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Alt-N Technologies MDaemon v10

Alt-N Technologies  


Yritysten sähköpostin käsitteleminen

MDaemon = ongelmaton sähköposti
Etsitkö palvelinohjelmistoa, joka käsittelee yrityksen sähköpostia mahdollisimman tehokkaasti ja mahdollisimman vähällä sotkulla ja hallinnoinnilla? Älä etsi enää.
Kokeile MDaemonia ja helpotu.

MDaemonin edut

  • Vakaa ja joustava
    MDaemon on nopea ja yksinkertainen asentaa, ja se vaatii vain vähän huolenpitoa. Siis se säästää aikaa ja rahaa. MDaemon soveltuu niin pienille kuin suurillekin yrityksille.
  • Roskapostin ja virusten torjunta
    MDaemonin edistyksellinen tekniikka pysäyttää tehokkaasti roskapostin, ja ohjelmassa on lisäosat virusten torjuntaa ja faksitoimintoja varten.
  • Web-käyttöliittymä
    Käyttäjät voivat käyttää sähköpostia ja ylläpitäjät hallinnoida MDaemonia Web-selaimen avulla.
  • Keskitetty tietovaranto
    MDaemon tallentaa postin ja asetukset keskitetysti, minkä ansiosta varmuuskopiointi ja palautuminen ovat helpompia.

Major new features in MDaemon 10:

  • Improved performancee
    Many performance improvements has been made to MDaemon.
  • Improved user interface
    The MDaemon GUI has a new look and feel.
  • Improved WorldClientt
    WorldClient has been improved in several ways some listed below:

    - Supports message threading.
    - Improved performance for loading speed.
    - Theme and Language selection boxes to the Logon screens.
    - Updated Simple theme to be completely handicap accessible.
    - Time zone support.
    - Support for drag-and-drop of Messages, Notes, Calendar Events, and Contacts.
    - Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Domain Sharing - MDaemon PRO
    Domain Sharing is a new feature which allows you to split a domain's users across multiple servers running anywhere you wish. Domain Sharing eases the setting up of branch offices which wish to use the same domain but have different users. With Domain Sharing you can have a portion of a domain's users on one server and another portion on another server.
  • Better ComAgent
    The ComAgent UI was updated and is now skins-based. ComAgent's skin framework is compatible with msstyles skins which are available all over the internet. Also ComAgent now supports multiple account logins for IM and mail folder checks. This also works across multiple MDaemon servers
  • SyncML 1.2 - MDaemon PRO
    MDaemon's SyncML server has been updated to include OMA-DS version 1.2 features and data formats, including Suspend and Resume and the new Device Information Data format.
  • MDaemon FREE
    "MDaemon FREE" is a limited but totally free version of MDaemon. It is intended to provide basic mail server capability for up to 5 users.

Special Considerations:

  • Change in license model
    1. MDaemon Standard no longer supports Gateways AT ALL. If you want Gateway capability you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO. 
    2. MDaemon Standard is now limited to 5 mailing lists with a maximum of 50 subscribers each. If you want more or larger mailing lists you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
  • Backward compatible notice
    This version IS NOT backward compatible with previous versions. Installing and executing this version for the first time will result in irreversible change to several configuration files. 
  • Scheduling
    The schedule files for mail collection, antivirus updates, and antispam updates have been changed. As a result, these schedules were all reset to installation defaults. Please check your mail, antivirus, and antispam schedules by pressing F6 and making whatever changes you feel necessary. 
  • WorldClient
    WorldClient's message index file format has changed. It will be updated to the new format when a user logs in for the first time. Expect user logins to be slow the first time but normal speed thereafter.
  • Signaturfiler
    The Signature.dat file is no longer used. Signatures for individual accounts are now stored as <email>.sig files in the new Signatures root folder. MDaemon will read Signature.dat and migrate existing account signatures to the new folder and file format. You will need to recreate your default domain signature (if you use one) by selecting F2->Domain Signatures.
MDaemon security vulnerability

Recently Alt-N received a report from a security researcher describing how WorldClient, MDaemon's web-based email client, can be exploited by authenticated users in a way that can lead to remote code execution. The Alt-N development team has built and tested a patch to correct the potential vulnerability.

What versions of MDaemon are affected?
MDaemon versions 13.0, 13.5, 13.6, and 14.0.0 are affected.

Can I upgrade even if I don't have upgrade protection?
Yes. Alt-N has prepared a special build for your version. For example if you run version 13.5.x today download the 13.5.3 version from the
download page.

What is the security impact?
Unscrupulous users could potentially upload code that will be executed by the server.
Specific information about the vulnerability, such as how to perform the exploit, has not been made public yet.

What do I need to do in order to resolve this issue?

Simply download the appropriate patch listed on this page: As mentioned above there is no requirement to renew Upgrade Protection to obtain the fix.

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