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EMCO Remote Installer

EMCO Software is a leading innovator on the remote administration and management solutions market. Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, we are an international company with offices and operations around the globe. Since the company's founding in 2001, we have been dedicated to providing network administrators with feature-rich, easy-to-use and affordable software and improving productivity of IT departments. Focused on the real-world needs of network professionals, our products are simple to try, simple to use, and simple to maintain while providing the power, scalability and flexibility needed by companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our solutions portfolio includes award-winning products targeted at remote network inventory, remote software deployment, remote desktop access and administration, network protection from viruses and malware, network security and health analyzing, remote power management, and remote automation.

During a long time, products for remote desktops management, administration and inventorying were positioned on the market as enterprise-level solutions with a prohibitive total cost of ownership. A high price and a big complexity kept many companies and organizations away from those solutions while they have a high demand for tools that can improve productivity of their IT departments. We came to the market looking to change this situation and be focused on the real-world needs of network professionals by providing simple but effective products and making them affordable for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our first releases in 2001 proved that our products, which can be up and running within minutes with no learning and complex configuration to immediately provide remote desktop control over the network, were exactly the solution that network engineers need most. An intuitive interface, valuable real-world features and an affordable price were key factors to our quick market acquiring. After the first big success, our solutions portfolio quickly grew to 35 products that cover various fields of network administration and help automate hundreds of administration tasks. Along with this, there is still a lot of space for improvements, and we plan to further extend our product set to provide best-of-breed solutions.

More than 20,000 customers in 85 countries around the world rely on our products every day to take the complex routine out of their network managing. Our solutions help them to remotely manage as many as 2,3 million desktops and 103,000 servers and save millions hours of work and multi-million dollars in total every year. Our worldwide customer base includes dozens of Fortune 100 and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies as well as large and small businesses representing all industries, educational and healthcare organizations, charity and non-profit organizations, and government institutions.

As a global company, we have partners all around the world who contribute to our products development, international sales and technical support. We are proud to cooperate with leading distributors and more than 50 resellers from 20 countries who represent our products on local markets.

EMCO Remote Installer:
Remote Software Installation/Uninstallation Tool

Remote InstallerThis remote deployment solution allows you to perform unattended software installation and uninstallation on remote Windows PCs quickly and easily. You can use it to install and uninstall EXE setups and MSI/MSP packages remotely on selected Windows PCs connected to a local network. Also, you can retrieve data on installed software from remote PCs, get aggregated software inventory reports and keep track of software changes.

EMCO Remote Installer is an easy-to-use network application designed for centralized software management and audit across a LAN. It offers a simple and effective approach to remote software distribution and can be used instead of SCCM and other complicated deployment tools.

Professional Edition is a commercial tool that provides you with advanced deployment and software audit features. It allows you to install and uninstall software on an unlimited number of remote PCs within the scope of a single operation. Deployment targets can be selected statically or dynamically by conditions. Also, you can create remote deployment and software audit tasks that can be executed manually or automatically on schedule.

EMCO Remote Installer: All-in-One Software Deployment Solution

EMCO Remote Installer is an integrated solution that covers different aspects of Windows software management. The application is capable of operating in enterprise environments and managing software across multiple domains and workgroups. You can use it for unattended remote installation/uninstallation of EXE setups and MSI/MSP packages and for audit of installed applications across a network - all these features are available from the application's centralized administrative console.

Remote Software Deployment
Install, uninstall and repair EXE installations, MSI and MSP packages on one or multiple selected remote PCs over a LAN. You don't need to pre-install any client software on remote PCs. Software deployments work silently for end-users and are executed in parallel on multiple remote PCs to guarantee high performance deployment. Learn how it works

Multi-Step and Customized Deployments
Use multi-step deployment if you need, for example, to uninstall an old version of software and install a new one during one operation. Also, you can configure the application to execute custom actions before/after deployment. If deployment targets include different platforms, you can deploy different installations on x86 and x64 PCs. Learn how it works

Reusable Deployment Configurations
Save software deployment configurations as software bundles and use them in deployment operations. Each bundle represents the steps required to install, uninstall and repair particular software. Multiple bundles can be grouped in bundle groups. Export and import bundles to exchange deployment configurations with colleagues. Learn how it works

Condition-Based Deployment Targets
Configure target PCs for deployment operations using flexible options. Specify a set of static PCs and conditions to define dynamic groups based on domains/workgroups, PC names and OUs. Target PCs can be filtered by conditions based on the installed OS and software. You can save target configurations as collections to use in deployments. Learn how it works

Software Inventory
Audit software installed on the network PCs. The application extracts OS information and Windows Programs and Features data from remote PCs and stores it in a centralized database. You can track software changes and use the software audit data in deployment operations to select target PCs satisfying the software audit conditions. Learn how it works

Deployment Tasks and Schedule
Create preconfigured tasks if you need to execute the same deployment or software audit operations multiple times. A task includes a configuration of deployed software and target PCs. You can execute tasks manually or schedule them for automatic execution. Schedule a task for one-time or recurring execution on a defined date/time. Learn how it worksks

What Is a Silent Remote Install??

With EMCO Remote Installer you can manage applications by the same way as you control your TV with remote-control station while relaxing on comfortable sofa. Click... and you make a scan to get a list of available programs, click... and you save or delete program, click... Does it sound fantastic for application management? You can evaluate the tool to make sure.

When you start using application the first step is getting the list of available computers in the network. Network scanning performed automatically and launched by just one button click. After a scan, which takes only few seconds even for large networks, you can select PCs to retrieve the list of installed applications. For every PC you get list of applications, including name and version. This list can be saved and compared with earlier or later results to see the difference and be aware of changes.

After reviewing list of software on network PCs you can decide to install or uninstall some applications. Forget following setup wizard on every PC - with EMCO Remote Installer you can make mass silent unattended installation. It's really easy! You need to select PCs where you want to make deployment and select MSI package to install. As soon as you defined this, you can launch fast and fully automatic installation process, which doesn't require either your or remote PC users participation. Uninstallation process is even easier - you just select what application should be uninstalled and launch automatic uninstallation process.

Unattended Installation Requirements

With EMCO Remote Installer you can make remote install of applications that have installation in Windows Installer format, i.e. MSI package. Such installation should support silent installation procedure, which have default options configured and doesn't require interaction with user. But what if you don't have such MSI package and just have ordinary EXE setup file? Can it be installed remotely? In this case you can use benefits of EMCO MSI Package Builder. This tool can help you to convert EXE to MSI package suitable for unattended silent install.

Using EMCO MSI Package Builder together with EMCO Remote Installer gives you unique ability to make unattended deployment even those installations, which were not designed for such usage.

EMCO Remote Installer or Group Policy?

EMCO Remote Installer is a qualified alternative for remote installation through Group Policy. What are advantages of EMCO Remote Installer?

  • It can be used for unattended install on PCs worked in domain and workgroup. Group Policy can operate in domain only.
  • It provides software inventory features. Group Policy doesn't provide such functionality.

Key Features

  • Remote installation of MSI packages to PCs in domain or workgroup. Automated mass deployment process, which doesn't require interaction with user.
  • Remote uninstallation of applications from PCs in domain or workgroup. Applications should be previously deployed by Windows Installer.
  • Detection of applications, installed on network PCs. Reported data includes name and version of application.
  • Customized search of applications on network PCs. Search criteria based on particular file or registry value existence.
  • Saving and comparing list of applications to detect changes.
  • Generation of printable reports with an applications list for every PC or list of newly installed or uninstalled applications.
A Site License is for a company at one location or one city when a Enterprise license is for a company located in many cities or countries.
Data Sheet (PDF)

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