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Vectorworks 2016 -tuoteperhe

Developed by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., Vectorworks software is a line of industry-specific CAD and BIM solutions that allow designers to advance their ideas from concept through completion. Our users include architects and interior architects, landscape architects and designers, urban planners, lighting and scenic designers, and product and furniture designers, as well as students starting out in their careers.

Every day, designers choose Vectorworks because of our multidisciplinary approach, and because they want a solution that supports their creative process instead of replacing it. We allow great design to materialize from inspiration, exploration, and discovery. Our DNA originates in the creative part of the design process, and so we place a heavy emphasis on freedom of artistic expression through the development and documentation of each project.

We’ve been developing design software since 1985. Since then, more than half a million users around the world have realized their visions with Vectorworks. Join our community, and discover how you can, too.

What's New in Vectorworks 2016

Vectorworks 2016 enhances your design process from inspiration to execution, empowers you to explore the possibilities of BIM and beyond, and equips you to create unmatched experiences.

Sometimes inspiration strikes, and you’re off drawling and modeling quickly. It just works. Other times, you travel down one path of discovery only to realize you should have gone a different way. Traversing these challenges while keeping sight of your vision is all about discovery. This is where we can help. We invite you to discover and experiment. Design without limitations. Design with Vectorworks.

Vectorworks 2016
What's New [pdf]
Vectorworks 2016
New Feature Matrix [pdf]

For the Design Professional Who Needs it All

Whether your specialty is architecture, landscape, or entertainment design, Vectorworks Designer software enables you to draft, model, and present in a single, intuitive interface.

Vectorworks Products:

Vectorworks Architect

Explore the possibilities of BIM and beyond while benefiting from the freedom to design in 2D or 3D with a suite of intuitive, flexible tools that encourage you to create and explore any form.

Vectorworks Landmark

Built-in objects, powerful databases, project sharing, and more help you produce 2D and 3D concepts, analyze pre- and post-development site conditions, and create construction documents.

Vectorworks Spotlight

Develop and deliver ideas to create your next unmatched experience with industry-leading drafting and modeling tools, realistic renderings, integrated database worksheets, lighting devices, and more.

Vectorworks Fundamentals

Our basic CAD software package offers 2D/3D capabilities and an intuitive, easy-to-use modeling and documentation platform that works the way designers think.

Vectorworks Renderworks

Powered by MAXON´s CINEMA 4D render engine, Renderworks makes it simple to produce high-quality renderings directly inside your Vectorworks design file.

Download a trial of Vectorworks

Tilauksista VSS-sopimuksen kanssa:
  • Maaliskuun 2016 loppuun asti on mahdollista tilata päivityksiä -50%, mikäli samalla tilataan VSS-sopimus. 
  • Vastaavasti maaliskuun 2016 loppuun asti saa uuden lisenssin mukaan tilattavan VSS-sopimuksen ensimmäisen vuoden puoleen hintaan.
    1.4.2016 lähtien on alennus enää -25%.

VSS-sopimusasiakkaita on Suomessa jo yli 100 kpl. Se on antanut hyvän valuuttasuojan ja inflaatiosuojan muiden etujen lisäksi.

Vectorworks 2016 oppilaitoskäyttöön

Vectorworksin oppilaitoslisensseissä on käytännön eroja: oppilaitos voi valita, mitä tiedostomuotoa he haluavat käyttää - kaupallista tai Educational file format, eli EDU-tiedostomuotoa (joka ei aukea noihin toisiin lisensseihin ollenkaan) - sillä luonnollisestikin maksuttomissa opiskelijalisensseissä on käytössä tiedostomuoto, joka ei aukea lainkaan kaupallisiin lisensseihin.

Kaupallista tai Educational file format, eli EDU-tiedostomuotoa käyttävät lisenssit ovat sinänsä keskenään samanhintaisia. Oppilaitoshankintojen oletusarvo on nykyään EDU-tiedostomuoto.

Miksi jokin oppilaitos haluasi sitten käyttää EDU-tiedostomuotoa? No, jos suurin osa opiskelijoista käyttää ilmaista E-Series-määräaikaislisenssiä, jolla he tekevät koulutyönsä ja opinnäytetyönsä, on se joustavampi tapa. Joillakin oppilaitoksilla voi toki olla molempiakin, mutta siitä voi seurata joskus hankaluuksia.

uusi CorelDRAW 2019 on ilmestynyt!
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore