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Acronis Backup Advanced

Acronis is a global provider of leading backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and file access solutions. Founded in 2002 Acronis has established itself as a fast-growing international company with more than 700 employees in 18 countries and partners in almost every country in the world. Acronis provides complete, efficient and reliable backup solutions for desktop, server, virtual and cloud environments as well as leading file sharing and sync solutions for mobile devices.

Acronis knows backup. The proof is in the more than 50 advanced backup and recovery technologies developed to date. Over 4.5 million consumers, small and medium businesses and service providers employ Acronis products to protect their critical data.

The company’s flagship product Acronis Backup delivers sophisticated technology solutions packaged in an easy-to-use way that allows smaller companies to address their new enterprise-level requirements. Enterprises also use Acronis solutions to address their point disaster recovery, migration and end-point backup needs.


Acronis® Backup Advanced products deliver robust, yet easy-to-use unified data protection and disaster recovery for multi-system environments. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, the suite provides efficient backup and recovery for Windows® / Linux® environments; VMware®, Microsoft®, Citrix®, Red Hat®, and Oracle® hypervisors; and Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint® and Active Directory®. In minutes, you can recover individual files, application data, or a complete system to any location – reducing downtime and ensuring maximum data protection.

Recover to Any Hardware
Recover an image to dissimilar hardware or VMs with just a few clicks. Acronis® Universal Restore™ automatically ensures that your system is properly configured and has all the necessary drivers to boot on a new physical or virtual hardware.

Centralized Management
Multiple agents for Windows can be managed centrally from Acronis Management Server, along with other agents such as agents for Linux, VMware vSphere, or Hyper-V.

Fast and Easy Backup & Restore
Acronis disk imaging technology creates an image backup of entire machine in minutes. File-based backup can be used to protect data on network shares. The image backup can be easily recovered to a bare-metal machine in minutes.

Backup to the Acronis Cloud
Save or stage backups to Acronis Cloud Storage for an extra level of data protection.


  • Disk Image Technology
    Disk-level snapshots save complete images of a disk or volume in one simple step (including the operating system, applications, and data). This technology works for both physical and virtual machines.
  • Centralized Management
    Our unified dashboard lets you manage all backup operations for both physical and virtual machines from a single, central location. Assign backup plans to one or more machines, review status updates, and receive alerts—all from one console!
  • Business Applications Protection
    Our patented disk image technology enables consistent backup of running applications. This allows you to backup Exchange , SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory data as you work. Granular application data may be restored without taking systems offline, protecting your business from expensive downtime.
  • Compression and Deduplication
    Deduplication can be run on either the source or target side to minimize data movement and maximize utilization of storage and network infrastructure. This helps reduce storage costs and minimizes network load.
  • Multiple Backup Destinations
    Store your backups in up to 5 different locations to ensure more flexible, reliable recovery. Combine local disks, attached storage, tape, network storage, and/or cloud locations to minimize your storage costs and provide multiple recovery options in the case of disaster.
  • Acronis Backup to Cloud
    All Acronis Backup Advanced products have direct access to secure, offsite storage in the Acronis cloud. Simply add a subscription to your purchase to fortify your backup storage plan and double your data protection.
  • Universal Restore
    Now included in all Acronis backup products, this unique data recovery technology gives you the convenient ability to instantly restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. Now you can restore files, configurations, applications, or an entire system to the same hardware, to different hardware, or to a virtual server—all with a few simple clicks!

Acronis Backup Advanced Solutions:

  • Acronis Backup Advanced
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for PC
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows Server
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Linux Server
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Exchange
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Exchange Add-on
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for SQL
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for SQL Add-on
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for SharePoint
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for SharePoint Add-on
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory Add-on
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Oracle VM
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Hyper-V
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for Citrix XenServer
  • Acronis Backup Advanced for RHEV
  • Acronis Backup Advanced Universal License

Acronis solutions protect any data in any environment - from a small business to a large, complex organization. Design your backup & recovery strategy based on your system needs.

Acronis BackupAcronis Backup
1.png Ideal for small-to-medium sized environments with limited IT resources.
1.png Tailored backup & disaster recovery for a single system (workstation, virtual machine, or physical server).
1.png Everything you need to protect your system – all in one product.
1.png Backup & recovery tasks are fast, flexible, andexceptionally easy – even if you aren’t an IT expert!
All-in-one solutions with affordable perpetual licensing.
Acronis Backup AdvancedAcronis Backup Advanced
2.png Ideal for larger environments with more complex infrastructures.
2.png Unified backup & disaster recovery for multiple systems (workstations, physical servers, virtual platforms, application servers, and more).
2.png Products can work alone or in combination as a scalable, customizable solution for your entire infrastructure.
2.png All backup activity is managed via an easy-to-use console accessible from anywhere on your network
Customizeable solutions with flexible perpetual licensing.

Acronis Backup to Cloud

  • Disaster-proof any system with ultra-secure offsite backup to the Acronis cloud.
  • Fully integrated with all Acronis Backup & Acronis Backup Advanced products.
  • Can also act as a stand-alone cloud storage solution.
  • Yearly subscription service activates cloud access & enables required storage space.
  • Includes initial seeding & large scale recovery services.

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