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Acunetix 360

Acunetix is a global web security leader. As the first company to build a fully dedicated and fully automated web vulnerability scanner, Acunetix carries unparalleled experience in the field. The Acunetix web vulnerability scanner has been recognized as a leading solution multiple times. It is also trusted by customers from the most demanding sectors including many fortune 500 companies.

Nick Galea founded Acunetix in 2005. At this time, many enterprises did not see the need to secure their web applications. Instead, they focused on protecting the network. Acunetix were the pioneers who realized that this is not enough because network scanners and firewalls are helpless against most web vulnerabilities. The solution was to develop an automated tool used to scan web applications to identify and resolve security issues.

Since then, Acunetix grew as both the company and the product. The vulnerability scanner was originally developed for Windows only. In 2014, Acunetix launched an online (cloud) solution, in 2018 – a Linux version, and in 2019 – Acunetix 360 for enterprises. In 2018, the company was acquired by Turn/River Capital.

  • Acunetix is a fully automated tool that frees up your security team resources. Acunetix reports very few false positives so your team does not waste time trying to find nonexistent issues.
  • Acunetix can detect vulnerabilities that other technologies would miss because it combines the best of dynamic and static scanning technologies and uses a separate monitoring agent.
  • Acunetix provides vulnerability management and compliance reporting functionality. You can classify, prioritize, and retest issues. You can also integrate with issue trackers and continuous integration solutions.

Acunetix 360

Acunetix 360 is an enterprise-class web vulnerability assessment and web vulnerability management solution. Acunetix 360 is designed to be a part of any enterprise environment by providing multiple integrations as well as options to integrate within custom contexts.

Why Choose Acunetix?

Acunetix is the pioneer in web security, being the first company to create a specialized web vulnerability scanner. Pure specialization and unparalleled expertise allowed our team to deliver unique solutions that have proven themselves in many environments.

  • Acunetix 360 uses unique technologies to verify and confirm vulnerabilities, which also goes in line with a very low number of false positives. According to independent benchmarks, Acunetix 360 achieves one of the lowest false-positive rates on the market. These two characteristics of Acunetix 360 guarantee scalability, as resources are not wasted on finding nonexistent problems.
  • Acunetix 360 is perfect for enterprises because it strongly focuses on integration. In addition to a wide array of issue trackers, Acunetix 360 can also be very easily integrated with CI/CD solutions and team messaging tools.
  • Acunetix understands that an out-of-the-box solution may be difficult to use in a complex environment such as that of an enterprise. That is why we work together with our customers to make sure that Acunetix 360 fits well in their landscapes. This includes support with implementation and deployment as well as customizing the solution if needed.
Acunetix Dashboard

Why Acunetix 360?

Acunetix 360 was designed to become a part of your complete cybersecurity environment and work with many other solutions. You can deploy Acunetix 360 either locally using Linux or as a cloud service and use it along with other security tools to get even better protection from web threats. Thanks to very high performance and extensive integration options, you can improve security without overloading your resources.

  • Acunetix 360 uses a unique web-based dashboard that is designed for enterprises and optimized to help you manage a large number of assets. It includes detailed information for analysts as well as executive views and reports, which help you assess your security posture.
  • Acunetix 360 user management can be integrated with Active Directory. Vulnerability management can also be integrated with Jira, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, TeamCity, Azure DevOps, Slack, and more platforms. Integration is very easy and can usually be achieved within a couple of minutes. Acunetix can even help you by building a custom API for an atypical environment.
  • The unique Acunetix 360 continuous discovery engine uses crawler technology pioneered by search engines to find assets that may belong to your enterprise. It gathers information from domain names, domain registration information, SSL certificates, and more, and presents it to you as potential scan targets.
Acunetix 360 Iintegrations

How to Benefit from Acunetix 360?

Acunetix believes in SecDevOps – including security as part of the culture. Acunetix 360 helps you achieve this by making it easy for non-security personnel to consider security in their everyday work. As such, using Acunetix 360 you can improve your overall security stance – not only find and fix vulnerabilities but also prevent them in the future.

  • When you include Acunetix 360 scans in your CI/CD pipelines, your software engineers receive detailed reports if they introduced any security vulnerabilities into code. These reports include remediation suggestions. Since false positives are rare, engineers are not frustrated and can continuously improve their security-related skills.
  • Thanks to the high performance of Acunetix, CI/CD pipeline scans have a minimal impact on the speed of delivery and can easily be performed together as part of comprehensive test suites, including similar scans based on other products.
  • You can use two-way integration with selected issue trackers to automate security scanning even further. Your issue tracker can initiate a scan after the issue status is changed so that the engineer immediately knows if they introduced a security vulnerability.
Configurable Workflow

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