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Allinea Debugging and Optimization tools
for Parallel and Multicore Developers

Allinea Software, a leading provider of innovative products for large-scale scalar and parallel high performance computing applications, released DDTLite, a truly parallel debugging plug-in for Microsoft\Visual Studio 2008.

Allinea DDT – Distributed Debugging Tool is leading debugger for Parallel and Threaded Application Developers throughout the world. Allinea’s quality tools are used by the Supercomputing, Aerospace, Biotech, Financial Services, Manufacturing, EDA and almost developers migrating applications to leverage Multicore.

Allinea DDT is a “must have” for Developers using Intel Fortran, C or C++ compilers to develop or update Threaded, Parallel or Scalar Linux applications. Allinea DDT Parallel debugging tool is intuitive, easy to use, highly scalable, supports most MPIs and a great deal. Compatibility proven with Intel compilers, Allinea DDT is a must if you are writing Threaded or Parallel code.

Why Allinea DDT and OPT?

  • Ease of Use – Simply to learn and Easy to Use
    • No Training Costs
    • Faster adoption mean faster ROI 
  • Multiple Platforms supported
    • Intel, AMD, Power, Sparc, Cell, BlueGene
    • Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Extra features included
    • Memory Debugging
    • Checkpointing
    • Parallel Stack Views
    • Mature and Proven Products
Allinea DDT Distributed Debugging Tool is a comprehensive graphical debugger designed for the complex task of debugging parallel code. DDT has a unique and intuitive graphical interface that puts you in control of your parallel application, whether you are working with 4 processes on a workstation or 4,000 processes across a high-performance cluster. The tool gives users a common interface for every compiler, language and MPI distribution.

Allinea DDT helps developers fix bugs quickly - from the desktop to the largest supercomputer - with a powerful and easy to use interface that puts the user in total control of their application.Allinea DDT helps developers fix bugs quickly - from the desktop to the largest supercomputer - with a powerful and easy to use interface that puts the user in total control of their application.

Allinea OPT, the Optimization and Profiling Tool, is a companion product to DDT, and is a revolution in code optimization for parallel computing. This GRID enabled product allows secure and easy profiling with innovative and intuitive features.

Allinea OPT profiles the performance of parallel and scalar applications, allowing users to find the bottlenecks in program performance quickly and easily.

Allinea DDTLite is a plug-in which simplifies development of parallel code for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Allinea DDTLite makes debugging multi-threaded and parallel applications easy in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

free for 30 days
free for 30 days
Try DDTLite
free for 30 days

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Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore