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Blueberry Software FlashBack 5

Blueberry Software is an innovative software publishing company based in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to design software that makes advanced technology easy to use and create tools that really improve the way you work.

Blueberry began in 1997 as “Blueberry Consultants”, a bespoke development company producing tailor-made software projects. After a number of years of success and growth, it was decided a new division of the company should be formed using our strong technical skills to build quality software products. In summer 2003, Blueberry Software was created and released the first version of FlashBack.

Blueberry Consultants, our sister company, remains highly active today, working on a wide range of custom development projects. Another sister company, Blueberry Health, specialises in the development of effective and innovative software solutions for the healthcare sector.

Blueberry Software is run by a team is of inventive and technical individuals who use their skills in programming, management, design, and support to produce and maintain the products you see online today. We specialise in screen recording and video authoring, as shown by the FlashBack screen recorder product family. We also have expertise in creating collaborative solutions using network and web technologies.

Our mission to create quality software solutions continues, following our belief that software should be:
  • Easy to use.
  • Technically sound.
  • Subject to continual improvement.
  • Improved in response to user feedback.
  • Backed up by responsive technical support.
FlashBack 5  

Make engaging tutorials with a simple, powerful screen recorder.

Record your PC screen. Create compelling videos and presentations. Easily share your movies and view on any device.

  1. Record: FlashBack screen recorder captures any part of your screen and turns it into a video file.
  2. Enhance: Draw on your screen, add notes and images and easily edit your movie to make it look professional.
  3. Share: Export your movie in any major video format, or upload straight to YouTube or FlashBack Connect.
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The Screen Recorder With Everything You Need

Click to show screenshot Get Your Point Across Create engaging movies by adding text, sound and images to your screen recording. Make sure your audience doesn't miss a thing with easy-to-use Zoom-Pan and AutoScroll effects. Create polished tutorials and presentations with the help of powerful editing functions. Do it the easy way with FlashBack screen recorder.
Flexible publishing for your screen recording Simple Sharing Its never been easier for everyone to see your movies. FlashBack screen recorder uploads to YouTube,, Viddler or FTP and gives you a URL you can share around.
Flexible publishing for your screen recording Flexible Publishing Reach the widest possible audience. FlashBack screen recorder exports to AVI, Flash, QuickTime (H.264), MPEG4 (compatible with iPod/Pad/Phone), GIF, WMV, EXE and PowerPoint. You decide how your screen recording will be presented. Full control over sound and video quality and filesize. Full playback controls in Flash and EXE exports.
Full-Featured Recording FlashBack screen recorder uses a number of different recording technologies to get the best from PCs old and new.Capture online events unattended with scheduled recording. Make notes at record-time and edit them in playback. Record indefinitely and limit the file size by keeping only the last few minutes.
webcam recording Webcam Recording and Picture-in-Picture Video Give your presentations the personal touch with webcam video. The FlashBack screen recorder records from your webcam while it records your screen. Easy. You can also import video files as picture-in-picture video.
Audio editing Powerful Editing (Pro Edition only) Take your tutorials and presentations to the next level with the most powerful editing functions of any screen recorder. FlashBack lets you fine-tune your movies, editing multi track sound and video side-by-side. The ability to undo and redo changes means you can experiment with confidence.
Powerful screen recording features
  • Record a window or region
  • Record audio from mic/speakers
  • Record from webcam
  • Save to all major formats
  • Scheduled recordings
  • Record multiple monitors
  • High performance recording
  • Upload to Youtube
  • Add watermarks
How can a screen recorder help you?
  • Training / Education
    • Create training videos
    • Record lessons to 'Flip' the classroom
  • Online events
    • Record Skype sessions
    • Record webinars
  • At work
    • Create sales and marketing material
    • Report IT problems with screen recordings
  • At home
    • Record gaming sessions
    • Record video webchats with friends
Powerful enhancements

Create engaging movies by adding text, sound and images to your screen recording. Flashback screen recorder’s powerful editing tools create polished presentations.

  • Frame editing
    • Erase mistakes, remove/add pauses.
    • Edit with confidence - undo multiple changes at any time
  • Audio editing
    • Edit audio tracks side by side.
    • Synchronize sound with video
  • Annotation
    • Add callouts and text
    • Add images, sound, blur effects, highlights and more
  • Interactivity
    • Add interactive buttons to control movie playback
    • Share movies online. Keep interactive features with FlashBack Connect
    • Save interactive movies to Flash
  • Focus on the action
    • Zoom into any part of the recording
    • Auto-track the mouse to keep the action in view
  • Titles
    • Add start and end titles to your movie in seconds.

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Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore