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CrashPlan PRO Online Backup

CrashPlan PRO is a real-time, cross-platform (Windows, Mac, VMware, Solaris, Linux), client / server backup software that runs on your hardware and can provide backup for any computer to any number of backup server destinations or other clients. CrashPlan PRO was specifically designed to ensure the backup of remote laptops. Laptops are typically the most challenging fleet of computers for a company to backup.

Though CrashPlan PRO is cross-platform, it is also extremely Apple friendly and is the perfect option for your Mac clients that are unhappy with their current backup software or are looking for something better.CrashPlan PRO is an easy to use backup solution with great de-duplication, compression, encryption, is multitenant, has a small footprint, is re-brand able and allows for flexible data storage.

Why Choose CrashPlan PRO

Continuous Backup

The most important data is what you are working on right now.

CrashPlan PRO knows the moment your file changes, ensuring your backup is always up to date.

No Computer Left Behind

Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris - they all need backup.

CrashPlan PRO has cross-platform support in its DNA and runs equally well on Windows, Mac, Linux and now Solaris!

Engineered for Laptops

Backing up a laptop is uniquely challenging. Having less memory, CPU, and I/O performance than their desktop and server brethren, they also operate in a wide variety of network conditions.

CrashPlan PRO is designed to address these challenges in a continuous, quiet background operation providing unsurpassed laptop protection.

Complete Backup Protection

CrashPlan PRO protects your business by combining onsite, offsite and online backup in a single software solution.

  • Onsite - Fast, convenient backup and restore that you control
  • Offsite - Protection for your data in your office, in your home or on the road
  • Hosted online - Insurance against fire, theft and other disaster scenarios

How CrashPlan PRO Works

CrashPlan PRO is cross-platform, client / server backup software that runs on your hardware.

With the CrashPlan PRO software installed, you can back up any computer to any number of backup servers in any location.

Hosted Online Backup

Your CrashPlan PRO software can also backup to our hosted online backup services. This is an affordable option for your offsite, mission critical backup and requires zero setup on your behalf.

Laptop Protection For Your Mobile Workforce

CrashPlan PRO works over any network connection, including the Internet. As long as your CrashPlan PRO Server is Internet-accessible, your laptops are backed up regardless of location.

Full communication and data transfer encryption provides secure protection in the office as well as on the road.

Coffee shops, airports and hotels - any place with an Internet connection is now a protected location for your workforce.

Bullet-Proof Backup, Guaranteed Restore

CrashPlan PRO protects and restores your data with best-of-breed, enterprise ready backup technology.

Bullet-Proof Backup:

  • Enterprise grade encryption secures your data the moment it is read from disk
  • Data de-duplication and compression greatly reduces storage requirements
  • Byte pattern differentials reduce CPU, disk and network utilization
  • CrashPlan PRO™ Server VMware image adds virtualization support

Guaranteed Restore:

  • Automatic integrity checks ensure backup data is always correct and ready when you need it
  • Archive self-healing corrects any data integrity issues automatically
  • Unlimited historical versioning restores any file from any point in time
  • Unlimited files and file sizes let you back up everything

Continuous, Real-Time Backup

In addition to scheduled backup, CrashPlan PRO provides continuous, real-time backup protection.

CrashPlan PRO™ detects data changes then waits for the changes to stabilize. Once the changes stabilize, it only transmits newly created data. If data is merely re-organized, no sending of data is required!

This byte pattern differential approach conserves considerable bandwidth and reduces load on users' computers when compared to traditional backup differentials.

People Friendly, Enterprise Tough

CrashPlan PRO is built to meet any of your business growth needs. We use CrashPlan PRO to power CrashPlan Central, our online consumer backup service that demands scaling to millions of users worldwide.

Built for Speed

We invested years in the core backup engine, tuning it to make it lightweight and blistering fast while performing intensive tasks like data de-duplication, byte pattern differential analysis, version reduction and encryption.

Built for Growth

We made sure a single server could scale to thousands of concurrent users backing up thousands of terabytes by developing our own high-performance, non-blocking I/O communication and data transport layer.

Built for Enterprise

We built in features like on-the-fly storage allocation via NAS and SAN, multiple organization and backup policy management, reports, monitoring and even full remote client administration.

Built for People

Most importantly, we focused on the user experience to deliver the easiest, pain-free backup software for you and your users.

Whether you are a one-man IT shop managing 5 computers or a Fortune 100 IT director responsible for managing 50,000 computers, CrashPlan PRO does the job.

CrashPlan PRO Server

Bullet-Proof Backup
  • Incremental, differential storage
  • Enterprise data de-duplication
  • Automatic archive validation
Guaranteed Restore
  • Web restore provides even more convenient restoration of files for your users
  • Background archive validation
  • End user or admin initiated
  • Centralized auditing
  • High-speed disk to disk
Easy Administration
  • Remote client configuration
  • Remote web management
  • Automatic reports and alerts via email, web and desktop
  • Organize: divisions, departments, users, computers
  • Audit: usage, restores, activity
  • Enforce: policies, alerts, retention
  • Monitor: disk, client network status, archive status
  • Automatic client upgrades
  • Installs in minutes
Simple License Key Management
  • Multi-seat keys
  • Reassignable license keys for inactive user accounts
Cost Efficient - Lowest TCO
  • PRO Server is FREE
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Utilize existing infrastructure
  • Virtual appliance option
  • Reduced disk and bandwidth consumption
  • Maintenance free
Enterprise Architecture
  • On-demand, unlimited storage allocation via NAS
  • No single file or archive size limits
  • Unlimited virtual I/O channels
  • Fault-tolerant architecture with clustering and replication
  • High-performance non-blocking I/O architecture scales to tens of thousands of concurrent clients
  • All the benefits of virtualization
  • Multi-core ready backup engine leverages up to 64 cores!
  • Built-in migration tools allow you to physically move your installation
Enterprise Directory Integration
  • LDAP, Open Directory and Active Directory support
  • Users can use the same login and password they already have to back up and restore files
  • Easily secure who is allowed to back up or not
  • Automatically deactivate backups when employees become inactive
Enterprise Networking
  • Remote client locator
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • QoS management
Enterprise Security
  • Private key, keychains, key escrowing
  • End to end encryption
Developer API
  • REST based web services
  • Check server status for enterprise monitoring integration
  • Retrieve reports for integration into billing systems
  • Create and update user accounts for automated user activation and deactivation

System Requirements

Windows Server Software
XP, Server 2003, 2008 - 1GB Memory / 1GHZ+ CPU / 250MB Drive Space

Linux Server Software
2.6 Series Kernel / 1GB Memory / 1GHZ+ CPU / 250MB Drive Space

Mac OS X Server Software
OS X 10.4, 10.5 / 1GB Memory / G5 or Intel CPU / 250MB Drive Space

VMWare Server Software Image
Server or Fusion installed / 2GB Memory

Solaris Server Software
OpenSolaris / Solaris 10 / 1GB Memory / Intel CPU / 250MB Drive Space

CrashPlan PRO Client

Bullet-Proof Backup
  • Continuous or scheduled
  • Offsite and onsite destinations
  • Incremental versioning
  • Unlimited versioning
  • File compression and data de-duplication
  • Background validation and verification
  • Multiple file stream / fork support
Guaranteed Restore
  • Any date, time or version
  • Direct, LAN or Internet
  • Admin or end user initiated
  • File search
  • Cross-platform
Maintenance Free
  • Automatic upgrades pushed by PRO Server administrator
  • 100% remote administration and updates
Universal Networking
  • Works everywhere: dynamic IP locator, TCP NAT traversal, QoS
  • Bandwidth governing
  • Email alerts and reports
High Security
  • Complete data control
  • Encrypted before transport
  • 448-bit data encryption, 128-bit communication encryption
  • Remote laptop tracking
Extreme Performance
  • Byte differential transmits and stores only new data
  • Unlimited file size, versions and archives
  • Client server / binary protocol
  • High-efficiency non-blocking I/O
  • Governed I/O, bandwidth limits and idle job scheduling
  • 64-bit native, multi-core and multi-threaded

System Requirements

Mac OS X Client Software
OS X 10.4, 10.5 / 1GB Memory / G4, G5, or Intel CPU / 250MB Drive Space / 800x600 display

Windows Client Software
Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003, 2000 / 1GB Memory / 1GHZ+ CPU / 250MB Drive Space / 800x600 display

Linux Client Software
2.6 Series Kernel / 1GB Memory / 1GHZ+ CPU / 250MB Drive Space / 800x600 display

Solaris Client Software
OpenSolaris, Solaris 10 / 1GB Memory / Intel CPU / 250MB Drive Space / 800x600 display

CrashPlan PRO Support

Getting Started Guide (PDF)
New to CrashPlan PRO? Use this guide to start backing up!

User Discussions
Find the latest support information in our online support forum.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most commonly asked CrashPlan PRO questions.

Release Notes
Read up on the latest CrashPlan PRO release.

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