D format. An innovative new feature in Mudbox unfolds a 3D model into a 2D representation, based on its UVs, but retains the benefits of working in a true 3D environment such as the ability to analyze lighting and material qualities. Beyond painting, sculpting on the unfolded mesh with tools such as Grab and Smooth enables basic editing of the 3D model’s UVs.

Enhanced Interoperability with Maya, 3ds Max, and Softimage
No need to navigate through multiple file browsers and remember path and filenames: now models and scene information transfer between Mudbox and Maya with a single click. In addition, Displacement and Normal maps extracted in Mudbox are now associated with models when an Autodesk ® FBX ® file is exported, helping to eliminate the need to manually reassemble the asset when brought into in another program. Meanwhile, using Mudbox in concert with a favorite content creation application is easier than ever with a choice of familiar hotkey setups for common actions.

Blend Modes for Paint Layers
Control how paint layers composite together to help create a final image by selecting from one of the new blend modes: Multiply, Screen, Add, or Overlay. These non-destructive settings help artists to experiment freely when constructing complex multi- layered textures by offering the flexibility to change the blend mode.

Multi-Layer PSD File Exchange with Photoshop
Import and export multiple layers in PSD files to leverage the Adobe Photoshop toolset on more demanding scenes and projects. Now artists can edit layers in the context of the final composite, helping preserve continuity in look and workflow when moving between Mudbox and Photoshop.

High-Quality Turntables
Quickly and easily create high-quality 360 degree turntable movie files directly in Mudbox. Common file formats enable movies to be more easily accessed for remote review or approval via email or on a website; turntables are also useful for showcasing artists’ work.

Session Recording
Record a sculpting and painting session in Mudbox and export the recording to a movie. Recorded sessions can be used to share workflows, teach techniques, and showcase talent.

Superior Performance
Work with assets of greater complexity through significant performance increases for scenes with multiple objects.

Enhanced Color Chooser
Store and recall recently-used colors and user-defined palettes, and work in a choice of color spaces using the same new color chooser as Maya.

64-bit Support for Mac OS ® X and Windows 7
Mudbox has new 64-bit executables on Mac OS X and Windows 7 operating systems providing more addressable memory to more easily handle the increasingly detailed models required by today’s challenging productions.

Mudbox In-product Community
Get more out of your Mudbox experience with online community resources accessible directly from the Mudbox application. Artists can select from hundreds of stamps, stencils, base meshes, and tutorials in the Mudbox Library, and share their work with other users for valuable peer review without ever having to leave their work environment.

Recommended Minimum System Requirements


The 32-bit version of Autodesk® Mudbox™ 2013 software is supported by any of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional operating system (SP1)

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional operating system (SP3)

The 64-bit version of Mudbox 2013 software is supported by any of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (SP1) 

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (SP2)

  • Apple® Mac OS® X 10.7.x operating system

  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.0 WS operating system

  • Fedora™ 14 operating system

Mudbox 2013 32-bit and 64-bit software requires the following supplemental software:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8 internet browser or higher

  • Apple® Safari® web browser

  • Mozilla® Firefox® web browser


At a minimum, the 32-bit version of Mudbox 2013 software requires a system with the following hardware:

  • Windows: Intel® Pentium® 4 or higher, AMD Athlon™ 64, or AMD Opteron™ processors with SSE3 instructions set support

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 650 MB free hard drive space

  • Certified hardware-accelerated OpenGL® graphics card

  • Ethernet adapter or wireless Internet card

  • DVD-ROM drive

  • Three-button mouse or certified Wacom® tablet

At a minimum, the 64-bit version of Mudbox 2013 software requires a system with the following hardware:

  • Windows and Linux: Intel® Pentium® 4 or higher and AMD Athlon 64, or AMD Opteron processors with SSE3 instructions set support

  • Macintosh® computer: Intel-based Macintosh computers with a 64-bit processor (Core 2 Duo or later)

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 650 MB free hard drive space

  • Certified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card

  • Ethernet adapter or wireless Internet card

  • DVD-ROM drive

  • Three-button mouse or certified Wacom tablet


  • To view the Mudbox documentation online, you must have Internet access and current browser software.

  • Apple® QuickTime® 7.0 application program is recommended for viewing the Mudbox Learning Movies.

For the latest list of certified hardware, including graphics cards, to run Mudbox 2012, refer to the Mudbox 2012 certification chart located at

Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.

Autodesk is not responsible for errors or failures of Autodesk software arising from the installation of updates, extensions or new releases issued by third party hardware or software vendors for the qualified software or hardware identified in this document (or for any other third party software or hardware that you may use in connection with Autodesk products).

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Hintojen muutos koskee asiakkaita, joilla ei ole voimassa olevaa ylläpitosopimusta (Subscription agreement).

Autodesk-tuotteiden päivitysmahdollisuus ja päivityksen kustannukset asiakkaille ilman ylläpitosopimusta (Subscription agreement) muuttuvat 1.2.2013 alkaen. Tästä alkaen päivityshinta uudempaan Autodesk ohjelmistoon tulee olemaan noin 70% kokonaan uuden lisenssin hinnasta ja päivitysoikeus koskee Autodesk -ohjelmistojen versioita 2008 - 2013. Tätä aiempien versioiden päivitysoikeus loppuu ja yrityksen tulee ostaa kokonaan uudet lisenssit.

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Saat samalla muut ylläpitosopimuksen edut käyttöösi.

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