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Applications for Life - Imposition Wizard Mac

Imposition Has Never Been So Easy!

What is it?

Imposition Wizard is imposition software for Mac OS X. It reads PDF files, applies transformations to pages and saves results to PDF files. You can create booklets and books, prepare business cards for print and much more. All the power is packed into the simple user interface that allows you to see your changes immediately.

Why Imposition Wizard?

No need for third party software! Imposition Wizard is a standalone application, utilizing Mac OS X PDF engine.

See your changes in realtime! Imposition Wizard allows you to see results immediately while you are changing parameters.

Automate it! Imposition Wizard supports AppleScript automation, so you can fit it into your workflow.

Created with usability in mind! Enjoy the easy and straightforward user interface that helps you do the job faster.

Open for improvements! Missing a feature? Let us know and you will be surprised :)


Imposition Wizard can do a lot for you. See a brief list of features that will make your job easier, faster and more productive! So, Imposition Wizard...
  • Supports booklet imposition.
  • Supports N-Up imposition.
  • Supports Step-and-Repeat imposition
  • Supports Cut Stack imposition.
  • Supports source pages reordering.
  • Supports source pages flipping.
  • Supports destination sheets reordering.
  • Supports customized backgrounds.
  • Supports page content shifting (creep).
  • Supports bleeds.
  • Supports crop marks.
  • Supports cropping of source documents.

Real experience is worth thousand of words, so download the demo-version of Imposition Wizard right now and try it yourself. The demo version doesn't have limitations except the watermark, added while saving PDF files. You will see how easy imposition can be!   Imposition Wizard Helps You Work Faster!

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Softa SuperStore
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