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Diskeeper 2007 -tuoteperhe

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JUST RELEASED! Automatic! Performance! Reliability! Diskeeper 2007 - Enhancing File System Performance Automatically

Announcing a breakthrough in automatic technology.

Diskeeper 2007 marks the dawn of the first ever truly automatic software of its kind. As automatically as the sun rising, with Diskeeper 2007 installed your PC will run faster. Through the use of brand-new InvisiTasking™ technology, Diskeeper 2007 eliminates potential problems as they occur, IN REAL TIME, to ensure your PC is always ready to give you blazingly fast performance.

Moving beyond the concept of "Set It and Forget It,"
® Diskeeper 2007 represents a quantum leap in system performance and reliability. Simply install the software - Diskeeper takes care of the rest.

Change the computing lives of your customers with the amazing new Diskeeper® 2007.

Diskeeper 2007 marks the release of the first ever totally automatic software of its kind. In a way never before possible, Diskeeper 2007 keeps PCs, servers, workstations and laptops at their maximum peak performance, around the clock, automatically and without the need for scheduling - even on the largest of networks. Diskeeper 2007 with the breakthrough technology of InvisiTasking™ allows Diskeeper to eliminate potential problems IN REAL TIME, on the go, as they occur.

InvisiTasking works by undetectably tapping into unused system resources. Monitoring CPU, memory, network and the disk drive, InvisiTasking instantly detects resource usage, which allows for totally transparent operation in the background with zero resource conflict.

With InvisiTasking, Diskeeper 2007 will never affect system resources - no matter the size of the network and even when demand is at its absolute highest. It will simply keep your customer's systems running fast and reliable.

To help your client's systems perform even faster, Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier, Server, and EnterpriseServer include the revolutionary I-FAAST™ 2.0. I-FAAST 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) greatly boosts the speed at which PCs, servers and network systems retrieve and create files. I-FAAST 2.0 intelligently monitors PC and network usage patterns and then accelerates the access to the most heavily used files. As a result, your system will run even faster than just defragmentation alone - and in many cases, faster than when it was new!

Just install and the software takes care of the rest. A quantum leap in unparalleled system performance and reliability, Diskeeper 2007, the performance maximizer, automatically makes systems run faster.

Recommend Diskeeper 2007 to all of your customers and see for yourself what a difference it will make in the performance and productivity of their systems.

NEW! InvisiTasking Technology - an advanced breakthrough technology that intelligently enhances operating system multitasking to ensure continual maximum system performance and zero resource conflict even during periods of highest demand.
NEW! Real-time defragmentation automatically handles fragmentation as it occurs, providing maximum system performance at all times!
EXCLUSIVE! FragShield™ dynamically prevents fragmentation of critical system files, maintaining system stability and reliability. (Not available with Diskeeper 2007 Home edition)
EXCLUSIVE! Automatic online directory consolidation boosts anti-virus scans and back-up speed. (Not available with Diskeeper 2007 Home edition)
NEW! Easy-to-use user interface that provides more flexible, intuitive control and easy configuration, as well as reports on disk health, real time performance and fragmentation statistics.

Get the most out of your computer
buy Diskeeper 2007 now!

DK 2007 Box shot

NEW! Diskeeper® 2007 Trialware - English

Downloading Information

Enter a new realm of performance and reliability. With InvisiTasking™ technology, Diskeeper 2007 handles fragmentation on the go, as it occurs, in real time ensuring that your system is kept at top performance levels 100% of the time - automatically! Simply install Diskeeper 2007 and let the software do the rest. You'll never have to worry about scheduling or resource conflicts ever again. See for yourself with FREE trialware!

If you are new to Diskeeper, here are some helpful tips for getting the best results.
View Testing Diskeeper 2007

Download the fully-functional trialware.

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