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McAfee Endpoint Protection Suites for SMB

Are you concerned with the expense and maintenance required by owning a sophisticated security solution?

We have the perfect solution that is – Smart, Simple, Secure at the fraction of your cost. The new McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB has made security so easy.

  • Smart – The new security client has small footprint and consumes less system resources giving you optimal system performance.
  • Simple – Experience the freedom to manage security on your terms – cloud or on-premise. With information about source of the attack at your fingertips and 24 / 7 customer support, we have simplified security for you.
  • Secure – The new next generation antimalware technology shields your devices from all threats. Access your devices and data, or use Internet without any worry. You are always protected.


A small and medium-sized business (SMB) owner is constantly striving for excellence and hopes to quickly achieve goals. An SMB consists of a small team of people with a shared goal to grow the business to new levels. Such businesses typically rely on an IT generalist to deal with technology and IT security. However, an IT generalist may have limited knowledge about IT security, needing a trusted advisor and solution to effectively protect the SMB.

McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB offers superior protection that gives business owners peace of mind. After evaluating key security challenges, we have tailor-made this easy-to-use solution for SMBs. It offers powerful security that is smart, simple, and secure. Available as:  

  • McAfee Endpoint Protection Essential for SMB — Designed for cost-sensitive customers with 5-250 nodes, looking for a core security solution.
  • McAfee Endpoint Protection Advanced for SMB — Designed for more sophisticated customers with 5-250 nodes, looking for endpoint protection along with a solution to handle BYOD proliferation, data protection with encryption, and email security.

Key Features

  • Protects endpoints from every angle — Secures Windows and Mac endpoints and mobile devices from: system, data, email, web, and network threats.
  • Offers quick, easy deployment and management capability — Provides flexibility to deploy and manage security quickly and easily, using an on-premises server or the cloud. SMB owners and IT generalists don’t need strong security expertise to manage their security systems.
  • All-in-one protection — A single solution protects endpoint, data, email, and web security. Layered protection shields SMBs from the most advanced security threats.
  • Affordable security and 24/7 support — Effective, affordable, always-on security that comes with around-the-clock technical support via phone and online.

Key Differentiators

  • McAfee, apart from Symantec, offers a hybrid deployment option to manage security on premises or from the cloud without any change in experience.
  • Provides detailed, actionable explanations of identified threats thus simplifying IT processes. Saves time understanding security events and quickly resolves security issues.
  • Provides zero-day protection against exploits that target new vulnerabilities.
  • Intelligent trust (smart scan) limits the events of trusted applications scanned while all suspicious processes are scanned aggressively, optimizing performance.
  • Behavioral scanning capability leads to improved detection with little impact on resource usage.
  • Smaller signature files transferred between the device and cloud-based intelligence results in bandwidth optimization, protecting devices from existing and potential threats.

Customer Problems Solved

  • Improves endpoint security against constantly evolving threats, without managing multiple security updates or upgrades.
  • Reduces time and costs that limit IT personnel, and saves capital expenses.
  • Allows administrators to view, report, and enforce policies on all users in the environment — without maintaining multiple management consoles.


1-25 employee company: (Nascent/Emerging)
  • Decision maker profile:
    • Business owner who considers technology a business necessity and not a unique differentiator.
    • Not an IT specialist.
    • Price sensitive.
26-100 employee company: (Maturing)
  • Decision maker profile:
    • An IT generalist and/or business owner.
    • Considers technology more than a necessity and makes investments for enabling business.
    • May have part-time security personnel.
    • Price sensitive.
101-250 employee company: (Established)
  • Decision maker profile:
    • IT specialist with budget ownership.
    • Considers technology a necessity to enable business.

Customer Demographics

  • No IT staff or very small IT staff.
  • Key verticals include healthcare, small banks and credit unions, manufacturing, retail, and legal.
  • Subject to regulatory compliance such as PCI and HIPAA.
  • Data privacy concerns (holder of PII or PHI).
  • Mobile devices are often used.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore