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Impressed DCSMerger

Impressed GmbH offers solutions of different manufacturers for editorial and prepress workflows. The main focus is on solutions for checking, correcting and transmitting of data to publishing houses/printing sites as well as for automating and standardising digital prepress processes.
DCSMerger is the missing link for using preseparated data within a composite workflow e.g. within a PDF workflow or for using your latest in-RIP separation features of your RIP. It´s new technology allows the merging of DCS files (images or CopyDot files saved as Photoshop compatible DCS format) without loosing spot colors or converting into CMYK, as it would happen, when merging them with Adobe Photoshop or other tools. The result is a highres composite EPS file, which can be placed in applications like QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign or others. You can print these files as highres composite including all spot color information to either a composite proofer, to Acrobat Distiller or to your PostScript 3 RIP, using in-RIP separation technology. Or you can print separations directly from your layout application to your older RIPs and get the correct output.

DCSMerger removes all limitations of DCS-images for use in a composite workflow. It correctly merges DCS-files including all spot colors or Duplex, Triplex... images. No more 72dpi screen resolution on Composite Proofers or in a PDF-file.

Have a look at the demoversion and find out, what DCSMerger can do for you. It works either manually, as a drag&drop application or in automatic batch mode, where it scans for images in specified watched folders. DCSMerger supports Photoshop compatible DCS 1.0 and DCS 2.0 images including single and multiple file formats. Version 1.8 supports also the DCS images from all Adobe Photoshop starting from Version 3.x. An english version and PDF manual are available (see link to Demos & Downloads). DCSMerger is delivered in digital form only (manual is provided as PDF). You can order DCSMerger and use the demo version below and a supplied licence key to turn it into a full working version. Go to the Download-section to get an english demo for either MacOS or Windows and an english manual.
System Requirements

Adobe Photoshop

  • Versions from 3.x, to CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5

  • MacOS X from 10.3.9 to 10.6

  • Windows from XP SP2 Home/Pro to Windows 7
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