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Embarcadero ToolCloud


Embarcadero empowers software developers and database professionals with award-winning tools to design, build, optimize, and run software applications and databases across multiple platforms and programming languages. With the acquisition of CodeGear™ from Borland in 2008, Embarcadero now serves more than three million professionals worldwide with IDEs and database tools that dramatically simplify and accelerate development. Embarcadero’s tools are used in the most demanding vertical industries and by 90 of the Fortune 100 worldwide.

Tool Management Challenges

Technologists require a wide array of tools to support a growing number of applications and databases. Any team who has multiple licenses of an Embarcadero tool, or has wanted to quickly ramp up a new project has probably encountered one or more of these tool management challenges:

  • Someone on the team spends a lot of time manually tracking and moving tool licenses
  • Projects have been delayed because it takes so long to get the right tools licensed and deployed
  • Teams spend a lot of time installing/uninstalling versions of their tools
  • It takes weeks or even months to get new releases of tools to tech teams
  • Locked down desktops make it difficult to get teams the tools they need
  • Has lean processes and/or use contractors who assemble new teams rapidly
  • At best, these tool management challenges frustrate; at worst projects are impacted with costly delays or over spending. Database and application development tools are needed on demand but because of performance requirements, a SaaS model is not optimal.

Embarcadero ToolCloud

Embarcadero ToolCloud centrally provisions and manages Embarcadero’s leading database management and application development tools. It solves these tool management challenges with technology that combines cloud computing principles - on-demand, shared pool, centrally controlled, and rapidly provisioned resources – with tools that run on the desktop without installation.

Read ToolCloud Data Sheet

Benefits for tool users, license administrators, software asset managers

Embarcadero ToolCloud simplifies licensing, reduces overhead, and controls access to products by centralizing and standardizing how tools are delivered. Database professionals and application developers get on-demand access to the tools when they need them.

Centralized License Management

At the core, the ToolCloud provides license management. Embarcadero has been building this capability into our products for nearly a decade. It provides a single location inside your firewallto handle all license inventory, with reporting and usage tracking. Centralized License Management gives teams the ability to:

  • Standardize and simplify. Reduce license complexity with one vendor and one place to administer all tool licenses
  • Control access for compliance, security, cost management
  • Save hundreds of hours tracking tool licenses
  • Optimize license configurations and purchases to and save thousands by avoiding "over-buying"

On-demand Software Delivery with InstantOn

Embarcadero tools managed by the ToolCloud can be installed on a user’s desktop or they can be delivered and run with InstantOn, Embarcadero’s application virtualization technology. This enables tools to be packaged into a single file that runs without installation. The tool runs on the desktop, locally and ‘full power’ but does not change system areas of the OS or registry. With on-demand tool delivery, teams can:

  • Quickly access and install tools to adapt more rapidly to changing projects, business demands
  • Run multiple versions side by side, and adapt toolsets by project and platform to respond faster to changing business demands
  • Save hundreds of dollars and hours by avoiding costly installs and uninstalls of multiple product versions
  • Empower users to access the tools they need from anywhere on the network & locked-down desktops
  • Save hundreds of hours by not having to keep desktops up-to-date with the proper tool configurations

Five Top Reasons to get Embarcadero® ToolCloud Licenses

Here are some top reasons why users of Delphi®, C++Builder® and Embarcadero® RAD Studio should consider moving from standalone licenses to new ToolCloud licenses:

Reason #1: Access multiple product versions without buying separate licenses
Need licenses for multiple versions of Delphi or RAD Studio so you can have access to the latest technologies and still maintain legacy projects? No problem. ToolCloud licenses give each developer a license for versions 2010, 2009 and 2007.

Reason #2: Complete control over your team’s licenses
Manage and control licenses on your own license server. Transfer licenses between developers as needed and keep track of your licenses.

Reason #3: Named and concurrent user flexibility
Assign licenses to individual developers or choose concurrent licenses where team members can check out a license from a pool of licenses on an as-needed basis.

Reason #4: InstantOn availability
Get InstantOn
versions of Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010 that can be run without having to go through the install process. Or do a complete install on your local computer.

Reason #5: Fill your ToolBox with Embarcadero® All-Access
Embarcadero All-Access provides all the application development and database tools you need – when you need them. You get development tools for Windows
®, .NET, Java, and Web development with PHP and Ruby on Rails®; plus a broad assortment of database design, development and management tools – all at a great price.


ToolCloud is available on the following products:

C++Builder 2010

C++Builder is Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for C++. C++Builder comes with a powerful ANSI C++ compiler with early support for the new C++0x standards and a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for rapid development. The IDE has numerous productivity enhancing features including a drag-and-drop Visual Component Library (VCL) with 250 reuseable classes/components, an advanced debugger supporting code visualisations, support for unit testing, support for numerous databases and much more.

The latest version of C++Builder is C++Builder 2010. New features in this version include support for programming touch-based applications, enhancements to the IDE including IDE Insight to easily locate any IDE settings, support for Windows 7, support for Firebird 2.1 and much more.

Delphi 2010

Delphi is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that produces high performance native Windows executables. Delphi comes with a powerful object-oriented language with a fast compiler and Windows API access, advanced debugging and refactoring tools, a powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with time saving tools, support for multiple local and server databases and a Visual Component Library (VCL) with easy to use drag and drop components to speed up application design. Delphi comes in a variety of different editions to suit your requirements and budget and is also included within RAD Studio.

J Optimizer 2009

J Optimizer is delivers a breakthrough solution for isolating and resolving performance issues during the development of Java programs and Java EE applications. Providing Java developers with a comprehensive environment for optimizing application performance and managing application quality throughout the development lifecycle, J Optimizer enables you to deliver fast, scalable, and reliable applications.

JBuilder 2008

JBuilder, now with revolutionary code reuse capabilities, provides you with the analysis and profiling tools you need to enhance code quality and improve application performance. In addition, JBuilder also offers UML modelling, team development and collaboration, and a wide variety of visual designers to improve productivity, making it one of the most complete and powerful Java IDEs available.

RAD Studio 2010

Embarcadero RAD Studio comes with Delphi and C++Builder for building native Windows executables and Delphi Prism for building .NET applications. Delphi and C++Builder can produce high performance desktop, web and database applications which run on any maintained Windows platform whilst Delphi Prism can produce. NET applications using your existing Delphi programming skills.


Should I buy a networked named user licence or concurrent user licence?
A network named user licence is for one named individual and is the only person permitted to use the product anywhere within the network.

A concurrent user licence allows multiple individuals to use the product, but only up to the number of concurrent licenses purchased. Once that limit is exceeded, anyone else trying to access the software is denied access. A concurrent licence requires a licence server in this instance it has to be the ELS (Embarcadero License Server).

What is ELS?
ELS are used when you wish to manage your licences over a network. Embarcadero License Server (ELS) is a license server installed at a central location and maintains a list of named users/concurrent users who can use the product.

What is Support and Maintenance for Toolcloud?
Support and Maintenance can be purchased at the time you purchase your product. The support and maintenance agreement gives you a year of upgrades (including major and minor upgrades) and a specified number of support incidents.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel Pentium or compatible, 1.4 GHz minimum, 2GHz+ recommended
  • 1GB RAM, 2GB+ recommended
  • 3GB HDD space
  • 750MB free HDD space for prerequisites
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 (requires admin rights)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional (SP2/SP3)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (SP1) or 2008

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore