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Adobe K-12 School Site Licenses

K-12 School Site Licenses

Incorporate 21st century skills into classroom learning

Adobe offers integrated software, curriculums, and instructional resources as well as certification options and professional development tools. Promote digital literacy, teach essential career skills, and streamline administrative processes.

Give your students the digital communications skills they'll need to thrive in their careers

The new Adobe® Creative Suite® CS4 K–12 School Site Licenses — available through Adobe volume licensing — are specifically set up for schools and districts that offer career and technical education programs and integrate multimedia education throughout the curriculum. K–12 institutions can make the most of their software budgets and provide students, teachers, and administrators with access to Adobe's industry-standard software.

(Note: K–12 School Site Licenses are restricted to individual schools located at a single address. Districts must purchase a K–12 School Site License for each school location separately. Individual site licenses cannot be broken up and distributed among multiple schools. See the FAQ for more details.)

K–12 School Site License datasheet (PDF, 232k)

K–12 School Site License FAQ (PDF, 68k)

Prepare students for future careers or professional work

Open the door to exciting careers by developing your students' real-world job skills — such as technical know-how, teamwork, and client interaction — and teaching them how to use industry-standard software tools.

How K–12 students in career and technical programs perform after graduation largely depends on what they learn while in school. Students who do well in job-related activities and master digital communication skills not only get the most out of their learning, but they also emerge ready for success in the workforce, where award-winning Adobe software is in wide use.

Given this dynamic, a powerful symbiosis emerges: School becomes more relevant to students as it aligns with the work world, and professional work experience reinforces the need for an interactive education experience that includes Adobe products.

Whether students are learning print and graphic design, web design and development, or film and video production, Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 software provides the essential, tightly integrated, multiplatform capabilities today's working professionals rely on. Creative Suite 4 editions for design, web, and video are offered to schools and districts in affordable site licenses with free tutorials and yearlong school curriculums.

Engage and inspire students while helping them build life skills

Students who work with technology that is built into project-based curriculums more easily develop the key digital communication skills they will use for a lifetime.

Students do a better job of learning academics when technology integrated in the learning process helps them express themselves and showcase their knowledge. By working with technology as part of project-based curriculums, students more easily develop the essential, lifelong digital communication skills they will need in virtually all their academic and professional pursuits.

Delivering strong resources and curriculums, Adobe helps teachers create an active and engaging learning atmosphere that can improve student performance. Integrating multimedia design, video, animation, and web design into classroom projects helps build crucial technology and critical thinking skills, preparing students for the kinds of communications activities that will enrich their work and personal lives.

Enhance teaching and learning while preparing students for today's workforce with award-winning Adobe solutions — including Adobe® Photoshop® Elements, Adobe Premiere® Elements, Adobe Contribute®, and Adobe Acrobat® Pro software. These industry-standard tools can provide the foundation for coursework that integrates the use of images, film, sound, and web content in new and exciting ways.

Improve staff development, collaboration, and administrative processes

From providing essential professional development to implementing green paperless office campaigns and ePortfolio based assessment, Adobe's digital workflows can save valuable funds and allow administrators and teachers to focus on improving the teaching and learning environment.

Solutions for online professional development

woman and computer

Adobe solutions for online professional development — whether live or on-demand — enable school districts to easily create and deliver media-rich teaching and training content. The material — instantly accessible to anyone, anywhere — can be deployed quickly on websites, via CD/DVD, or within existing Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Highly flexible access keeps the focus on the content and not the technology.

Solutions for administrative productivity

hands on keyboard

Handling important paperwork can be overwhelming and time consuming, and school districts everywhere are looking for ways to free up resources. With Adobe technology solutions, administrators can collaborate more efficiently; reduce tedious, paper-based tasks; and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Educators and districts can lower costs and increase productivity, reallocating saved funds to academic programs.

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Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
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