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Enfocus PitStop Pro 2017

Enfocus is a leading software company specializing in the development of tools to control the quality of PDF files for print and to automate workflow processes in the graphic arts industry. The company’s innovative solutions streamline the workflow throughout the complete production chain – from design to final print – thereby connecting printers, publishers and designers. 

Enfocus products go beyond preflight checks, delivering auto-correction of PDFs, advanced PDF editing and automation to guarantee accurate and efficient file exchange. 

PDF-tiedostojen kanssa voi olla kivuliasta työskennellä. Asiakkaasi eivät toimita niitä odotetulla tavalla, ne eivät tulostu haluamallasi tavalla ja usein sinun on lisäksi muokattava PDF:iä, vaikka se ei täysin onnistu Adobe Acrobatilla. PitStop Pro on Adobe Acrobatin plugin, joka tarjoaa ratkaisun ongelmiisi. Uusi Pitstop Pro 2017 on markkinoiden tehokkain ja teknisesti kehittynein PDF Preflight ja korjaussovellus.

Ammattilaisten suosima PitStop Pro on yleiskäyttöinen ja tehokas PDF-tiedostojen esikäsittelyä ja editointia varten! Sillä muokkaat tekstiä, kuvia, esineitä, värejä, sivun mittasuhteita, optimoit, sertifioit ja paljon muuta. Tämä uusi 2017-versio sisältää Geomapper Preflight -toiminnon jonka avulla voit ohittaa tarpeettomat objektit. PitStop Pro 2017:n uusi Preflight-raportti on selkeä ja havainnollinen ja Preflight-profiililla voit sisällyttää PDF-dokumenttiin tiedon siitä miten se on tehty ja mihin se soveltuu.

Tutustu PitStop Professional 2017:n uusiin ominaisuuksiin ja lataa testiversio!

Joten jos vanhempi PitStop Pro -ohjelmaversionne on edelleen käytössä, kannattaa se nyt viimeistään päivittää!

Päivityslisenssit ilman ylläpitosopimusta:
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD Upg < 13     199,00 € alv0%
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD Upg < 12     299,00 € alv0%

Päivityslisenssit vuoden ylläpitosopimuksella:
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD Upg < 13, with 1-year Upgrades and Assurance                303,00 € alv0%
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD Upg < 12, with 1-year Upgrades and Assurance                403,00 € alv0%

Päivityslisenssi mistä tahansa vanhemmasta versiosta
ilman ylläpitosopimusta [PROMO]:
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD Upg < 11 or earlier Promo 30.6.17 asti   
399,00 € alv0%

Päivityslisenssi mistä tahansa vanhemmasta versiosta
vuoden ylläpitosopimuksella [PROMO]:
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD Upg < 11 or earlier Promo 30.6.17 asti,
with 1-year Upgrades and Assurance  543,00 € alv0%

Uusi ostolisenssi ilman ylläpitosopimusta:
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD                        698,00 € alv0%

Uusi ostolisenssi vuoden ylläpitosopimuksella:
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD with 1-year Updates,
Upgrades and Assurance                 804,00 € alv0%

Vuoden vuokralisenssi:
PitStop Pro 2017 Win&Mac ESD 1 Year Subscription             299,00 € alv0%

PitStop Pro 2017 - The fastest way to detect and correct errors in PDF files

Following a successful beta program involving hundreds of customers from around the globe, PitStop Pro 2017 and PitStop Server 2017 are now available for end-users while PitStop Edit 2017 and PitStop Library 2017 are available for OEM partners.

2017 marks the year that PitStop celebrates its 20th anniversary. Through all these years Enfocus remained the market-leader in providing PDF quality control, correction and editing solutions under its PitStop brand. With version 2017, Enfocus increases the benchmark by making PitStop the most powerful and technically advanced PDF preflight and correction solution on the market today.

The development of the PDF Geomapper represents a breakthrough in the way PitStop preflights and corrects PDF files.

PitStop users can look forward to more groundbreaking functionality in future versions such as 40+ Devicelink Profiles shipped as standard to manage ink coverage and convert between colour standards, improved ink coverage check, round cornered rectangles based on page boxes, new layers category in the PDF preflight report, new inspection interface for analysing and editing transparency groups and analysing masks.

Maintenance customers will automatically receive new PitStop 2017 product keys with download links to the product installers. Customers who purchased PitStop Pro 13 after 8 March 2017 qualify for the 2017 version. Customers with older PitStop versions can access several upgrade options. 

New features in PitStop Pro 2017

PDF Geomapper technology

Until now, it was impossible to configure PDF Preflight to distinguish between objects that are needed to render or print a file and those that are not. The PDF Geomapper will ignore or remove these unnessecary elements, and we have provided some default Action Lists to help with this. This truly unique technology completely erradicates false warnings and errors when using PDF Preflight.

Rectangles can be created to the size of PDF Page Boxes and with round corners

Adding Rectangles is something that a lot of users do within PitStop using the ‘Add object’ Action. One of the shortcomings of this functionality was that it worked to a fixed size or a variable, whereas often there was a need to generate a rectangle based on a PDF page box. This is now possible and you can make round corners with a specified radius.

Operating system support

PitStop Pro is now officially supported in both Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) and Windows 10 anniversary edition.

Reorder and delete pages

The Enfocus Inspector gains a new tab specifically for working with transparency, and some new functionality and options as well. You now have the ability to select or toggle through Page and Transparency groups and also modify and correct the attributes of the groups directly within PitStop.

41 Devicelink Profiles included as standard

With this version of PitStop we now include 41 Devicelink profiles for CMYK-CMYK conversions and managing Ink Coverage. These are made possible by our sister company X-Rite.

Ink coverage check to ignore named separations via Restrictions

The ink coverage check within PitStop can now ignore technical inks, and additional special finishes such as varnishes or white separations. There is no specific interface for this functionality, as it’s incorporated within the standard restrictions interface. All you have to do is simply create a Restriction to select or ignore specific separations and apply it to the ink coverage check.

PitStop Pro does PDF quality control better
  • Save time by automatically Preflighting PDF files based on a profile
  • Find errors on the spot by checking the well-documented Preflight report in case of errors
  • Increase your productivity by fixing the most common errors automatically

Why Preflight?

According to our customers:

  • More than half of the PDF files received contain errors that would cause a misprint
  • The most common errors have not changed in 15 years
  • PDF Preflight is the tool to find and fix these errors

The 10 most common errors in PDF files, and how PitStop Pro fixes them

Low resolution images
For print output, the image resolution needs to be higher than for viewing a PDF on a screen. Otherwise you will see jagged edges and artifacts in the image.

PitStop Pro detects low resolution images in PDF files and gives you a warning.

RGB objects
Unintended RGB images in PDF files can cause unexpected results after processing. The images can be of low quality, the final printed color can be incorrect and there may even be a color shift.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for RGB objects and automatically converts them to CMYK if you want it to.

Missing bleed
If a file that contains images or content that extend to the edge of the page, and it contains no or not enough bleed, white borders can appear after cutting the sheets. PitStop Pro checks PDF files for missing bleed.

New in PitStop Pro 13 PitStop Pro can also automatically add bleed to a PDF file.

Font issues
Numerous problems can occur with fonts:

  • When a font is not embedded, the output equipment will need to replace that font with another font that could look completely different.
  • Small text can become hard to read when printed, especially when it's printed in multiple colors.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for missing fonts and automatically embeds font from the cloud using the Monotype Baseline service.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for too small text objects and gives you a warning.

White elements
Ever seen a job where a white element looks great on the screen or paper proof, but suddenly disappears when on press? White elements could be set to "overprint", which means that the white ink will be output on top of the inks below and basically disappear.

PitStop Pro checks if white elements are set to overprint and can automatically set them to "knock-out" if wanted.

Ink coverage
Excess ink coverage causes marking from one sheet to another and long drying times, and it increases the risk of spoilage. Wet paper can lead to registration issues and can cause you to have to slow the performance of a press to ensure the final printed quality.

PitStop Pro can automatically reduce ink coverage if it's too high.

Although transparency is now a widely accepted functionality within most design and page layout applications, many printing companies are still wary of PDF files containing transparency and like to give them specific attention to ensure they are processed and imaged correctly.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for transparency.

Layers can be visible or hidden. If your proofer or your RIP doesn't support PDF v1.5 or higher and there are layers in the PDF, they will be placed on top of each other. If a file contains a hidden layer that is set to "Always print", it will be printed.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for hidden layers.

Spot colors
Most designers like to work with spot colors (e.g. Pantone), especially in logos. But in many cases, these logos need to be printed using only CMYK ink, because an extra "dedicated" ink for the spot color is too expensive.

PitStop Pro checks PDF files for spot colors and automatically converts them to CMYK if you want it to.

Deep black
How do you define a nice deep ("rich") black, one that won't cause trouble on a printing press? Every company has their own recipe for a nice black. But a black that carries too much ink can be a problem for some printing methods. A black that's too heavy can cause web breaks on a web press and marking or set-off.

PitStop Pro can reduce or standardize the Rich Black values to your own values.

PitStop Pro 2017 Trial

A plug-in for Adobe Acrobat to check & edit PDF files.

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