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Adobe FrameMaker 10

Author, manage,
and publish unstructured, structured,
and XML content

Adobe® FrameMaker® 10 software is a template-based authoring and publishing solution for unstructured, structured, and XML/DITA content. Easily author and aggregate content with an enhanced user interface and standards-compliant tools and templates; quickly collaborate and review with out-of-the-box content management system (CMS) integration; and automatically schedule and publish via Adobe FrameMaker Server 10* software to multiple channels such as PDF, HTML, WebHelp, Adobe AIR®, Adobe FlashHelp®, ePub, JavaHelp, Eclipse Help, and Oracle Help.

Easily author—Work in a fully integrated authoring environment with a new, intuitive user interface to easily create unstructured, structured, and XML/DITA content. Use standards-compliant prebuilt tools and templates to create content faster and smarter. Powerful single-sourcing capability and automation through advanced scripting alleviate time-consuming, repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on content quality. Use utility tools to define and edit element attributes, view and format text, and easily add rich multimedia and graphics to technical content.

Quickly review and manage—Save time by collaborating more effectively, improve productivity by performing quick peer reviews, and manage and repurpose existing content more efficiently thanks to out-of-the-box integration with Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint. Navigate and edit documents faster and smarter; take advantage of a wide range of features; and meet organizational requirements with easy, customizable information models or specialized DITA. With new book capabilities, you can seamlessly track changes across entire books, view comments from selected reviewers, use a new interface, incorporate XML files, and reference DITA maps.

Automatically publish to multiple channels from a single source—Take advantage of the advanced, high-volume publishing and automatic scheduling capabilities of Adobe FrameMaker Server 10* to schedule tasks for specified intervals of one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly publications. With a shareable publishing task configuration, you can reuse existing configurations for similar publishing tasks. Take your content to a wider audience by publishing to multiple formats from a single source document, output long documents and books in PDF, generate indexes, aggregate topic-based content faster, and publish composite PDF objects that support Windows® CMYK for better print capabilities.

Top reasons to buy Adobe FrameMaker 10

Documentum and SharePoint connectors—Smoothly integrate with content management systems via EMC Documentum 6.5 with Service Pack 1 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 with Service Pack 2 to perform search, read, write, delete, update, check-in, and checkout operations on configured repositories. Leverage seamless connectivity with a host of popular content management systems via prebuilt third-party connectors and enhanced WebDAV-based integration.

Multiple format output with Adobe FrameMaker Server 10—Output to multiple formats including PDF, ePub, WebHelp, Adobe AIR, Eclipse Help, and Oracle Help from a single source document.

Standards support for DITA 1.2—Take advantage of comprehensive support for DITA 1.2 elements, and DITA 1.1, including Bookmap, Indexing, and Glossary specifications.

Tools for easy DITA specialization—Easily meet consistency and authoring needs as well as specific output requirements while retaining the advantages of your existing DITA architecture by specializing DITA to create customized information models.

Structured Application Creation Wizard—Benefit from a basic infrastructure for working with structured FrameMaker. With this highly intuitive, UI-based tool, users can start working with structured FrameMaker even if they don’t have any prior knowledge or training.

Filtering by attribute—Take advantage of support for multivalued attributes and the ability to import expressions from one document to another.

Enhanced tag view—Easily view all elements in a collapsible format, even in document view; hide or collapse parent and child elements individually or simultaneously; and search through and open elements, including those that are collapsed.

Enhanced attribute editor—Define and edit attributes for declarations in markup to perform multiple functions: Record the status of content within elements, allow cross-referencing between elements, or specify how to format an element.

Structure-level comparison of documents—Compare any two documents through the Compare Documents user interface—changes will be marked through Track Text Edits in the composite document.

Multiple topicref insertion—Save time by inserting multiple topicrefs in one move.

Advanced scheduling and publishing capabilities with FrameMaker Server 10—Create multiple build and automated publication tasks and schedule them to run at specified intervals. Select from one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly high-volume publication tasks.

Shareable publishing task configuration with FrameMaker Server 10—Reuse configurations for a publishing task across your organization to set up similar publishing tasks.

Automation through scripting—Easily automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks through advanced scripting support with ExtendScript. Run scripts for simple tasks from within FrameMaker or through the ExtendScript Toolkit to eliminate manual effort and increase productivity. Competently manage various kinds of scripts (registered, auto-run, and favorite) with a highly usable script catalog/library.

Enhanced importing of comments from PDF files—Import comments with type highlights retained from PDF files into FrameMaker 10 with the Text Background Color feature.

Usability enhancements—Work more efficiently with standards-compliant, prebuilt tools and templates designed for easier authoring. Use utilities like Auto Spell Check, Highlight Support, scrolling for lengthy dialogue, and enhanced Find and Replace to get the job done faster and smarter.

Easy-to-use RM view—Move back to the RM view in a single click, and take advantage of the support for additional child and sibling elements.

Extended rich media support—Select the right format and import a range of media files into FrameMaker 10. With comprehensive support for different video formats as well as SWF poster frame, you can easily add a slew of multimedia features to create more engaging, high-impact technical content.

Drag-and-drop cut/paste feature and background color—Simply drag and drop to cut elements from one DITA map and paste them into another. Drag text, elements, and rows and columns from tables and drop them into new documents or applications to save time. Use the Background Color feature to emphasize and highlight important sections of text by adding color to the background, whether for sections of text or paragraphs.

System requirements


  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor
  • Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 3 , Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1, or Windows 7
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 1.7GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on flashbased storage devices)
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 1024x768 screen resolution (1280x800
Supported authoring environments:
  • Adobe Acrobat® 8, 9, or X
  • Adobe Captivate® 4 or 5
  • Adobe Illustrator® CS5
  • Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, or 2007

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