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Advanced Drafting and Detailing

TurboCAD® LTE v5 works like AutoCAD LT®. And more! This comprehensive, 2D CAD package offers a familiar UI, command line, and all the features you look for in AutoCAD LT at a fraction of the price.

And more!

More than an AutoCAD LT work-a-like, TurboCAD LTE provides many of the top user requested features. With the new 64-bit version you can load, process, and render much larger CAD files, while a GPU-accelerated drawing engine provides smooth zoom, pan and design navigation. Handle-based editing, smart dimensioning tools, and self-healing walls enhance usability. TurboCAD LTE even supports external references, or "Xrefs," to make editing more efficient and help keep drawings in synch. What’s more, TurboCAD LTE is compatible with many of the industry standard CAD and graphic file formats, including .DWG and .SKP, making it the perfect companion product.

With so many new, innovative features, TurboCAD LTE may be the AutoCAD LT upgrade you've been looking for:
  • New 64-bit compatible
  • New Redsdk v3 GPU-accelerated drawing engine  
  • Better drafting & detailing
  • Self-healing walls (ADT compatible)
  • Self-aligning blocks
  • Support for Xrefs 
  • New Power Stretch tool
  • Transparent fills
  • Draw order by layer
  • Hide objects regardless of layer
  • Object snap prioritization
  • Bezier curves
  • Hatch pattern editor
  • Advanced polyline editing
  • Smart dimensions
  • Improved DWG, DXF, and DGN file filters
  • Superior workflow with SketchUp and SketchUp Pro
  • Community forum with active members
... and more

Low Learning Curve

If you’re an AutoCAD LT user, TurboCAD LTE will immediately feel familiar. You’ll easily recognize the menus, menu items, tools, and icons. Familiar keystrokes, command line, palette interfaces and even an intelligent cursor have been incorporated for an intuitive, comfortable feel right out of the box.

Power to Get Your Design Projects Done with Ease

From the start you’ll enjoy TurboCAD LTE’s lightning fast zoom & pan navigation performance thanks to graphic acceleration that can handle even the largest drawings. Architectural users will like intelligent self-healing walls that are ADT compatible. And TurboCAD LTE even supports external references, or "Xrefs," making editing more efficient and helping to keep drawings in synch.
Advance Features

New 64-Bit Version

Addresses up to 32GB of memory so RAM-intensive processes are much quicker. Load, process, and render much larger CAD files. (32-bit version also available)

Hyper- Accelerated Graphic Performance

Increase zoom and pan performance so you don’t have to wait during a moment of inspiration. The powerful new Redsdk v3 drawing engine takes advantage of GPU-based graphics cards for lightning fast wireframe displays. See system requirements for more details.

Support for Xrefs

All of the file formats that may be opened and imported, with the exception of bitmap images, may be used as an external reference (Xref). The designer may continue to work in AutoCAD or SketchUp, for example, while the drafting continues in TurboCAD LTE. This helps to minimize duplication of geometry, thereby making editing more efficient and helping to keep drawings in synch. Xrefs also help keep file sizes down when you use the same large components in multiple drawings, and allow concurrent sharing of data.

Architectural (ACA/ADT Compatible) Features

Save time using architectural walls (straight and curved; ends and intersections) that are self healing with automatic cleanup and AutoCAD Architecture compatibility. Any block can be used as a custom architectural element that will automatically align to self-healing walls when inserted.

New Features

New 64-Bit Version

New 64-Bit Version of TurboCAD LTE Pro addresses up to 32GB of memory, compared to 2GB on the 32-bit platform, so RAM-intensive processes are much quicker. Load, process, and render much larger CAD files. The 32-bit version is still available if it’s required by your hardware.

Upgraded Redsdk Rendering Engine

The Redsdk engine from Redway 3D, which takes advantage of GPU-based graphics cards for faster design navigation, has been upgraded to new version 3.

New Power Stretch Tool

Power Stretch provides greater versatility by providing more flexibility for the selection and de-selection of nodes, including on multiple objects.

Enhanced DWG/DXF Support

Updated filers offer a range of continued enhancements for working with the latest AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT 2010 / 2011 / 2012 files.

Modern Look

Updated program icons and menu colors offer a more contemporary look and feel, with the option to return to our classic UI.

Usability Features

Familiar User Interface

No need to re-learn what you already know. Install, start, and get up and running immediately without looking back. TurboCAD LTE’s familiar UI lets you concentrate on creating design and not how to use the software.
  • Toolbars - Standard toolbar and icons function the same way as AutoCAD LT. Simply click and let the drawing begin.
  • Dynamic Input - Familiar heads up display with dynamic input at cursor.
  • Command line - Need the command line? No worries, we have it. Common keyboard aliases and quick keys are already included too and fully customizable. Even the ESC key works as expected. 
  • Palettes - Tool palettes provide a fast way to access common and customizable tools with a familiar look and feel. 
  • Menus - Pull down a menu and find the exact command you want with no surprises. Call it CAD intuition.

A Complete Set of 2D Drafting and Detailing Tools

TurboCAD® LTE employs a large selection of line, arc, curve, spline tools, and other expected tools, so that no matter the situation you’ve got access to the right tool for the job. When used with snaps, modification tools, and drawing aids you will be able to quickly draft and document your designs. Below is only a small sample of the drawing, modifying, and dimensioning tools.
  • Drawing Tools - Arc, Bezier Curve, Circles, Command Line, Construction Lines, Double Line, Ellipse, Line, Multiline, Parallel Line, Perpendicular Line, Points, Polygon, Polyline, Trim, Wall
  • Editing/Modification Tools - Align, Array, Boolean operations, Chamfer, Distribute, Erase, Fillet, Join Polyline, Meet two lines, Mirror, Multiline, Offset, Rotate, Scale, Split, Stretch, Shrink/extend line, Trim
  • Dimension Types - Angular, Baseline, Continuous, Datum, Diameter, Incremental, Leader, Orthogonal, Parallel, Quick, Radius, Rotated, Smart

TurboCAD LTE Usability Advantages

There are some differences -- what we think of as advantages -- where usability is improved. See the advanced features page for more TurboCAD LTE advantages.
  • Advanced Handle-Based Editing – Save time with handles for sizing, scaling, moving, rotating, and positioning any selected object.
  • Snap Prioritization - Customize relative prioritization of snaps and geometric aids to minimize tedious manual control.
  • Double Click Customization - Specify custom function for object types when double-clicked
  • Customizable UI - Change hot-key settings, menu items, toolbars, etc. Customize the program to maximize your drawing efficiency.
  • Purge Tool - Remove unused objects from Model Space and Paper Space

Detail Features

Enhanced Layer Manager

Use the layer manager to create layers, then sort objects in your drawing by type, by creation order, or by any criteria that suits the way you work. You can also create layer sets, useful for displaying certain aspects of a drawing without changing visibility settings of each layer individually. TurboCAD LTE’s enhanced layer manager is modeless and multi-selection capable. A few popular attributes include:
  • Hide Objects Regardless of Layer - Ability to hide objects without layer dependency
  • Draw Order by Layer - Layers can be assigned a draw order numerically
  • Draw by Layer Plus - "Apply general property changes to all tool presets" setting allows you to Draw by Layer and more. When changes are made to the properties of a selected tool, those changes are made to all tools. The result is a more AutoCAD® like workflow.

Custom Brush Styles, Bitmap Fills, Transparency Layering

TurboCAD LTE allows for hatch patterns and gradients to be layered with transparency. Custom bitmaps, such as your company logo, may be used as well. This empowers you to much more clearly and precisely communicate construction or assembly details.

Smart Dimension Tool

Automatically select the appropriate dimension for the type of entity (i.e. arc, line, circle) being dimensioned. No need to have to go back to the Dimension menu to select a different dimension type each time a different type of object needs dimensioning.

Quick Dimension Tool

The quick dimension tool allows multiple dimensions to be drawn simultaneously, but all of the same type. For example, select the radius dimension, then select two circles and an arc, and all three will be dimensioned in one step. With a linear dimension, select two objects and both will be dimensioned along with the gap between them.

3D Perspective and Ortho Views

This may be 2D CAD, but TurboCAD LTE works with 3D models. View an object in 3D perspective or use Orthogonal Views for objects with dimension, in order to create paper spaces with enhanced visualizations, or for presentations.

Explode Viewports

Convert the visible geometry in your viewports into flattened, editable 2D geometry within your layouts, even hidden line views. Your conceptual views are also converted into standard bitmaps.

Detail Section

Clip 2D section of your drawing and insert and scale the clip for detail views.

True Units Retained Between Drawings w/ Different Unit Settings

Opening or inserting a drawing created in inches into a drawing created in meters -- or any other combination of units -- requires no resizing or rescaling

Print Queue

Manage the printing of all spaces, model and paper. Control layout, and designate printers for each space.

Enhanced Format Painter

TurboCAD LTE's enhanced Format Painter matches more than 2x as many object properties as AutoCAD's Match Properties.

Sync block attributes

Select any block(s) and press the Sync button to reset attributes in all block(s) instances. The attribute's value will be stored if the attribute definition with its corresponding tag exists in the block and all attribute properties will be reset from the block attribute definition.


Excellent Workflow with industry standard file formats

Need to share CAD files with others? TurboCAD LTE supports the latest industry file formats. Open and save .DWG, and .DXF formats from AutoCAD R14 to 2012. Enjoy superior workflow with SketchUp and SketchUp Pro .SKP files up to version 8. The DGN file filter for working with MicroStation has been completely re-written to open and save DGN files through v8. Plus TurboCAD Windows .TCW (for LTE), HP .PLT, DoubleCAD .2CD, and many other formats are supported.

Open and Save As .DWG (AutoCAD®)

Save ACA/ADT-compatible objects and parameters for intelligent use in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. TurboCAD LTE .DWG files with ACA/ADT compatible objects can brought into AutoCAD products and retain their self-healing properties. For example, bring a TurboCAD LTE .DWG file with walls and blocks into AutoCAD LT and walls continue to self-heal within AutoCAD LT as those blocks are moved. TurboCAD LTE is a great way to head-start your project.

Open .SKP (SketchUp™)

TurboCAD LTE imports all visible geometry, layers, and components, converts all components to TurboCAD LTE blocks to optimize drawing performance, and creates a paperspace from each SketchUp scene, thereby saving time by automatically creating viewports with the correct layer visibility and 2D or perspective view properties. These paperspace views are also immediately ready for dimensioning and annotation. Develop construction documents quickly from SketchUp 6, 7, and 8 models.
System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements for 32-bit version:

  • Pentium IV Processor.
  • Microsoft® Windows XP – (512 MB RAM), Microsoft® Vista 32 bit (1 GB RAM), or Microsoft® Windows 7 32 bit (1 GB RAM)
  • 300 MB of free hard disk space depending on accessory applications installed
  • 64+ MB of swap space
  • Super VGA (1024 x768) display
  • High Color (16 bit) graphics card
Minimum System Requirements for 64-bit version:
  • Pentium® IV Processor
  • Microsoft ® Windows Vista 64 bit (2 GB RAM) or Windows 7 64 bit (2 GB RAM)
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space
  • Super VGA (1024 x768) display
  • High Color (16 bit) graphics support
  • Flash™ Player 8 required to view tutorials.

Your experience will be greatly enhanced with newer generation, higher speed CPU, 2-4 GB RAM, and larger display resolution.

Optional GPU-accelerated wireframe render mode requires a supported graphic accelerator. The latest video drivers are typically required. Newer boards with more VRAM generally provide greater performance. Most cards in the NVIDIA® Quadro FX 1000 series, GeForce FX series, GeForce 6, 7, and 8 series, plus AMD ATI Radeon family, ATI FireGL X family, and FireGL V family of cards are supported; as well as INTEL® Integrated graphics series GMA 3000 and GMA X3000.

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