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Extensis Universal Type Server Professional

Professional Corporate
Font Management

Universal Type Server: Professional Universal Type Server Professional Features Built from the ground up with modern, open source-based architecture, Universal Type Server serves up an impressive menu of features that gives administrators and end users the control, visibility and ease-of-use needed for effective workgroup font management.

All the Control; None of the Hassle

Web-based user/group and server administration
Administrators now have the flexibility to perform their duties from anywhere with modern, web-based interfaces for managing users, fonts and server maintenance.

Flexible font delivery
With Universal Type Server, administrators can choose how server fonts are delivered to users—either downloaded all at once for users who need to work while not connected to the server or on demand as needed by the user. These settings can be designated on a user-by-user basis.

Server-based workgroups
Universal Type Server allows administrators to create Server-Based Workgroups. Within these saved groups, an administrator can designate user roles and permissions as well as select which fonts are available for use.

User Roles
Administrators can create User Roles with specified permissions and settings for the most common types of job roles. Universal Type Server offers a selection of pre-defined User Roles.

Back-up and restore
By equipping administrators with automated database back-ups, Universal Type Server minimizes downtime and allows you to get up and running quickly in case of disaster recovery.

Import from Active Directory
Administrators can streamline the set up process by importing user information directory from LDAP/Active Directory.

Activity logging
Activity logging allows administrators to monitor client-server interactions in real-time as well as designate the level of detail for the log files (e.g., on a warning level or on a much more granular level when needed.)

Eliminate Conflicts; Ensure Consistency

Granular permissions
Universal Type Server gives administrators the flexibility to meet their company’s requirements and their users’ individual needs. Granular user and group permissions give administrators the ability to create an open system or a much tighter “locked down” system depending on their situation.

Permanently Active Shared Sets
An administrator has the power to designate a Workgroup Set as permanently active. This allows administrators to determine not only which fonts a user has access to, but also which fonts should always be active for a user.

Professional Font Auto-Activation
Clients are equipped with professional auto-activation plug-ins for the most current and popular creative applications, including Adobe InDesign® and Illustrator® CS2*, CS3 and CS4 and QuarkXPress® 7* and 8*. These plug-ins offer Font Sense™ identification and auto-activation to ensure the exact versions of the fonts needed are activated every time.

Corrupt font handling
Universal Type Server will check fonts for corruption and repair them before adding them to a workgroup. This keeps problem fonts from entering the workflow.

Keep It Legal

Font license management
View all license information pertaining to any font in one location, create a font licenses and apply it to multiple fonts (Administrator), and search for fonts based on license status.

Workgroup font visibility
Administrators can create license reports and all users view licensing status of fonts within their individual workgroups.

Server-Based user settings/preferences
With user settings and preferences, Administrators can prevent rogue fonts from entering the workflow by controlling who can add fonts and track when a font has been added an by whom.

Keep Users Happy and Productive

Modern, intuitive UI
Universal Type Client (both Macintosh and Windows) have been completely remodeled and modernized. Full-featured previews, customizable windows and intuitive tools give end users the freedom and flexibility to optimize their interface and streamline the way they work with fonts.

Work uninterrupted whether online or offline
End users can ‘go mobile’ by using the offline mode. The local cache of fonts is downloaded from the server before disconnecting, giving users the ability to work uninterrupted even when not connected to the server.

Personal Workgroups
The Administrator can grant a user the permission to have a Personal workgroup- a user-specific “sandbox” on the font server- they can use to test new fonts without compromising the integrity of the company’s font workflows.

Professional Font Auto-Activation (w/ Font Sense)
Universal Type Client offers plug-in based professional auto-activation for the most common creative applications, including Adobe InDesign and Illustrator and QuarkXPress. These plug-ins are equipped with Font Sense to ensure exact font matches and eliminate font conflicts or silent font substitutions. These plug-ins also auto-deactivate fonts when documents are closed.

Smart Sets (automated sorting)
Client users can create their own Smart Sets—similar to an iTunes playlist—which update dynamically based on their search criteria for quicker access to the fonts they need.

Customizable previews
Preview any server font instantly. Multiple preview options allow users to view fonts side-by-side in Paragraph, Waterfall, ABC 123 and QuickType™ formats.

Customizable Attributes
Permissioned users can easily add or modify font attributes to include information such as classification, foundry, style, keywords, etc.

QuickFind and advanced search
Client users can perform quick searches using any of the font metadata stored within the UTS database such as foundry, licenses, style, client, project, etc. More robust and multi-level searches can also be performed quickly and easily.

View fonts by family
Users have the flexibility of viewing fonts individually or by font family. Viewing fonts by family provides a quick and easy way to search through larger font libraries.

Looks Just As Good On The Inside.

Excellent IT citizen
With support for both Mac and Windows servers, Universal Type Server meets the needs of the most demanding IT professionals. Built on a J2EE platform, with an embedded SQL database, this architecture provides a superior level of performance, stability, and scalability with very low overhead. Universal Type Server supports PPC and Intel-based Mac environments natively.

Easy deployment and serialization
Universal Type Server has an integrated installer application that installs all the components of the server for you, with serialization done at the server level. The clients are remotely installed via package installers, drastically reducing deployment time.

Universal Type Server is the only client/server font manager to support both Mac and Windows operating systems for its server and client components. Mac and Windows clients offer full parity in feature set and performance.

Work Uninterrupted
Universal Type Client runs as a background application called Universal Type Core, which allows for uninterrupted font activation/de-activation even when the client is not open and running. 

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