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Mindjet MindManager 15 for Windows

Mindjet software makes team collaboration on projects simple and smart by getting what's important out in front: your ideas. Brainstorm and plan on virtual whiteboards, create and co-edit plans, share files, and keep everyone on the same page with real-time task & project management. Mindjet is used by 83% of the Fortune 100 and works with your current IT investments and on whatever web-enabled devices you use. It integrates with your most-used enterprise apps, including Microsoft Office & Project, SharePoint, Yammer and Box.

MindManager 15

We created the new MindManager to put jet fuel on your productivity fire. Improved project management features mean you can do more with maps faster. A streamlined user experience makes getting off the launch pad easier. So whether it’s your first time taking flight with MindManager maps or you’re an experienced pilot, we’ve made your trip to productivity and project success a shorter, smoother flight.

Why should you get on board with the new MindManager 15?

  • Improved control of project timelines, including slack time removal
  • Automatic creation of slides, including images
  • New map branches for faster map creation
  • Windows 64-bit compatibility, and more
The new MindManager 15 will make you the captain of completed projects. A pioneer of proposals. A breakthrough brainstormer. Get off the ground with the most powerful version of MindManager to-date.

         Try MindManager free for 30 days.

MindManager includes versions for both Windows and Mac. With MindManager you can:

  • Boost Productivity
    Organise ideas and information in a single view so you can see connections and draw conclusions quickly.

  • Ensure Project Success
    Get visibility into every aspect of your projects. Show the big picture and view the details in context.

  • Communicate More Effectively
    Organise and present in a visual context to improve understanding and retention.


MindManager MindManager 15 for Windows

The New MindManager is More Powerful and Intuitive Than Ever.

MindManager 15 provides new features for power users, and makes it easier for everyday users to power up their productivity. Plus 64-bit compatibility means you can now use MindManager with either 32 or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office. With the new MindManager 15, you can:

Shift projects in seconds

MindManager 15 dramatically improves project management efficiency by allowing automatic updates to all related tasks when you shift your project start-date. You can choose whether to update or maintain milestone dates.

Tighten timelines with a single click

MindManager 15 speeds project revisions with the ability to instantly remove slack time for dependent tasks – from either map or Gantt view. Choose whether to adjust specific tasks or your entire project map.

Create slides automatically

MindManager 15 lets you focus on presentation content, not the mechanics of slide creation. You can now create slides automatically from map content. Optional PowerPoint export now includes images.

Map faster

Take advantage of years of MindManager best practices by starting maps from a template and then adding pre-built map branches to speed up map creation. MindManager 15 includes more templates and over 30 new topic map parts, along with improved template navigation and easy access to online map galleries.

Enliven meetings

Personalise map topics and add additional meaning with over 150 new hand-drawn images in four colours that help guide brainstorming sessions and meetings.

Personalise your experience

User experience improvements in MindManager 15 include improved template navigation, a new section for user-uploaded templates, easier access to Mindjet’s online map gallery and the Maps For That gallery, new blank templates, and easier topic addition with optional topic “handles.”

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Hyvä asiakkaamme

Pienen tauon jälkeen kierrämme jälleen Pohjoismaita ja saavumme 20. maaliskuuta, 2015 Helsinkiin, jossa pidämme seminaarin elokuvateatteri Kinopalatsissa.
Kiertueemme keskittyy yhteistyön sujuvoittamiseen ja siihen kuinka MindManager voi auttaa sinua niin yksityishenkilönä kuin tiimin jäsenenä optimoimaan työsi suunnittelua ja jäsentämään tehtäviäsi voidaksesi paremmin saavuttaa tämän päivän korkeat tavoitteet.

Esittelemme myös mielenkiintoisia MindManageriin liittyviä uutuuksia.
Tilaisuuteen rekisteröityminen alkaa klo 8.30, jolloin tarjoilemme kevyen aamiaisen ja seminaari alkaa klo 9.00 ja jatkuu klo 12.00 asti. Tilaisuus on englanninkielinen.
Odotamme tapaavamme sinut: ole hyvä ja ilmoittaudu ennakkoon sillä tilaisuuteen mahtuu rajallinen määrä osallistujia.

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