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Adobe RoboHelp 7


Ammattimaisten ohjejärjestelmien ja tietokantojen kätevä luonti ja parannus

Adobe® RoboHelp® 7 ja RoboHelp Server 7
-ohjelmistojen avulla tekniset kirjoittajat, ohjeistojen laatijat ja web-suunnittelijat voivat luoda, hallita ja julkaista sisältöä ohjejärjestelmiin sekä erillisiin tietokantoihin. Ohjesisällön kehitys sujuu nopeasti monissa eri muodoissa. Voit hyödyntää olemassa olevaa sisältöä ja multimediatiedostoja sekä mukauttaa sisältöä eri muotoihin ja käyttötarkoituksiin sekä tehdä yhteistyötä samassa projektissa työskentelevien kanssa.

Lisätietoja: Esite (PDF, 177K)

Create engaging help content with ease
With RoboHelp 7 software, you don’t have to start from scratch. Leverage existing help projects or import content from HTML, XML, Adobe PDF, Adobe FrameMaker® software, and Microsoft Word documents—RoboHelp splits properly tagged information into help topics and keeps existing tables of contents, indexes, and glossaries. Author, edit, and spell-check content in multiple languages with new Unicode support. Work with automated wizards and topic templates to quickly build professional help systems and knowledge bases that incorporate standard and advanced help features, including tables of contents, indexes, glossaries, graphics, sound, video, simulations, and breadcrumb navigation. Use the built-in screen capture and image editing tool to capture screens, edit screen shots, and export images to over 20 image file formats. Easily create context-sensitive help by linking your help system to your application.

Author once, publish many times
RoboHelp 7 supports powerful single-sourcing output. Generate multiple tables of contents and apply conditional tags to tables of contents, index items, folders, and topics to tailor output for specific formats or purposes. Then use batch processing to generate multiple online formats—including WebHelp, Adobe FlashHelp,® HTML, Compiled HTML Help, JavaHelp, Oracle Help for Java,™ and WinHelp— from the same source project.

Collaborate with other contributors
With RoboHelp 7, you don’t have to go it alone. Facilitate collaboration among multiple help authors with powerful content management features. Restrict file access to one user at a time to prevent overwrites. Stay organized and track document evolution with time and date stamps, file-editing histories, and automated file comparisons. At any time, roll back a document to a previous version with Adobe RoboSource Control.

Take your help online
Don’t just publish and forget about your web-based help systems and knowledge bases. Upgrade to Adobe RoboHelp Server 7 to extend and support the capabilities of RoboHelp 7. Deploy server-based WebHelp and FlashHelp projects. Develop help systems for use with the Microsoft .NET Framework, deploy and manage up-to-date online content, and control and monitor the use of web-based help systems and knowledge bases in real time through a web interface. View detailed usage reports that identify areas of your help system where users have difficulties—such as unanswered question reports—and then update your web-based help on the fly to resolve those issues, even after the release of your application.

Features and benefits

Unicode support
Author, edit, and spell-check content in multiple languages, and create localized output in most European and Asian languages.

Updated user interface
Become more proficient and produce better content faster with the new user interface.

Support for Adobe FrameMaker 8
Import FrameMaker 8 MIF and .fm files with improved style mapping and conditional tags, user-defined variables, and Adobe Captivate® content intact. Also load and save FrameMaker import settings.

User-defined variables
Define global variables for certain text elements and objects to quickly change placeholders globally.

Hyperlinks, pop-ups, and image maps
Add links to text and graphics that lead to other topics, rollover messages, and customized pop-up windows.

Adobe RoboSource Control
Share projects and files with this powerful content management system for version control.

Breadcrumb navigation
Improve the usability of your help system with breadcrumbs.

Improved integration with Adobe Captivate and RoboScreen Capture
Easily insert and edit Adobe Captivate simulations, capture and edit screens, and export images to common file formats from within your authoring environment.

Graphics and multimedia support
Integrate graphics such as screenshots, and enhance help systems with MP3 sound files (requires local desktop MP3 player), Adobe Flash® Player compatible animations, and AVI video clips.

MDI support
Open multiple RoboHelp topics simultaneously and arrange topics side-by-side for easy editing and copy-and-paste tasks.

Enhanced search feature
Improve the search experience for WebHelp and FlashHelp systems with highlighting of search terms.

Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista™ support
Import and export Microsoft Word 2007 files and generate print-ready, accessible Adobe PDF files and Word documents using Word 2007 on Microsoft® Windows Vista systems. Be more productive with the Ribbon UI support in RoboHelp for Word.



  • Intel® Pentium® 4 -suoritin
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™, Windows XP tai Windows 2000
  • 256 megatavua RAM-muistia
  • 800 megatavua vapaata kiintolevytilaa

Tuetut tuotantoympäristöt

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3, Adoben Macromedia® Dreamweaver 8, Microsoft FrontPage 2003, HomeSite 5.5, ja Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2003, Word 2002 ja Word 2000

Upgrade to Adobe RoboHelp 7
  • Any previous version of Adobe RoboHelp, RoboHelp Pro, RoboInfo®, RoboHelp Office Pro, RoboHelp Office Pro for .NET
  • RoboHelp 6
  • Any previous version of Adobe RoboHelp, RoboHelp Pro, RoboInfo, RoboHelp Office Pro, RoboHelp Office Pro for .NET. If you also use Adobe FrameMaker, Captivate, or Acrobat, you should consider upgrading to the new Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

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