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GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP 8

The World's favorite FTP client!
  • Simple Connections
  • Drag and Drop Transfers
  • Server Address Book
  • Standard Security
  • Learn More
More power for advanced users!
  • Automated Transfers
  • Script and Macro Support
  • Accelerated Transfers
  • Advanced Security
  • Learn More
Secure FTP for the Mac
  • SSH and SSL Security
  • Remote File Editing
  • Accelerated Transfers
  • Folder Synchronization
  • Learn More

Compare CuteFTP Home to CuteFTP Professional

Cute FTP 8 Home
Addresses the security, connectivity, transfer and site management needs of home and casual users.

Cute FTP 8 Professional
CuteFTP Professional includes all of the benefits of CuteFTP Home plus extra features and tools essential for business and professional users including: advanced security choices, powerful site management tools, accelerated transfers, automation technology, and much more.

Feature CuteFTP Home CuteFTP Professional
Security and Protocols
Standard FTP - Compatible with any industry standard FTP server.
FTP over SSL (FTPS) - Strong 128-bit SSL negotiates connections and encrypts the data stream.
Secure Shell (SSH) - Connect securely to SFTP Servers using password or public-key based authentication.  
OpenPGP Encryption - Your data is more secure than ever, whether you are sending or receiving, with automatic PGP encryption and decryption.  
HTTPS - Transfer securely using HTTP and HTTP over SSL standards.  
OTP - Secure logins with One Time Password (OTP) authentication.  
Interface and Usability Features
Right-click Shell Integration - Transfer files with a click of the mouse, from anywhere in Windows.  
Step-by-step Connection Wizard - Easily setup your first FTP connection.
Color Coded Tabs - Managing multiple transfers to multiple sites is easier than ever, with improved interface and new color-coding.  
XP Color Icons - High-colored icons even when operating on non-XP operating systems (Windows 2000, 2003, etc.).
Configuration Options - Multiple controls for customizing the look and feel of CuteFTP.
Classic and Professional Interface Modes - Choose between the traditional side-by-side CuteFTP look or the more powerful multi-pane CuteFTP Professional view, used to manage multiple open connections.  
Management Features
Advanced Search - Find files and folders easily, by name, size or creation/modification date, whether they are on your local computer or a remote server.
Podcast Manager - Automatically create and update your Podcast RSS feed when you use CuteFTP to manage your Podcast files. It even includes a Podcast subscription manager that automatically downloads new episodes, or lets you select only the ones that sound interesting.
Advanced Operations After Transfer - Automatically exit, shutdown your computer, run a virus scan or any number of other tasks upon completing a transfer.  
Local Backup - Quickly and easily back up your computer to a remote server for added data security.
Integrated Editor - Perform quick edits of remote Web pages or other documents using a powerful integrated text editor.
Filtered Listings - Choose what to display in either pane to facilitate the process of downloading groups of files while ignoring others.
Synchronize Folders - Quickly compare folder contents or perform robust mirroring operations, including bi-directional mirroring.  
Folder Monitoring - Monitor a folder for changes and automatically upload new or modified files to the remote server.  
Site Backup (archival) - Back up your entire FTP server or a selected folder on a recurring basis and then automatically archive it.  
Script/Macro Recording & Playback - Record entire sessions and then play them back or manually write sophisticated scripts to control CuteFTP's file transfer engine.  
Connectivity and Transfers
Transfer Resume - Automatically restart interrupted transfers or manually restart paused transfers from the point it left off.
Scheduled Transfers - Set up transfers to occur at a future date or time and optionally in a recurring manner.
Concurrent Transfers - Transfer more than one file at the same time.
Multi-part Transfers - speed up large file transfers by splitting files into multiple parts and then transferring each part concurrently.
Turbo Transfer - Automatic Mode Z file compression and multi-part transfers for the fastest possible throughput.  
Compressed Transfers - Built in support for ZIP, CAB and GZIP/Tarball let you compress files before transfer and decompress after transfer.  
Site-to-Site Transfers (FXP) - Transfer files from one FTP server to another.  

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore