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Bluebeam Revu 11

Take a huge sigh of relief, because Bluebeam is not your typical software company.

Bluebeam Software makes smart, simple solutions for paperless workflows based on the PDF format. Founded in 2002 in Pasadena, California, Bluebeam's award-winning PDF creation, markup and collaboration solutions are used today by the world's top architectural, engineering and construction firms, oil and gas companies as well as government agencies, accountants and even attorneys, for dramatically improved workflow and more sustainable, paperless operations. Bluebeam supports customers in over 65 countries directly through its Account Services team in addition to an extensive reseller network.

Bluebeam Software Releases Revu 11 for Organizing Project Data and Collaborating Anytime, Anywhere...Even Offline

Latest version of Bluebeam Software's PDF-based collaboration solution addresses key needs for technical industries and remote professionals

Bluebeam® Software, leading developer of PDF-based collaboration solutions, has announced the release of Revu® 11. This new version of Bluebeam's flagship solution makes it easier than ever for users in document-intensive industries including architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and oil and gas to collaborate on project documents and digitize technical reviews.

"Revu 11 makes anything possible by introducing cutting-edge technology for sharing feedback exactly how you intend it to be seen and truly collaborating anytime, anywhere," said Richard Lee, Bluebeam Software President and CEO. "Whether you are flying across country, working on an underground tunnel project, standing on an oil rig platform or sitting at your desk and inadvertently lose your Internet connection, Revu 11 allows you to continue to edit files from the cloud and annotate them with a dramatically enhanced set of PDF markup and editing options."

Take Collaboration Offline
Revu 11's Studio Projects Offline mode enables project teams to centrally maintain a digital master set. The enhancement to Revu's integrated cloud feature, Bluebeam Studio™, allows users to access and edit files stored in a Studio Project from a desktop, tablet PC or an iPad, even with the loss of an Internet connection. Changes can be synced as soon as connectivity is restored, and users are warned if additional changes by others occurred while they were offline, ensuring that no edit is ever lost.

Get Organized
For project teams working with large drawing sets, accessing the right page can seem as cumbersome as finding a needle in a haystack. Revu 11's AutoMark™ feature gives users the ability to organize PDFs by automatically creating bookmarks and page labels from PDF content, such as drawing title blocks. Another Bluebeam innovation, Sets, enables team members to view, navigate and edit multiple files as if they were one. This functionality is key for users in the field, who often divide multi-page documents into one file per page to allow for faster loading on iPads and tablets, but still need to quickly see related content when back in the office.

Standardize Markups on the Fly
When multiple parties are reviewing a PDF, it is often important to color code markups to visually distinguish who said what. The new Format Painter quickly applies property settings across multiple annotations. Simply select a markup that contains the desired property settings, select markups that need to change and Revu does the rest.

Search for Anything
Users who leverage the software's unique VisualSearch™ functionality, which searches PDFs for drawing objects, will love the enhancements in Revu 11. VisualSearch now performs more robust searches regardless of an object's size, color or rotation or even another intersecting object. Users can even apply a count from results that, when combined with Revu's formula option in the Markups list, can automatically generate easy material cost calculations for bids and estimates.

Do more with 3D PDFs
Take 3D PDFs to the next level. With Revu 11, users can now create 3D PDFs from any IFC file, and do more with 3D content. Use the Section Box tool to demonstrate the exact issue at hand by exposing interior details. The Transform tool allows users to explain how elements fit together by selecting and moving individual objects within a 3D PDF assembly, creating exploded views and then smoothly animating the reassembly. Combined with the power of a real-time Studio Session, the Transform tool can be invaluable in communicating how elements fit together during a meeting.

To learn more about all the functionality debuting in Revu 11, visit 

What's new in Revu 11?

Studio Projects Offline

Work with Project files wherever you go, regardless of Internet access. Simply log into a Studio Project and sync down files locally before going offline. Any edits made to documents while offline can be checked back in once Internet connection is restored. We're serious when we say there are no limits.

Format Painter

The Format Painter enables you to standardize the appearance of markups in one fell swoop. Save time replicating a markup's color, line, width, opacity, font and more by copying the properties of one markup and applying them to a markup or group of markups. It's that simple.

VisualSearch™ Enhancements

Revu's exclusive VisualSearch technology is so powerful, it will find symbols or graphic elements in any PDF, an entire folder of PDFs or a defined PDF Set, regardless of variations in color, rotation or even intersecting lines. You can even generate a count from your search results or refine your search selection for raster and vector art documents. Needle in a haystack? Not so much.

3D PDF Enhancements

Revu 11 adds new dimensions to 3D PDF creation, viewing and markup. Convert IFC files directly into 3D PDFs. Copy objects from a 3D PDF and paste them into another PDF. Isolate regions of a 3D model using the Section Box tool for improved issue communication, and manipulate individual objects within a 3D PDF using the Transform tool.

Markups Enhancements

Two of Revu's most popular markups tools received major upgrades. Callouts now include options for circular and triangular text boxes, with leader lines that automatically re-attach to the appropriate side of the text box when moved. Cloud properties now include the ability to modify the size of cloud curves, and an option to invert the cloud pattern.

Stapler Enhancements

Revu's Stapler PDF creation engine has been significantly updated. In addition to improved results when publishing files via the Stapler, options to Convert Files and Combine Files are now just a click away from the Windows Explorer menu.


Sets allows you to view and access an unlimited number of files as if they are a single document, in a single tab. Filter and organize files by page label or numeric sequence, and automatically identify, sort and insert revisions and addenda. Sets can even be saved and shared with project partners in a convenient, read-only format. Ready. Set. Go!


Create bookmarks from page labels and page labels from bookmarks. Define a region on a page that contains searchable text, such as a title block, and automatically generate bookmark names or page labels from that content. It doesn't get much easier than that.


Structures (available in Revu eXtreme) allows you to quickly add complex, hierarchical bookmarks to a file by pulling in dynamic components from a selection of bookmark templates. Easily create your own templates or modify existing ones included in Revu. You can even share these templates with project partners using the Structures Manager. A little structure in your life couldn't hurt.

Formula Editor

Streamline the creation of Custom Column formulas in the Markups list with Revu's new expressions-based Formula Editor. Just start typing into the expression field to see a list of available functions and variables. How's that for convenient?

Split Documents

Divide and conquer using Revu's new Split Documents feature to separate a PDF into multiple sections. A document, or a specific page range within the document, can be split by top level bookmarks, file size or page count. Best of all, Split Documents does not affect the source PDF since each section is saved as a new PDF file.

Compatibility and Plugins

Revu 11 is officially compatible with Windows® 8, including support for multi-touch drivers and high-resolution displays up to 4K. The Internet Explorer plug-in has also been updated to support FileOpen and PDFs hosted on secured websites.

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