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IDM UEStudio 21

IDM has been publishing software since 1994 and is a highly stable, debt-free company and trusted CISP compliant merchant.

IDM products have won coveted industry awards to include PC Magazines Annual Editors Choice Award and the Shareware Industry Application of the Year Award, as well as the Shareware Industry People's Choice Award. Our software is highly recognized for its programming excellence and is featured internationally in numerous magazines. Our UltraEdit text editor product is recognized around the world as one of the best products of it's class. IDM is recognized as a certified Microsoft partner.

IDM products have nearly two million registered users in most countries, and are localized in eight different languages and are recognized around the world.

Numerous Federal, State, and Local governments/agencies, Fortune 100/500/1000 companies, and hundreds of thousands of private users use IDM products worldwide.

UEStudio v21: You will love
what we have for you!

A complete rewrite of IntelliTips with support for dozens of new languages

Download the new version here

The biggest improvements to IntelliTips in this release are internal, namely UEStudio's parsing engine that collects object and symbol information from your project to provide intelligent code completions. That means you don't need to do anything special to access these improvements – simply open your source files and projects as you normally would, and you can expect to see greatly improved code completion suggestions as well as ancillary IntelliTips features. Plus we've expanded IntelliTips support to dozens of new languages, including Abaqus, PowerShell, TypeScript, and more!

What are IntelliTips?

UEStudio's IntelliTips provide Intellisense-like functionality via code- and context-aware auto-completion. For example, when accessing class members in your source, IntelliTips will suggest methods or members belonging to the class via auto-complete. Additionally, when calling a function that exists in your source, UEStudio will show a tooltip displaying the function's parameters. IntelliTips helps you write code more quickly and accurately.

Write code faster with IntelliTips auto-complete

You'll notice that when you're writing your code, UEStudio will begin making more context-aware auto-completion suggestions for you. IntelliTips works "out of the box" – there's nothing you need to set up or configure. No need to add your source code to a project – UEStudio scans for code symbols in your active file and its folder as well as any included files. You can even tell UEStudio to scan a specific folder or library to include symbols.

IntelliTips works automatically. No need to install any cumbersome or outdated plugins or download additional packages. As always, however, UEStudio empowers you to configure its functionality as little or as much as you want.

You can tweak IntelliTips settings and behaviors with the new options under Advanced » Settings » Auto-complete » IntelliTips » Settings.

IntelliTips also offers something called function tips, which provide a tooltip hint of the typed function's required parameters. Function tips appear automatically, but if you decide you only want to see them on-demand, you can bring them up with the Ctrl Shift Spacebar shortcut.

Accelerate typing with improved auto-complete

We've themed the auto-complete dialog and expanded regular auto-complete functionality to provide more granular control over auto-complete suggestions. You can configure whether IntelliTips, language keywords, and / or text from the active file are shown here, as well as when to make suggestions and how to handle different cases.

Fully resizable Find and Replace dialogs

Searching for a big string? Now you've got a BIG Find/Replace box to accommodate it! By popular demand, we've retooled these dialogs to make the Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files dialogs resizable in both width and height. Custom sizes are remembered between sessions.

Delete lines containing string

If you've ever wondered, "How do I get rid of the lines in this file containing _____?" then you'll love this small but incredibly helpful addition in the Find String List! Right-click on the list and select "Delete lines" to instantly remove them from the file. It's that easy!

Better "Highlight All Selected"

Now you can adjust the behavior of "Highlight All Selected" to optionally only match exact cases or whole words. Want to match whole words only if a whole word is selected? We've got you covered. You can find the new settings in Advanced » Settings » Search » Advanced.

Open last closed tab

It's a feature we've all come to appreciate in web browsers...and now you can enjoy it in your favorite text editor too! Accidentally close the wrong file or click in the wrong place? No problem! Just click on the empty file tab area and select the "Open last closed tab option" to re-open the file.

Save As...and leave the original open

There are times where we want to save the file with a new name and leave the original file open. Version 21 is all about delivering the convenience and makes this possible with the new "Keep original file open" in the Save As dialog. Did we mention we added support for FTP Save As too?

Expanded theme support

Enjoy a more cohesive and comprehensive unified look and feel with the many theming improvements in v21. From Settings to Sort...from templates to tags...nearly every dialog in UEStudio v21 now applies your selected theme colors.

Dynamic highlighting of XML / HTML attributes

UEStudio v21 includes syntax highlighting improvements for XML and HTML to dynamically highlight all attributes and their values. Previous versions relied upon hard-coded keywords, but v21 removes this limitation and provides a better visual representation of HTML and XML elements.

But that's not all...see the full list of changes in v21!

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