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Softa SuperStore

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Compuware DevPartner Development Tools

Build it right the first time. Every time.

New tools detect fault, security problems in .NET development

New! Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition v7.2

Compuware's DevPartner suite has been one
of the most popular development tool sets on Programmer's Paradise. The award-wining DevPartner Studio helps you pinpoint coding
errors, tune, and test Microsoft Visual Studio and .Net code on the fly.
Compuware SecurityChecker

Compuware's award-winning DevPartner development tools!


Now Compuware features two new tools to take your development to the next level:
DevPartner SecurityChecker is a powerful security analysis tool that helps you quickly scan, locate and fix security vulnerabilities in ASP.NET applications.

Key Benefits:
  • Frustrate hackers and drive them away
  • Automate detection processes in development
  • Do runtime, compile-time and integrity analyses simultaneously
  • Pinpoint the exact location of vulnerable source code and hard-to-find security problems
DevPartner Fault Simulator lets you test and debug error-handling code safely, without disrupting your operating or debugging environment.

Key Benefits:
  • Save time and embarrassment from crashed applications
  • Seamlessly test and verify error-handling code during development
  • Proactively analyze and debug native and .NET code
  • Safely emulate real-world system errors in a predictable, repeatable environment

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore