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Condusiv V-locity 4

Diskeeper Corporation is now Condusiv Technologies.

Condusiv Technologies creates high-performance software that optimizes and maintains application performance and efficiency, extends equipment longevity to make technology, people and businesses more productive.

From the moment Condusiv software is installed on physical or virtual systems, our technology ensures data performance is automatically optimized. Requiring zero overhead, our energy-efficient, “Set It and Forget It”® solutions are used by over 90% of the Fortune 1000 and almost three-quarters of The Forbes Global 100.

Our customers include thousands of global enterprises, government agencies, independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and home users worldwide. With over 30 years of cutting-edge product development, we lead the market in data storage innovation, delivering thought-leading technology that improves your business and user experience. Condusiv solutions help technology function at peak levels, increasing the productivity of people and business.

Our Vision
We believe that technology should function and perform at peak levels. And users should benefit as promised. Condusiv products are designed to help you overcome technology limitations, realize your potential, and achieve what’s possible.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide market-leading, innovative products and services of superior quality that enable technology and empower users. Condusiv should be thought of as a "necessity" for anyone who wants their technology working hard for them and helping them achieve their objectives.

As storage solutions and infrastructures have evolved,
so have solutions to address fragmentation.

The need to optimize virtual disks, SAN, RAID, SATA, SCSI, NAS, HHD and SSD devices continues today, just as it has in the past. When bottlenecks occur in the disk subsystem, file fragmentation is a factor that should always be investigated as a contributing factor. To gauge the impact of fragmentation, use performance monitoring tools such as Windows Performance Monitor, or other benchmarking tools. You will find that fragmentation is relevant more than ever even with new storage technologies.

As storage solutions and infrastructures have evolved, so have solutions to address fragmentation. "Prevention is better than the cure" is a popular and very IT applicable idiom. That philosophy, applied to preventing fragmentation with sophisticated new technology (i.e.,IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology), is the ultimate solution to maximizing performance of modern storage solutions. IntelliWrite® is the first fragmentation prevention technology that only technology that is 100% compatible with SAN technologies such as de-duplication and thin provisioning.

- Performance Accelerator   

Key Benefits of V-locity:

  • Increase application performance by 50%
  • Reduce latency by 50% for faster file access
  • Eliminate bottlenecks without expensive hardware
  • True "set and forget" management

V-locity® acceleration software increases virtual and physical server performance by 50% without the cost of new or additional storage hardware. V-locity software optimizes I/O at the source before unnecessary I/O traffic gets pushed through the server, network and storage. Applications perform better, latency is reduced, and bottlenecks are eliminated. V-locity dramatically improves performance across the IT ecosystem.  

50% Faster Physical Servers

Due to the nature of I/O patterns, an enormous amount of I/O traffic is completely unnecessary. By aggregating data on writes to perform sequentially and by caching reads on available server memory without contention, V-locity Server maximizes the efficiency of every single I/O request.

  1. Increase server and application performance by 50%
  2. Reduce latency by 50% for faster file access
  3. Eliminate bottlenecks without expensive hardware

Read I/O Optimization - Much of the I/O traffic moving through the IT ecosystem shares similar data, yet every single byte of that data travels the entire distance from server to storage and back for every I/O request, no matter how common. V-locity IntelliMemory technology addresses this read request inefficiency by caching the most active data in the server's available memory without ever creating an instance of memory starvation by the application.

Write I/O Optimization - V-locity’s IntelliWrite® technology optimizes I/O write operations, eliminating the performance penalties associated with the Windows OS splitting files into pieces and writing each piece to a different logical location within the SAN or NAS. V-locity is aware of space allocation and aggregates writes to behave sequentially — requiring less I/O for every file written. Subsequent reads also benefit, since only minimum I/O is required to fulfill the request.

When only productive I/O traffic is processed through the server, network and storage, I/Os per second are accelerated, latency is greatly reduced, and more work can be performed in the same mount of time. And since V-locity Server optimizes I/O at the server-level, V-locity Server is compatible with all SAN and NAS storage systems and media types (e.g., spinning disk or SSD).

V-locity is backed by a performance guarantee and comes with self-auditing benchmark software to provide a "before" and "after" comparison in your real-world environment.

50% Faster VMs with V-locity 4

It has been well established that server virtualization makes the most of the IT investment. However, because Virtual Machines (VMs) share server and storage resources, the only way to get the full value of virtualization is by reducing latency while increasing throughput. Whereas addressing that challenge with storage hardware can be cost exorbitant, V-locity 4 provides these benefits at a fraction of the cost:

  1. Increase VM and application performance up to 50%
  2. Increase VM density per physical server up to 50%
  3. Improve latency up to 50% on active data

V-locity 4 VM accelerator is virtual storage and application performance software that provides I/O optimization for virtualized environments. V-locity 4 operates transparently and automatically, delivering additional speed without the cost of new or additional storage hardware or impacting IT staff.

Limited Time – We Guarantee the Performance of V-locity 4 or the Software is Free! Learn more »

As a first step, V-locity 4 eliminates unnecessary I/Os caused by the operating system breaking apart files upon write, which also penalizes subsequent reads. File coherency at the server level via V-locity 4 enormously improves the efficiency of virtual platforms for increased bandwidth. V-locity 4 I/O optimization is specifically tailored for virtual environments that leverage a SAN or NAS as it proactively provides I/O benefit without negatively impacting advanced storage features like snapshots, replication, data deduplication and thin provisioning.

Second, V-locity 4 further reduces I/O bottlenecks by intelligently caching active data, thus eliminating unnecessary I/O traffic and improving latency.

V-locity 4 provides faster I/O throughput for VMs and physical server hosts, increased VM density and optimized VM resource usage within a shared storage system. V-locity 4 also improves storage resource utilization, thereby reducing or postponing additional storage hardware.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore