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GridIron Software -tuoteperhe

GridIron Software was founded in 2001 to develop tools to bring parallel computing to a wide variety of markets and applications. Today, GridIron is a leading provider of high performance workflow software for motion graphics professionals, with a proven set of products that allow users to improve their overall project efficiency. The company continues to leverage its unique expertise to offer innovative new products for the creative professional market.

GridIron Overflow

Software that allows for total collaboration on projects, secure file-sharing, and the ability to track content and data, including the location of a file, who has worked on it, the changes that have been made, and how files are related, by providing complete visibility of sharing, syncing and versioning activities on the desktop and in the cloud; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of guide books featuring user guides, getting ...

GridIron Versions

Gridiron Version gives you instant access to a complete history of your file, so you can easily revert to any version. This software saves your versions automatically and invisibly. Every time you make a change to your file, it saves a version, along with a thumbnail that SHOWS you the change you made. Click on the thumbnail of any version you like, and Versions will exchange it for the current version in your Finder/Explorer it's that simple.

GridIron Time Manager

GridIron Time Manager Premium Service subscription automatically records how much time you spent on a file, a series of files, or an entire project, without you having to do anything. No more hunting through your email and phone logs to try to figure out how much time you spent working on a particular project. No more wasting precious time filling in timesheets. Time Manager gives you a more accurate view of where you spent your time - automatically. That's workflow management made simple.

uusi CorelDRAW 2019 on ilmestynyt!
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore