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GFI WirelessSentry

GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs. With award-winning technology, an aggressive pricing strategy and a strong focus on small-to-medium sized businesses,

GFI is able to satisfy the need for business continuity and productivity encountered by organizations on a global scale. GFI has offices in the US, Malta, UK, Hong Kong and Australia which support more than 200,000 installations worldwide.

Creating products that deliver on all points makes us a preferred choice for the IT customers we serve, namely small to mid-sized businesses. Our success is defined in several ways: thousands of customers worldwide, hundreds of thousands of installations, millions of seats.

Rather than design products for large enterprises and adjust them to meet the needs of smaller businesses, we develop enterprise-quality solutions for companies with generally up to 1,000 users. Our products provide the necessary functionality to address your everyday IT issues. The software is easy to download, install and configure. Likewise, our hosted services offer simple sign-up and hassle-free use without contractual obligations or mandatory long-term commitments.

Did you know hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi-enabled devices flood the market each year? This presents quite a challenge to you and to your customers!

Introducing our new product, GFI WirelessSentry™ (GFI WiSe™). They’ll gain greater freedom and flexibility to monitor, manage and secure their wireless networks – from a single web console.

The many features of GFI WiSe include bandwidth usage tracking; “VIP” device monitoring; rogue access point detection; real-time alerts; and detailed reporting.

GFI WiSe is also compatible with a comprehensive range of hardware from major vendors. In fact, we have already certified the access points that make up over half of the market share in 2013 and will continue to certify more on a regular basis.

How does GFI WirelessSentry work?

GFI WirelessSentry offers a cloud-based web console, hosted infrastructure, and on-premise sensors.

After creating a GFI WirelessSentry account, the administrator deploys a sensor to identify all wireless access points in the area. Those access points are reported to the web console. The administrator then confirms the placement of the sensor and selects one of the access points to control. A wireless card is also selected for the monitoring mode.

The sensor monitors the wireless connections and traffic on the access point. The administrator is also alerted to critical events (e.g., the access point goes off-line, invalid credentials) and security vulnerabilities such as rogue access points.

Over a secured connection, sensors poll into the web console on a configured interval. Upon check-in, the sensor sends updated device connection and usage information to the web console. Push notifications can also be sent from the web console to the sensor at any time, enabling immediate action for jobs such as reboots or changing the wireless adapter that a sensor uses for monitoring.

Once the sensor is deployed and control of access points are established, the administrator can monitor, manage and secure the wireless network using GFI WirelessSentry.
Discover wireless networks (1/9)

Deploying a sensor, GFI WiSe discovers nearby wireless networks and access points, and reports them to the unified cloud console, where they can be monitored and managed.

Freedom to choose (2/9)

GFI WiSe is compatible with many access points, regardless of vendor. Pick the access point you want to manage without having to purchase new or additional hardware.

Easy-to-use cloud interface (3/9)

The user-friendly web console eliminates the need to be a wireless expert. All the information you need is easily accessible in the single dashboard view.

Network group management (4/9)

Create multiple wireless network groups and, regardless of device types and their locations, manage them from a single web console.

Know who is on your network (5/9)

GFI WiSe provides a list of devices (including laptops, smartphones and tablets) that are connecting to the wireless network. The list shows the access point and SSID associated with each device, as well as the time each device established connectivity.

Strengthen security (6/9)

The wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) enhances security by detecting rogue access points in and around your wireless network.

Bandwidth usage tracking (7/9)

In real time, learn which devices are consuming the most bandwidth. Network usage is visible by individual device, access point and total network utilization.

Real-time alerts (8/9)

Receive instant alerts and notifications for network issues via the dashboard. In addition, support staff can receive real-time alerts via SMS or email..

VIP monitoring (9/9)

Set up “executive profiles” so, in addition to knowing when a “VIP” device connects to the wireless network, you know its location. Complete knowledge of the SSID, access point and device the VIP is using ensures business continuity for executives on the move.

System Requirements for the WirelessSentry (WiSe) Sensor

GFI WirelessSentry sensor is the agent software installed on a Windows® PC in the network, physically located near an access point. A stationary machine that has dual NICs – with at least one of them being a wireless NIC – is best for deploying a sensor. 

For the most up to date System Requirements please click the link below:

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