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BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Connect to enterprise email, calendar
and apps on BlackBerry smartphones

Designed to meet the needs of enterprise and government, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is for organizations that have an on-premise email server and require a high level of IT control.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server can be run in environments alongside BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for organizations that only have a sub-set of users that require advanced IT management.

Ready to Purchase?
Find out how to buy BlackBerry Enterprise Server software, as well as BlackBerry smartphones and technical support services.

Productivity features

BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides end users with wireless access to business applications and advanced smartphone functionality.

Push technology

Push technology is designed to deliver messages and information to BlackBerry® smartphones in seconds. This helps ensure that the information on a user’s BlackBerry smartphone is automatically updated with the information on their computer.

Email, calendar entries, contacts, tasks and memos are all kept up-to-date.

Server software and hosted services also optimize data before sending to BlackBerry smartphones, making it one of the most efficient smartphone solutions. It’s designed to provide quick delivery times, long battery life and low per-megabyte data charges – especially when roaming.


Provide your mobile professionals with on-the-go email access on BlackBerry® smartphones. Email is delivered via push technology to the user’s smartphone and synchronizes with their desktop mail.

Features for BlackBerry smartphone users

  • Flag for follow up - Flagging email messages for follow up is a great way to help users spot the ones they’re looking for when they need them. Apply different colors, assign due dates, set reminders and more.1
  • Remote email search - Users can search for emails that are no longer stored on their smartphone without returning to their desk.2
  • Set up out-of-office reply - Out-of-office notifications are updated easily from users’ BlackBerry smartphones.
  • HTML email - View emails with embedded HTML, including images, page layout, and text formatting.3
  • Sync email status - Reading an email on your BlackBerry® smartphone marks it as “read” on desktop as well. Deleting an email can optionally be reflected on the desktop.
  • Mail folder management - BlackBerry smartphone users can add, remove or rename folders right from their smartphone. Changes made on the BlackBerry smartphone will automatically be updated on the mail server.1
  • View email folders - View custom email folders created on the desktop. View emails moved into folders by custom email filters setup through desktop.1


BlackBerry® smartphone users can send out, and respond to, meeting invitations easily. The calendar on the BlackBerry smartphone synchronizes with the desktop calendar to stay up-to-date automatically without having to connect to a computer.

Features for BlackBerry smartphone users:

  • Free/busy lookup - Users can look at their colleagues’ availability and choose a meeting time that works for everyone.2
  • Forward appointments - Users can simply forward a calendar entry from the email message list or directly from the calendar.1
  • View and forward Calendar Attachments - Just as they would from an email message, users can open some of the most popular document and graphic attachments from calendar entries.1

Address Book

BlackBerry® smartphone users can enjoy mobile access to the corporate contact information they need while on the go.

Features for BlackBerry smartphone users

  • Contact sync – Contact information on users’ BlackBerry smartphones automatically stays up-to-date with the information on their computers.
  • Address lookup – Users can look up colleagues in the corporate address book from their smartphone.
  • Synchronization of multiple contact folders and more – Users can synchronize multiple contact folders, personal distribution lists and public/shared folders to their smartphone.1

Document and file access

Empower your employees to be more productive while on the go by giving them access to the documents they need on their BlackBerry® smartphones.

Features for BlackBerry smartphone users:

  • Remote File Access - Users can find local and remote files, and open, view, save, or email JPEG, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files directly from their BlackBerry® smartphone.1
  • Ability to download, edit, save and attach documents - Users can edit and save changes to Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files, then send them as email attachments to colleagues and customers while on the go.2
  • Native file attachments - Users can download and save full-size email attachments in their native file formats.2

Instant Messaging

Take your instant messaging (IM) mobile. With presence status, your employees can see who is online and ready for a message and their preferred method of contact. BlackBerry® smartphones support a variety of web-based and enterprise IM applications:


Collaboration and social networking

Networking extends the reach of your employees, allowing them to tap into the expertise of coworkers. Social networking applications are available for BlackBerry® smartphones that provide access to Facebook®, Twitter® or MySpace® on the go. Plus with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, you can provide employees with secure access to enterprise collaboration applications.

Security features

Enjoy peace of mind with controls and advanced security offered by BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Keep your information secure

BlackBerry Enterprise Server is designed to provide peace of mind in mission critical environments. It provides controls and advanced security to help you stay confident that sensitive information is transmitted in a highly protected environment.

