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Corel WinZip 17

New Winzip 17 - Multi-platform File Compression

WinZip 17 meets today's organisation needs with an easy and secure file compression tool that improves productivity and ensures safe data delivery.  WinZip allows users to compress large or small amount of files, saves space on desktops and servers and now includes support for the Cloud.

New features in WinZip 17:

  • PDF conversion
    Easily hide metadata and make documents read only
  • Watermarking
    Deter unauthorised copying and protect photos and files by adding custom watermarks to images and PDFs.
  • Image compression
    Resize images to more convenient sharing sizes without complex image editing software.
  • Multiple Platform Support
    WinZip now offers support for secure cloud environment and social media so users can send files risk free.

WinZip 17 saves users time with its one click Winzip wizard, full file and folder compressions and encryption of archived data to help keep it safe and retrievable.

WinZip 17 in the office:Winzip 17 now supports Windows 8

  • Instantly zip and unzip files with new context-sensitive toolbars that display task tools
  • Easily email larger files with automatic zipping and let ZipSend send oversized files.
  • Protect documents with new PDF conversion, watermarking, AES encryption and more.
  • Zip and share to the cloud for secure online sharing and social media.
  • Get more value with the power of several tools in one for zipping/unzipping, encryption, PDF conversion, image compression and watermarking.
  • Ensure your company's information is protected whether it is sent by email or shared online.
  • Minimise storage and bandwidth costs in-house, in transit and in the cloud.
  • Get a multi-platform solution from one vendor.
  • WinZip supports Windows 8, Mac, iOS and Android.

New Features:

Zip and share to the cloud

Connect to your cloud services, including Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox. Zip before you upload, open zip files saved in the cloud or select files from the cloud to zip and share. Easily get links to your files and share them from your own email.

Zip and share to social media sites

Share any size and type of file to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with ZipShare, the online app. Just write a message, add your files and post. No additional software required.

Resize images

Instantly resize images to more convenient sharing sizes without using complex image editing software.

Convert files to PDF

Turn Microsoft Office documents into PDF files as you zip them with WinZip's built-in PDF converter.

Add a watermark

Deter unauthorised copying, add traceability and protect your photos and files by adding your own custom watermark to images and PDFs.

More intuitive interface

Context-sensitive toolbars change depending on your task, making it easy to find the tools you need for zipping, unzipping, sharing and more.


Save Space

WinZip's compression produces smaller Zip files than the standard Windows Zip Utility, saving your hard drive space and bandwidth. Additionally the new .zipx file format can compress files even further.

Save Time

WinZip integrates into Windows Explorer, providing its powerful functionality within a few clicks. WinZip Professional contains task automation capabilities including automatically uploading to FTP or burning to disk and automatically emailing Zip and log files on WinZip job completion making short work of backing up important data.

Easy to Use

WinZip includes numerous features to simplify the use of the application including a variety of different user interfaces, the ability to create self extracting .zip files for those without WinZip and Smart View which logically structures the display of files within a .zip.

Protect Data

WinZip supports AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, which is a highly secure encryption algorithm to protect your sensitive data. System Administrators can specify password policies to configure password complexity requirements and if they choose, restrict or deny access to WinZip's encryption functionality for end users.

Manage Photos easily

WinZip can compress your photos (including JPEG files) and add them to an archive or directly to an email. Photos can then easily be resized whilst leaving the original pictures unchanged. In addition, the Professional edition can compress files from supported digital cameras directly to a .zip, auto rotate photos and show, rotate, resize or delete photos without having to extract them from the .zip.


WinZip Standard includes:

  • Support for creating Zip, LHA and Zipx files
  • Support for opening and extracting Zip, Zipx, 7Z, IMG, ISO, RAR, BZ2, CAB, LHA, GZ, TAR, UU, XXE and more
  • LZMA Compression to reduce Zip file sizes
  • Support for easily adding Zip files to emails
  • AES encryption with password and autowipe support
  • Support for Intel based AES processor instructions to increase encryption speed
  • Photo support – compress JPEGs and resize photos
  • ZipSend and ZipShare web integration features
  • Watermarking and convert-to-PDF capabilities
  • Command line interface for scripting WinZip functionality (free addon).

WinZip Professional includes (along with all of the above):

  • Build in FTP support to upload data to an off-site location
  • Burn Zip files directly to CD/DVD/Blu-ray
  • Create custom jobs, schedule them and get notified via email upon completion
  • Comes with a range of predefined jobs ready to use
  • WinZip automated data backup helps to automatically backup your personal data includes email, documents and favorites
  • Email backups/backup log files automatically from virtually any email address you use
  • Control encryption features available
  • Multi-touch gesture support in WinZip's Image Viewer for touch-screen PCs
  • Advanced photo management functionality – transfer, rotate, resize and view photos directly from a Zip file.

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