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Intel Parallel Studio 2011

Introducing Intel® Parallel Studio 2011

A comprehensive, all-in-one toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ developers, Intel® Parallel Studio 2011 simplifies the analysis, compiling, debugging, error-checking, and tuning of your serial and threaded apps.

With Intel Parallel Studio, get everything you need to optimize legacy serial code, exploit multicore, and scale for manycore.

Intel® Parallel Studio Components

Created for Microsoft* Visual Studio* C/C++ developers, it boosts the reliability, performance, and multicore scalability of serial and parallel applications. With Intel Parallel Studio, you get everything you need to optimize legacy serial code, exploit multicore, and scale for manycore.


What's New in Intel®
Parallel Studio 2011

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* — Enhanced support for your familiar development environment.
  • Intel® Parallel Building Blocks — Access multiple ways to exploit parallelism with this set of comprehensive parallel models.
  • Intel® Parallel Advisor — Pinpoint where your application can benefit most from threading — before major effort has been committed.


Innovative threading assistant

Intel Parallel Advisor 2011Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011

Follow the steps for task-oriented parallelism and target coarse-grain parallelism.



Optimizing compiler and threaded libraries

Intel Parallel Composer 2011Intel® Parallel Composer 2011

Easily change to Visual C++* from the Project menu or by right-clicking over the solution or project name.



Memory and threading error checker

Intel Parallel Inspector 2011Intel® Parallel Inspector 2011

Click the Interpret Result button to see related issues grouped together.



Threading and performance profiler

Intel Parallel Amplifier 2011Intel® Parallel Amplifier 2011

Find the functions in your application that consume the most time.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore