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Veritas Backup Exec 10d -tuoteperhe

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VERITAS Backup Exec™ 10d - Designed for Disk

Symantec Backup Exec™ 10d for Windows Servers is designed for disk, delivering more reliable, faster, and more efficient true continuous data protection for Windows servers. Backup Exec 10d revolutionizes data protection by eliminating backup windows and introducing the industry’s first web-based file retrieval. Combined with its existing family of high performance agents and options to Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint Portal Server, and other database application data, as well as Linux/UNIX server data and desktops and laptops, Backup Exec 10d delivers the only comprehensive disk and tape based solution. One solution – Complete protection. Just add data.

Eliminate Backup Windows

Backup Exec 10d introduces the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server to help ensure your data is always protected and always available. As a pure disk-based data protection solution, the Continuous Protection Server tracks whenever a change is made to a file, and makes sure change is captured and protected. Not only is the most recent data protected, multiple versions of files are captured and available for recovery or retrieval. Backup Exec only captures granular, or block-level changes, not the whole file, reducing impact on network performance.

Backup Exec 10d Continuous data protection helps eliminate the ever shrinking backup window faced by organizations, because data can be protected immediately. It also means no more complex full, incremental, or differential backups of business critical data on file servers – simplifying management, reducing costs, and reducing complexity.

  • Data protected immediately and continuously

  • No more incrementals or differentials

  • Only changed data transmitted

Central Admin Server Option
Tarjoaa tehokkaan tavan hallita useita Backup Exec -palvelimia keskitetysti. Vankka ja vikasietoinen ratkaisu on laajennettavissa tarpeiden mukaan. Sillä voi hallita keskitetysti useita Backup Exec -mediapalvelimia käsittävää Windows-ympäristöä, verkkoratkaisua tai etätoimipisteitä sekä tasata, valvoa ja raportoida verkon kuormitusta. Central Admin Server -optio mahdollistaa Backup Exec –ratkaisun helpon hallittavuuden ja laajennettavuuden.

Delivers Industry’s First Web-Based File Retrieval
The Backup Exec 10d helps reduce overall administration costs with the introduction of Backup Exec Retrieve – a simple, web interface that enables end users to retrieve previous versions of files without contacting IT. By empowering end users with the ability to retrieve their own files, IT resources are freed up to focus on other business critical needs in the organization. As simple as any web-based search engine, retrieving lost, corrupted or overwritten data is as easy as searching for and downloading a file from the Internet. No backup tape to locate, load, or data to restore to find the correct file needed.

Best of all, there is no client software or agents to install individual desktops and laptops. Users only need a standard web browser, making data retrieval easier than ever.

  • Simple, Web Search Engine-Like Experience

  • For System Administrators or End-Users

  • No special software needed– just use a standard browser

Provides Complete Protection. Just Add Data
Built on the tried, trusted, and proven Backup Exec technology,
Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers delivers pure disk-based data protection combined with traditional data protection, to provide the only comprehensive disk-to-disk-to-tape solution, protecting business critical files, databases, and applications.

Centralized administration provides scalable management of distributed backup and remote servers. An intuitive interface and wizards simplify data protection and recovery procedures for any level user and any size network. Sophisticated database and groupware agents provide on-line protection and granular recovery. Even entry level system recovery is integrated into the Backup Exec solution. Backup Exec 10d delivers comprehensive disk and tape based solution from a single vendor. One solution – One vendor, Just add data.

  • Comprehensive Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Data Protection

  • From Applications to File Servers to Workstations

  • Integrated management via Backup Exec SmartLink

Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server software is built on that same proven Backup Exec technology. IT Administrators can view job status and alerts regarding continuous protection jobs from the Backup Exec console. While productivity and resources continue to be a major focus for organizations of all sizes, the Backup Exec SmartLink integration helps simplify management for many tasks – letting IT manage more with less.

Download Symantec Backup Exec™ 10d for Windows Servers
Download Symantec Backup Exec™ 10d for Windows Small Business Server

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