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FuturaIT SQL Manage


welcome to future IT

FutureIT SQL Manage on täydellinen ja helppokäyttöinen sovellus Microsoftin SQL Servereiden ja tietokantojen hallinnointiin.

Jokainen SQL Serveriä käyttävä yritys hyötyy tästä sovelluksesta ylläpitäessään SQL Serveriään paljon paremmin ja automaattisemmin. SQL Manage hoitaa esim seuraavia ylläpitotehtäviä:

  • tietokannan uudelleenindeksointi
  • loki- ja datatiedostojen kutistus
  • 24x7-monitorointi
  • tehokkuuden lisäys
  • täydellinen SQL Serverin varmuuskopionti
  • ja paljon, paljon muuta...

SQL Manage sopii jokaiselle PC:n käyttäjälle ja on helposti kenen tahansa käytettävissä! Lataa ja kokeile sitä itse!

FutureIT SQL Manage offers an affordable, easy-to-use solution for database management. Providing customers with a comprehensive maintenance solution from one centralized console, SQL Manage automates and simplifies traditional DBA tasks such as monitoring, re-indexing, backup & restore, compression, and beyond.

SQL Manage is a real "All-in-One" solution, allowing anyone with or without a technical background to effectively manage their SQL Server environment. It's like having your very own automatic DBA working around the clock to maintain and protect your data, so that you can focus on what's really important to your business: your business. SQL Manage is a Microsoft platform test approved solution.

With SQL Manage you enjoy enhanced performance, work continuity, higher availability, a dramatic decline in overhead and fewer failures, all of which will reduce your overall IT costs and guarantee you a speedy ROI and peace of mind.

In the routine work with databases, it is essential to take precautions against the loss of data which is the heart of the system. Maintenance of databases is complex, technically challenging and usually, costly. The heavier the data traffic is, the more problematic the maintenance can be.

  • Increased system survivability
    Fewer malfunctions, fewer crashes, increased stability and efficiency.
  • Backup Agent
    An advanced backup system that includes full data backup, log backup, network transference of backups, compression of approximately 95% and a simple and easy restoration system. Additionally, the system offers restoration to any specific point of time, and backup of the server's structured databases in a disaster scenario.
  • Ongoing Maintenance
    Automatically performs shrinking and re-indexing, controls transaction file size and sets a reasonable time schedule for all of the activities. Increased system efficiency and stability, along with a significant improvement in performance.
  • Monitoring & Alerts
    An immediate notice is sent to the user or a 3rd party regarding hardware or software malfunctions and critical problems, such as server / database failures, disk crashes, missing backup and serious failures.
  • Time Saving
    Quick installation - automatic solutions. On average, maintenance time required is reduced by 90%

Centralized Information & Management
SQL Manage A comprehensive information & management page for your server and databases. See all the critical information in real-time regarding your database - user connections, database files (and size), backup history and more. And of course, you obtain the ability to perform immediate maintenance actions, from backups to integrity checks.

Attachment Of Maintenance Rules

SQL Manage With a few clicks, you can attach some or all of your databases to pre-defined maintenance rules in the categories of maintenance and optimizations. You can create/change your maintenance rules to suit your organizational needs, furthermore, pre-defined maintenance suites have already been created for your use of "out of the box" products, such as SAP Business One...

A Simple Restore Page

SQL Manage Restoring your databases has never been easier: with a single click you can restore your database from a list of registered backup sets, an external source or event to a specific point in time. This simple restore page also provides you with the ability to instantly create a new database from any existing database backup set, with a single click - a "must have feature" - for QA and/or development environments...

SQL Query

SQL Manage A simple and easy to use SQL Query page, highlighting SQL Syntax on the run, and providing the ability to save/load a query and a query's

Comprehensive Status & Alerts Page
SQL Manage A main status & alerts page indicating the current failures and/or information alerts on your server and databases - based upon your own notification settings. It also provides a deeper look at your server's current hardware status (such as logical drives, CPU usage, memory usage and more)

Email Notifications

SQL Manage An easy to use SMTP settings page to configure your e-mail settings and for the recipients to receive notifications regarding the failures on your server and databases - all based upon your own notification settings. E-mail notifications may be sent to a single or a group of recipients. This may be very useful in providing offsite support.

Server Notification Settings

SQL Manage A very simple and comprehensive notification settings page. You can decide which alerts you want to enable or disable, and for which alerts you wish to receive popup and/or email notifications. Server notifications include: alert if a database is created/deleted (and the ability to automatically attach it to a set of pre-defined maintenance rules), services failure notifications, CPU usage and memory usage notifications, low disk space notifications, job failure and more...

Database Notification Settings

SQL Manage A very simple and comprehensive notification settings page. You can decide which alerts you want to enable or disable, and for which alerts you wish to receive popup and/or email notifications. Database notifications include: notifications regarding the Data/Log size (and also for a Log file growth), various notifications regarding data and log backup (if database has no backup or if the backup set is old), properties related to notifications and more...
Compression & FTP Capabilities
SQL Manage Advanced backup compression abilities, performing backup files compression of about 95%, and the ability to send these compressed backup files to a remote FTP server (for insured business continuity in case of failures).


A customer experience:

"Maintenance of our mission critical SQL Server, which runs our ERP system, has become as easy as playing a video game. Within twenty minutes I installed the SQL Manage suite, generating immediate positive results. I now have an automatic easy to use maintenance system, which saves me time and resources and provides me with a faster workflow, peace of mind and prevention from crashes or malfunctions."

Mr. Baruch, CEO Wittur, part of Wittur Germany AG

welcome to future IT

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