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For remote access, file transfer, and system administration, VanDyke offers easy-to-use, customizable Windows solutions. The VShell™ server, SecureCRT®, SecureFX®, and Entunnel™ client applications employ strong encryption using the IETF Secure Shell protocol. CRT™ and AbsoluteFTP® applications give you dependable Telnet and FTP access. Download a fully functional, 30-day evaluation copy today.


VShell Secure Shell server is a secure alternative to Telnet and FTP on Windows and UNIX platforms. Provide the strong encryption, robust authentication, and data integrity of SSH2 throughout your organization. Precision control over privileges, the ability to fine tune your Secure Shell environment, and a wide selection of strong authentication methods give you a flexible solution that grows with your evolving security policies.

SecureCRT is an extremely customizable terminal emulator for Internet and intranet use with support for Secure Shell (SSH1 and SSH2) as well as Telnet and rlogin protocols. SecureCRT is ideal for connecting to remote systems running Windows, UNIX, and VMS. Secure file transfer can be accomplished using the included VCP command-line application.

SecureFX is a high-security file transfer client with great flexibility in configuration and transfer protocols. SecureFX includes a command-line utility for scripting batch jobs to perform secure unattended file transfers using the Secure Shell protocol (SSH). SecureFX also supports "relentless" file transfers that automatically reconnect and resume when transfer connections are broken.

The Entunnel application enables your organization to secure e-mail, schedules, and other non secure data with simple set up and use and the strong security of SSH. Entunnel provides data tunneling services when connected to a server like VShell and offers access to sessions, connections, and configurations direct from the system tray. CRT is a robust, configurable terminal emulator designed for Internet and intranet use with support for Telnet, rlogin, and other protocols. CRT delivers quality VT100, VT102, VT220, Linux, SCO ANSI, and ANSI terminal emulations. All of CRT's emulations support ANSI color. CRT features ActiveX scripting support for VBScript and other scripting languages. AbsoluteFTP is the easy to use FTP client with a simple, Explorer-like interface and advanced features like direct server-to-server transfers. Run AbsoluteFTP using the included command-line utility to automate and schedule common file transfer tasks. AbsoluteFTP also supports "relentless" file transfers that automatically reconnect and resume when transfer connections are broken.

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