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O&O Software Defrag 19

Berlin, Germany, based O&O Software GmbH has been developing tools for Windows since 1997. These tools have been used in more than 140 countries around the globe. We always make every effort to provide the right tool at the right price. The numerous awards and prizes we have received confi rm that we are on the right track. Our most widely known product is O&O Defrag, a defragmentation software for Windows that has set the technical standard time and time again. Our commitment towards continual advancement of our existing products and introduction of new products guarantees the protection of our customers‘ investment and that they will receive the optimal value.

O&O Defrag 19: Simple and reliable data imaging


The new version 19 of O&O Defrag Server and Workstation Editions are now available! O&O Defrag 19 is fully compatible with Windows 10! We have brought O&O Defrag into the new era of Windows with some major new features and improvements. The new version is also quicker and easier to use than ever before and is the easiest and most economical way to speed up and maintain your PC under Windows 10.

  • New: O&O DiskCleaner! Searches for and deletes temporary and superfluous clutter that uses up space and increases fragmentation. O&O DiskCleaner can be set to automatically optimize space usage. You can specify which file type and source of temporary files they wish to delete. This in turn increases your data protection as it prevents private data like thumb images, document copies, draft emails from ending up in system files without your knowledge.
  • New: Full suport for the new Windows 10!
  • Enhanced: The optimizing of SSDs has been fully revamped. File systems on SSDs fragment heavily. As well as regular TRIM optimizations, O&O Defrag 19 also improves the structure of the SSD file systems by optimizing the most fragmented files to increase performance and life expectancy.

Fragmented hard disks put the brakes on the servers in a company and as a result have an adverse affect on productivity. The level of fragmentation proportionally increases the time needed for accessing a hard disk. This in turn increases the amount of valuable time lost by each and every employee. The new O&O Defrag Server Edition for Windows servers optimizes your hard disk and packs file fragments securely back together again. Speed increases of up to 100% are not uncommon, and your hardware suffers much less wear and tear!

Optimization of disks in virtual machines and SANs (Storage Area Networks)

Users of virtual machines know the phenomenon: the amount of data remains the same, but the memory for the virtual container increases and causes the virtual system to slow down. The new O&O Defrag Server Edition effectively eliminates and prevents this performance problem from occurring. For the first time, O&O Defrag can now optimize the actual memory allocation for virtual machines and SANs.

Speed up and extend the lifespan of your Windows PC!

Regular defragmentation speeds up systems, extends the life expectancy of hard disks and provides increased security. The new version O&O Defrag 19 can now also optimize and speed up PCs and servers over a Smartphone or Tablet. It is for the first time a Hybrid solution acting as a desktop solution and web app simultaneously.

It is particularly with older systems where significant improvements in performance can be achieved using O&O Defrag, which often postpones the need to acquire a new PC for a long period of time. This not only saves money but also substantial resources.

O&O Defrag has clear graphics that display which defrag action has led to which optimization success.

O&O Defrag makes it possible to optimize SSD drives through TRIM commands regardless of their manufacturer even under Windows Vista. Access times for SSDs are sped up, and early wear and tear effects are prevented.

O&O Defrag deletes the unused disk space upon request. This prevents confidential content of unsafely deleted temporary files being accessed by others.

Users of virtual machines and Storage Area Networks (SANs) know the phenomenon: The amount of data remains the same, but the memory for the virtual container increases. O&O Defrag combats that - the container size decreases due to the optimization and thus corresponds to the actual memory usage. In addition, the stored data from virtual machines and SANs are then defragmented.

As soon as mobile systems such as Notebooks or Netbooks are no longer connected to external power sources, the defragmentation is interrupted so that the full battery power is available for mobile workers.

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Feature Professional Workstation Server
TRIM optimization for Solid State Drives
Quick configuration to help get started
Job Assistant for recurring, automated defragmentation
Boot Time Defragmentation
Automatic background optimization to prevent heavy fragmentation
Detailed status reports
Simultaneous defragmentation of multiple drives
Defragmentation of single files and folders at the push of a button
Zone Filing for optimal file organization
Customizable drive zones
Status view: overview of largest and worst fragmented files
Dynamic cluster view of defragmentation in progress
History and statistics: track fragmentation growth and defragmentation efficiency over time
Defragmentation comparison: see how a drive looked before and after defragmentation
Eight different defragmentation methods; from very fast to very comprehensive
O&O ClusterView: examine file and folder layout in detail
O&O ActivityMonitor: adapts itself to reduce system load (CPU)
Network Functions
Central Network Management  
Central management console for multiple products possible  
Remote installation and configuration  
Installation through Windows and group policies  
Advanced scripting interface  
Comprehensive log functions  
Operating Systems    
Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Windows® 2008 R2, 2008, 2003, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2, Server 2013    

Note: O&O Defrag Free is not compatible with Windows 8

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Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
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