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Stellar Converter for EDB

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery service providers in data recovery industry in India and it provides a wide range of data recovery services & solutions. The organization was established in 1993. The corporate office is at Gurgaon and also has one of the world’s most advanced technological lab for advance data recovery from all instances of physical damages.

Stellar has established itself as a market leader in terms of delivering absolutely risk-free recovery to more than 2 million satisfied clients across the globe, with its proprietary data recovery service techniques, Skilled data recovery experts, In-house R&D team and state-of-the-art infrastructure of CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM labs.

Stellar recovers data from any instance of data loss – be it virus attack, accidental deletion, RAID failure or any system crash due to hardware/software malfunction with its expertise in File Recovery, Email Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, Server Recovery, SSD Recovery, RAID Recovery (all configurations) etc.

Stellar expertise a vast range of data recovery, protection, backup and safe data eraser software to offer its customers the best data disaster solution. Their data recovery services and software supports all major operating systems including UNIX, Windows, LINUX, Novell and Macintosh.

Stellar Converter for EDB

Converts Hosted Exchange & Offline EDB Files into Outlook PST

Stellar Converter for EDB is a professional tool to convert EDB files into Outlook PST without dismounting the database. The EDB to PST converter can extract Single or multiple mailboxes in EML, MSG, RTF, PDF, & HTML formats. Supports Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 & 5.5 versions.

  • Converts Hosted Exchange EDB files to Outlook PST, without dismounting
  • Migrates large EDB files to PSTs – No File Size Limitation
  • Converts multiple EDB files and archived mailboxes to PST
  • Exports emails based on user-defined email address & date range
  • Converts public folders to PSTs. Directly exports to Office 365
  • Exports offline EDB files to Live Exchange Server and Office 365

Why Do You Need EDB to PST Converter?

Exchange Administrators use PowerShell commands such as NewMailboxExportRequest or ExMerge to export mailboxes to PST. But, these PowerShell cmdlets have limitations. If an Admin runs multiple export jobs at one instance, it may hinder the performance of Exchange server. Also, these export jobs cannot be monitored. Stellar Converter for EDB facilitates the export-process with minimal resources and in least possible time. The software converts multiple EDB files & mailboxes into PST format, without affecting the exchange server performance. The software also provides an activity log for Admins to monitor the entire EDB to PST conversion process.

Problems & Solutions

ExMerge & New-MailboxExportRequest Utilities Failed?
Microsoft provides in-built utilities Exmerge & NewMailboxExportRequest to export Exchange mailboxes to PSTs from various exchange versions such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and 5.5. However, these utilities have limitations like, ExMerge can't handle PSTs bigger than 2GB in size. Stellar Converter for EDB is the best alternative to PowerShell commands for exporting multiple, large mailboxes to PST.

Need to Access old EDB Data?
While moving to another office branch or a different organization, a user might need to access his emails, contacts, and notes stored within old EDB files. To access old EDB data easily through MS Outlook, Exchange admins can convert EDB files of users to PST format using Stellar EDB to PST converter would be the best way.

Need to Archive Data without Dismounting Current Database?
To archive user data, the current database on the server needs to be dismounted first. Only then access to archived data can be obtained. Such dismounting requires all other ongoing activities to be stopped until the entire process completes. This can lead to wastage of organization’s time and productivity. To avoid such a situation altogether, use Stellar EDB to PST converter to perform the archiving of data online without having to dismount

Need to offload old Data from a Bulky Exchange server?
Each Exchange Server hosts thousands of mailboxes and numerous emails, calendar entries etc. Getting bulky is inevitable. Add to that the need to backup constantly and the process can become a nightmare for any administrator. Moreover, a bulky EDB file runs the risk of corruption. Hence, from time to time, it is necessary to shed some load off from the EDB file by converting old files to PST format and moving them to local machines.

Need to export public folders to PST from On Premise Exchange?
While migrating to a new Exchange Server version, a user might need to reduce the amount of Public Folders. So, it is necessary to export public folders to PST format and move them to local machines, and then you can safely delete the unwanted Public Folders. However, the New-MailboxExportRequest command does not support Public Folders. The most popular workaround is to export the Public Folders by using Stellar Converter for EDB.

Need to export the mailboxes for a particular date range?
Are you trying to export the past 90 days or particular date range of a user’s mailbox to PST and having problems finding the right cmdlets? This complex task can be easily done by using Stellar Converter for EDB tool. The software is very reliable and effective, and therefore highly recommended by MVPS and Exchange experts.

Additional Advantages

Migrates Offline EDB to PST
This EDB to PST conversion tool extracts all mailbox components from Offline EDB file and converts them into corresponding Outlook PST files, while keeping their original format intact. The newly created PSTs can be imported in Outlook and access can be gained to the data. In offline mode (server downtime), the tool helps the administrators to enable user access to the mailbox data. The tool allows to select and scan up to 4 EDB files together in a batch. Read More

Converts Hosted Exchange EDB to PST
The EDB to PST converter helps export Exchange mailbox to PST in Online mode. It makes sure that user services are not hampered and Exchange administrators get to convert all mailboxes in one go quickly, without any glitches. Download Server Console.exe to grant Full Mailbox Rights to disconnected mailboxes. Read More

Converts EDB file to multiple formats
In addition to PST format, the EDB to PST conversion tool converts EDB file to EML, MSG, HTML, RTF, and PDF formats. Conversion is quickest to EML and MSG formats. The EML and MSG files can be viewed by importing them into Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, respectively. Read More

Exports offline EDB to Live Exchange
This tool acts as an Exchange migrator by helping you export multiple Exchange mailboxes directly to Live Exchange, without the need of going through the manual process of reconfiguring users in Exchange. All you need to do is select the offline users and enter the credentials, and it will display three fields- Source, Destination and Map Mailboxes. "Map Mailbox" option use to select/ change the destination mailbox. The tool also provides option to create a new user, enable an existing user and ‘Advance filter’ option. Read more

Exports offline EDB to Office 365
This tool exports offline Exchange mailboxes directly to Live Office 365. All you need to do is select the offline users, enter the login credentials and export them to Office 365. The software lists Source, Destination and Map Mailboxes. You can change the destination mailbox with "Map Mailbox" option which displays all the Office 365 IDs that can be mapped. The tool also provides ‘Advance filter’ option to filter out the scanned results before exporting the mailboxes to Office 365. Read more

Exports Exchange Public Folders to PST/Office 365
EDB to PST converter helps Exchange Admins to quickly select and export Exchange Public Folders to PST & Office 365. The converter software enables Admins to cut short the lengthy manual process of exporting public folders, which may or may not result in a complete restoration. Stellar Converter software cuts the time and expense associated with exporting Exchange Public Folders to PST & Office 365.

Exports Exchange Contacts to csv
The software allows to save contacts to csv format, which is a handy feature to collate and move all the contacts stored in a single database. The Tools tab in the main ribbon of the software interface features a ‘Save Contacts’ button which readily exports all the contacts including the Global Address List. Read more

Allows searching particular mails in offline EDB
Searching particular emails after conversion is possible with this utility. Users can search for specific emails based on different criteria such as ‘To’, ‘From’, ‘Cc’, ‘Subject’, ‘Body’, ‘Attachment Name’, ‘Importance’, and ‘Item Type’ etc. To further streamline the search, preferences like ‘Any Criteria’, ‘Exact Match’, and ‘Both’ can also be used. Click on Search or Find Message icon to view the specific search results of the scanned EDB file. Read more

Enables Mailbox Preview Before Conversion
EDB to PST Converter tool has a unique way of proving its credibility to users. The tool allows users to preview mailbox items before the actual conversion so that they can have an idea of how their data will look after the process completes. The software provides options to preview Mails, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Search, and Journal at the bottom of the left pane.

Restores accidentally deleted offline mailboxes
EDB to PST converter recovers accidentally deleted offline EDB mailboxes that are within the 'Mailbox Retention Period'. Just launch the tool in Offline mode, select the deleted mailbox from the list, save it as PST and later resynchronize it with Exchange server. The application can also recover deleted mailboxes from previously stored offline EDB files.

Converts Unicode EDB files
In addition to the usual EDB file conversion to PST format, the latest version of Stellar Converter for EDB facilitates conversion of EDB files of any language to PST format. This feature has been included to remove incompatibility issues that users might face during the conversion process. Read more

Scan Now, Load and Convert Anytime
Meaning, you can save the scan information as an image at a desired location on the hard disk for future access. This image file can be loaded into the software at any point of time to complete the conversion process.

Software Specifications
  • System Requirement
    • Processor: Pentium Class
    • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008
    • Memory: 2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
    • Hard Disk: 200 MB of Free Space
  • Software Delivery: Electronic
  • License & Version
    • Single User License: Can use only on a single system
    • Technician License: Can be used on '3' Systems Simultaneously
  • Version: 9.0
  • Language Supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
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