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Extensis Suitcase Fusion 8

We were born in Portland, Oregon. We grew up servicing the creative, print, and publishing software industry. And now, 20+ years later, we have become experts in font management and digital asset management software.

We specialize in easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solutions for protecting, and making the most of, your investments in fonts and digital assets.

Put simply, we help creativity flourish. We design and build products that make it easier to catalog and maintain vast stores of information. Like our customers, we’re a mix of left-brain and right-brain types, so we know what it takes to satisfy the needs of both. And we’re always evolving to better suit those needs.

We believe that the best software solutions are both smart and elegant. And we believe it’s important to love what you do. That’s just who we are.

Our passion is for creativity.

What we do is build software, but we never lose sight of why we do it. It’s about more than simply collecting and organizing; it’s about removing barriers that would get in the way of creativity.

Even in our technical solutions, you see creativity. Imagination and originality are not solely the domain of the artist. They are equally critical to developers and technicians who don’t believe tomorrow’s problems will be solved with today’s solutions.

Creativity is central to the human experience. It is how we mark our progress. And it is expressed in millions of different ways, every day, in every corner of the globe. How cool is it that we get to help bring it all together?

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 8

The recently released Suitcase Fusion 8 doesn’t turn font management on its ear like version 5, 6 and 7 did—but it does greatly improve the experience for designers in lots of little ways.

What’s new:


  • Professional Design Tool Support
    Includes plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 (October 2017 Release), QuarkXPress 2017 and more. Complete Adobe compatibility details here.
  • High Sierra Compatible
    Fully tested with macOS High Sierra to ensure a smooth transition & workflow.
  • Works with your PC
    Windows 10 compatible for your PC-based design work.

Extensis completely revamped the user interface of Suitcase Fusion. Extensis added a more contextual pop-up right at the font location in the window. The pop-up allows you to view info about the font, a preview of the font, available glyphs and QuickMatch info which searches your entire library of fonts for similar looking fonts.

Along with the typical font preview styles such as quick type, waterfall and full alphabet, Fusion now offers a tile view to quickly find the font you’re looking for.  Extensis also added the ability to view temporary fonts in their own library, making them easy to find quickly.

Auto-activation plug-ins have been updated for the latest versions of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, as well as Quark XPress. All seem to activate smoothly for me. In fact the entire application seems to work faster than ever before.

The previously mentioned QuickMatch feature is still awesome, allowing you to find similar looking fonts with a simple click.

Suitcase Fusion allows for two installations for a single user. Fusion works not only with the fonts installed on your PC/Mac, but Adobe’s TypeKit fonts and Google Fonts are also supported.

Auto–checking for font corruption virtually removes the need for FontDoctor, but Extensis includes the app anyway.

Speaking of included apps, you also get Suitcase for iOS—allowing you to use TrueType and TrueType-based OpenType fonts on your iPhone and iPad. Perfect for customizing your Keynote presentation!

Extensis has released an update that includes the following fixes:

  • Select an entire font family by clicking the family name.
  • Activate an entire font family with single-click activation icons.
  • Reveal fonts added in place in the Finder by right-clicking or Ctrl-clicking on a font name.
  • Preview window “type ahead” feature now allows you to start typing the first few letters of a font name to jump to that font in the preview window.

If you’re new to font management, or considering a switch from another font manager, please watch the recent Suitcase Fusion 8 webcast Extensis did.

Test drive free for 15-days

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