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Borland JBuilder 2006

  • Jointly edit and debug applications in real-time with the only IDE that supports Virtual Peer Programming
  • Drive higher application quality with built-in unit testing and performance monitoring
  • Bridge J2EE™ 1.4 and JDK™ 5.0 with integrated migration capabilities
  • Speed development with out-of-the-box support for leading servers and databases

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Accelerate Your Java™ Development

Borland JBuilder,® the leading cross-platform environment for building industrial-strength enterprise Java™ applications and the only IDE that supports virtual peer programming

Software development has become more complex than ever – as IT shops are driven to do more with less, supported platforms and standards multiply, and development teams disperse across time zones. Borland JBuilder 2006, the market-leading Java IDE, helps development teams manage this complexity and deliver standards-compliant enterprise-class applications faster.

Innovative peer-to-peer collaboration features such as shared editing, joint debugging, and active differencing support a "virtual peer programming" model that enables developers to collaborate as though working in front of the same workstation, whether they are down the hall or around the world. Additional team capabilities, such as distributed refactoring, UML® code visualization, and integration with application lifecycle management tools, allow developers and other project members to effectively work together and stay in sync from project kickoff to rollout. Built-in unit testing and performance tools help development teams pinpoint and resolve issues before QA begins – speeding the delivery of high-quality applications.

Intuitive Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJB™), JavaServer™ Faces (JSF™), Struts, and Web Services designers speed the development of robust enterprise-class Java applications, while keeping developers in complete control of the code. Migrate existing J2EE applications to JDK 5.0, while ensuring backward compatibility with J2EE 1.4 servers. Out-of-the-box integration with market-leading application servers and databases – including BEA, IBM, Sybase, Sun, and Oracle – allows developers to focus on core functionality without wasting time on tedious, time-consuming integration tasks.

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JBuilder Editions & Extensions

JBuilder 2006 Enterprise provides tools to speed development of J2EE, Web Services, and Struts applications with integrated performance tuning and automated deployment to leading J2EE servers and databases.

JBuilder 2006 Developer provides a complete environment for developing and deploying Java applications, featuring: two-way code migration, code audits and advanced debugging, as well as tools for Web development, including XML support.

JBuilder 2006 Foundation provides basic capabilities for entry-level Java programming.
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JBuilder 2006 Enterprise speeds EJB, Web, Web Services, XML, mobile, and database application development with two-way visual designers and rapid deployment to leading J2EE application servers, including BEA® WebLogic,® IBM® WebSphere,® Sybase® EAServer, JBoss,® and the integrated Borland Enterprise Server. Power productivity with innovative JSF, Struts, and Web Services designers, UML code visualization, peer-to-peer collaboration, distributed refactoring, code audits, enterprise unit testing, and support for multiple version-control systems. Build in quality with integrated Borland Optimizeit™ Enterprise Suite, featuring advanced profiling across J2EE application tiers – JDBC,™ Java Message Service (JMS™), JNDI,™ JavaServer Pages (JSP™), RMI, and EJB. Enterprise Edition also includes all the capabilities of the Developer Edition.


JBuilder Developer includes innovative tools to get you off to a quick start with JavaServer Faces (JSF) and the new language features of J2SE™ 5.0 (JDK 1.5). The customizable JBuilder IDE, with its robust editor, code audits, and distributed refactoring, helps speed coding and reduce errors. Maximize your productivity with visual designers for JSF and Struts; unit testing; advanced debugging (conditional breakpoints, breakpoint logging, evaluator, step out, and run to end of method); and support for peer-to-peer collaboration and team development. Use the integrated Borland Optimizeit Profiler to deliver fast, scalable, reliable applications. Developer Edition also includes all the capabilities of the Foundation Edition.


Get going with Java development on the Microsoft® Windows,® Linux,® and Solaris,™ platforms. Foundation Edition provides you with the basics for speed coding and debugging with an integrated, powerful source code editor, graphical debugger, compiler, tutorials, and sample applications. Extend JBuilder using the included OpenTools API. JBuilder Foundation delivers a standards-based environment and integrated productivity features, including refactoring, code formatting, CodeInsight,™ ErrorInsight,™ Ant support, unit testing, Swing designer, and CVS version control. Best of all, it's free – even for commercial use.

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