Independent security certifications
BlackBerry solutions have received more security accreditations globally than any other wireless solution. Because of these security certifications, you can rest assured you’re taking on minimal risk.

Data transmitted between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry smartphones is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES).

Digitally signed attachments
BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 3 extends secure email to include digitally signed attachments. This conforms to the requirements of highly secure organizations.

Flexible security architecture
For implementations requiring additional security, PGP®, S/MIME and PGP/MIME are also supported. Over 450 IT policies further support the needs of your business by providing wirelessly adjustable security levels and capabilities that include the following:

  • Impose a device lock-down
  • Wipe data from a lost or stolen device
  • Wirelessly enforce security settings such as Bluetooth® lockout

Built-in protection against malware
While desktop computers easily accommodate anti-virus software, wireless devices are often constrained by memory, processing power and battery life.

One approach to protect against malware on mobile devices is to proactively prevent them from loading or running unauthorized code. BlackBerry Enterprise Server uses this approach to give system administrators the ability to perform the following actions:

  • Specify exactly which applications are permitted on the device
  • Prevent third-party applications from using persistent storage on the device
  • Determine which resources third-party applications can access on the device
  • Restrict the types of connections a third-party application running on the device can establish
  • Block all third-party applications from loading onto and running on the device

Additional security products
Create a two-factor authenticated environment to give access to BlackBerry smartphone and PKI applications with the BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader.

Management and support features

Get advanced tools and capabilities to help you efficiently manage your wireless infrastructure.

Get the tools you need to manage the BlackBerry solution

BlackBerry Enterprise Server offers advanced management and support functionality for IT administrators. It is designed to help you improve IT productivity, simplify deployments and upgrades and maximize uptime.

Centralized management
The BlackBerry® Administration Service1 is a web-based console that provides access to do the following:

  • Deploy and manage applications
  • Schedule device, application and IT policy updates
  • Update BlackBerry® Device Software wirelessly
  • Manage user settings and control groups with over 450 IT policies (BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express includes over 75 policies)

With the BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 2 or newer, you’ll also get seamless access with the single sign-on feature. This feature provides integrated authentication for the BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager and BlackBerry Administration Service.

Learn about the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager (PDF)

The following activities are available with BlackBerry Enterprise Server only (not with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express):

  • Set up and manage the high availability architecture
  • Wirelessly deploy BlackBerry® smartphones
  • Set custom administration roles

Facilitated end-user migration
When you’re ready to implement BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 into your environment, the BlackBerry® Enterprise Transporter allows for seamless migration of users without requiring end-user intervention. This feature is not available on BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express.

Self-service tools
In the BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 Service Pack 2 or newer, self-service tools have been added to the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager to reduce the time spent on common administrative tasks. When you enable these tools, users will have expanded capabilities to manage their own smartphones, including remotely setting a new password, locking their BlackBerry smartphone if it’s lost or stolen and securing a lost smartphone.

Proactive monitoring
Monitor the overall health of your solution with scalable monitoring capabilities and features. Reporting, alerting and troubleshooting help minimize potential issues and data graphing helps to gain visibility into the health of your solution. This feature is not available on BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

High availability
The built-in high availability architecture enables fast recovery from unplanned downtime of core BlackBerry Enterprise Server components. When health metrics set by the BlackBerry administrator are exceeded, the system is designed to automatically failover to the standby components.

The high availability option has the flexibility of being deployed on physical and virtual servers (specifically VMware®). This feature is not available on BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

App creation and management tools

Reduce the time and resources needed to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications for your business.

Create and manage applications for your business

Help reduce the time and resources needed to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. It offers the following features and functionality:

  • IT policies to control which applications users can access
  • An end-to-end authenticated, outbound-initiated connection that encrypts data
  • Push services to provide automatic delivery of data
  • Centralized administration console to manage all aspects of the software, including server components, users and application settings
  • The ability to deploy applications over-the-air (OTA)
  • An improved programmable entry point into BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides faster development and maintenance of applications. The intuitive, backwards compatible and extensible interface enables developers and customers to develop standard integrations with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and custom integrations with other databases.

Protect your investment by ensuring technologies and systems are reusable, helping you save time and money by reducing development time and complexity.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Applications
If your business needs don’t include extending email out to mobile users, there is also BlackBerry software for extending only applications.

White papers

Developer tools

Available applications

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