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PHD Virtual Backup

PHD Virtual Technologies is transforming data protection and enterprise monitoring in virtual IT environments. We pioneered ”virtual backup appliances" (VBAs) in 2006, using virtual machines to backup virtual machines and have since become an award-winning product of choice for data protection in virtual environments. PHD Virtual also delivers a comprehensive monitoring solution for virtual and physical environments. More than 4,000 enterprise customers worldwide trust PHD Virtual for VMware and Citrix XenServer, to protect their business-critical data. We experienced tremendous growth in 2011 setting corporate revenues records and increasing new customer acquisition by over 75%. With the addition of key international distirbution partners, we expanded our world wide presence helping to drive over a 50% increase in revenue from the EMEA region alone. The virtualization market is rapidly expanding and our data protection and monitoring solutions are in high demand. At PHD Virtual Technologies we’re committed to helping our customers achieve high data availability via sophisticated products that simplify difficult problems.

Our company philosophy is straight-forward: develop simple, elegant and scalable solutions to complex data problems while providing excellent support to our customers and partners. We aim for our customers to achieve fault-tolerant, high performance and efficient data protection of virtual machines. We strive for our global reseller partners to expand their virtual business opportunities and deepen their own customer relationships through selling and supporting our products.

Sophisticated Solutions that Simplify Data Protection
PHD virtual solutions enables companies to perform autonomous, fault-tolerant backup and restoration of an entire virtual environment in less time at lower cost. With PHD's unique architecture our solutions can be deployed with minimal impact on virtual server, console or network performance, requiring no additional hardware or software investment

PHD Virtual Technologies’ free open source virtualization utilities are aimed at enabling our customers to optimize their virtual environments. Using our free products, customers can plan, configure, snapshot and automate repetitive tasks. Our utilities are designed to help users save time and avoid data loss.

PHD Virtual Technologies has grown rapidly since our founding in 2005. Currently over 4,000 enterprise, medium, and small customers use our products globally across all industry verticals.

PHD Virtual Backup 6.0 is here!

PHD Virtual Delivers Even More Value for Your Investment by expanding the unmatched value of our award-winning data protection software with the release of PHD Virtual Backup v6.0!

PHD Virtual v6.0 builds on our unique, patented virtual appliance architecture to deliver the easiest yet most powerful and feature-filled virtual backup solution for virtual servers at a fraction of the cost of solution alternatives.

Why Upgrade to Version 6.0?
PHD Virtual Backup Appliance has been optimized for speed that when compared to other solutions require Agent licensing. The technology enhancements provide broader capabilities for data recovery that includes BUT not limited too:

  • PHD Instant Recovery (for VMware)
  • Full and Incremental Backup Mode Options
  • Application Aware Backups (Exchange Truncation & SQL Tools)
  • Encryption and Security Compliance Improvements

Do You Need More PHD Virtual Backup Licenses?
Save Money Now
- Purchase before October 1, 2012! PHD has announced a modest price increase effective October 1, 2012. Take advantage of the increased functionality of v6.0 by purchasing before the price increase takes effect.

PHD Virtual Backupp

Backup That's Fast, Scalable & Affordable

A Backup Architecture Purpose-built for Virtualization

PHD Virtual delivers the highest performance and most scalable cross-platform backup solutions on the market.  The award winning PHD VBA™ (Virtual Backup Appliance) Architecture delivers data protection that is simpler to deploy, more scalable and more affordable than competing products. The PHD VBA™ leverages virtualization to backup the virtual environment, removing the need to manage separate physical servers, additional software or agents that make other solutions slower, more costly and more complex.

A Completely Integrated Virtual Backup Appliance

PHD Virtual Backup provides better performance and scalability in an integrated virtual appliance solution that is more cost effective:

  • Faster Backup with Granular Recovery Options
  • Built-in Source Side Data Deduplication
  • Integrated Data Integrity Verification
  • Management Integration with vSphere client and XenCenter
  • A Completely Virtual Solution Footprint

From 0 to High Performance Backup in 5 Minutes or Less

Deploying PHD Virtual Backup is incredibly quick and easy.  Since it is delivered as an integrated virtual appliance, you don't have to deploy, setup and configure servers, operating systems or additional software before you can use it.  In fact you can get it up and running in 5 minutes or less with a few easy steps.  Try it now!

PHD Virtual Solutions Are Unique

You can see what makes us different from these perspectives.

  • Virtual Backup Appliance VBA™ delivers a completely virtualized solution footprint.
  • Snaps into your virtualization platform architecture and scales seamlessly.
  • Provides the best backup optimization for LAN/WAN environments.
  • Direct integration with vSphere and XenCenter management consoles.  
  • Dramatically lowers your backup storage requirements and overall solution costs.

PHD Virtual takes pride in providing our customers enterprise-ready products that are purpose built for large virtualization environments.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore