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ATLAS.ti v7

ATLAS.ti 7 is a powerful workbench for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. It offers a variety of tools for accomplishing the tasks associated with any systematic approach to "soft" data--i.e., material which cannot be analyzed by formal, statistical approaches in meaningful ways. ATLAS.ti provides unique support for all areas of document- based analytical research and works with text, audio, and video material.

In the course of qualitative analysis, ATLAS.ti helps you to explore the complex phenomena hidden in your textual and multimedia data. For coping with the inherent complexity of the tasks and the data, ATLAS.ti offers a powerful, intuitive environment that keeps you focused on the analyzed materials. It offers sophisticated tools to manage, extract, compare, explore, and reassemble meaningful segments of large amounts of data in flexible and creative, yet systematic ways.

ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows

Buy ATLAS.ti 7 and get ATLAS.ti 8 for free

ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows is coming later this year. All licenses purchased after April 1, 2015 qualify for a FREE UPGRADE once version 8 is released. So there is no need to wait-–start your analysis today, and switch ATLAS.ti 8 for free later.

Note: Support for the older Version 6 ends with the release of ATLAS.ti 8.
Upgrade to ATLAS.ti 7 now and get v.8 free of charge later this year.

What's New in ATLAS.ti 7

For version 7, we have carefully reviewed every single aspect of previous incarnations of ATLAS.ti and, in close consultation with our users, have added new features and made changes and improvements to existing ones.

While the basic operations of ATLAS.ti (segmenting, coding, memoing, etc.) remain the same, there are numerous areas in which users will be delighted to find significant changes. They make working with the program even smoother, easier, faster, safer, and more productive than ever before. All work flows have been examined and streamlined, powerful--and in some cases, radically innovative--new features added, and the overall experience significantly improved.

There is so much to discover in the new, powerful ATLAS.ti 7, we don't know where to start. Perhaps we start at the core--taking its legendary, central VISE principle to a new level, ATLAS.ti 7 is "VISE-r" than ever:

Visualize: The margin reloaded: Work with audio and video just as natural as you are used to with text and images. Code Tag Views, integrated frequency bars, a superb new network editor, list previews of documents and analysis items.

Integrate: Need for open windows drastically reduced. No need to open multiple windows to visualize your data. Activate visuals right there in the workspace you are using!

Serendipity: Create and navigate your hyperlinks between sections of text, images, audio and video in the most natural synoptic way with up to four documents of any kind displayed and interconnected,  side-by-side.

Exploration: The co-occurrence table tool, the codes-documents table, the neat side-panel filter area for the item managers, the search field to comfortably find your way through thousands of items in milliseconds, and a completely refurbished network editor.

And behind the scenes: A new powerful data management system that keeps all your documents in a safe, scalable data repository (but without compromising ATLAS.ti legendary extra light-weight approach, i.,e. WITHOUT any servers to install or run, and without the size limitations that are inherent of the add-on database servers most similar products rely on).  Pure, reliable performance!

We are convinced that version 7 is the best ATLAS.ti ever and once again pushes the envelope, if not sets completely new standards, for contemporary qualitative analysis software.  

Compare ATLAS.ti with other products and judge for yourself!

  • Fact #1: Not just text. Work with any data you want. Audio, video, image, and geo-data. In real-time.
  • Fact #2: Real and full PDF support. Only ATLAS.ti lets you use PDF documents the way they were intended: text, graphics, layout and all. Open a file and you're good to go! No conversions, no stripping documents to naked ".txt" files, no extracting images by hand.
  • Fact #3: Google Earth geo-data done right--using the actual application. Code the world. Display your codes inside Google Earth itself. Hyperlink places with any data segment and vice versa.
  • Fact #4: No separate transcription software to buy. It's already on-board.
  • Fact #5: Accepts more file formats than any other QDA software for you to work with--including PDF natively.
  • Fact #6: Strong XML support. Non-proprietary formats keep your data usable for decades, make you independent from specific products, and allow for unparalleled integration with all sorts of applications.
  • Fact #7: One package. Small download. One-click installation. No need to have a computer degree just to get started. No complicated, resource-hungry database servers to mess with, no add-on modules.
  • Fact #8: No need to dismember your data. Use text, video and audio of unlimited length. As is. No need to edit, slice, and chop before you can get started with your real work.
  • Fact #9: Plain text, rich text, or PDF. With or without embedded objects. ATLAS.ti can handle it. Natively.
  • Fact #10: Hundreds of thousands of users in corporations and universities all over the world make ATLAS.ti the most popular profesional QDA tool anywhere. More professionals rely on ATLAS.ti than on any other similar product.
  • Fact #11: Preserve your freedom: Unlike other companies, we do not lock your projects exclusively to our software. Your data can be easily moved and reused anywhere, anytime. We fully support the open XML standard.
  • Fact #12: Concurrent user license models give you maximum freedom: Work in the office and on your laptop, with just one license. Multi-user licenses let you install our software in computer labs and at home, networked or standalone.
  • Fact #13: Full-featured student licenses. Students enjoy the full power of the regular ATLAS.ti product with no technical limitation and for a fraction of the price - for the entire duration of their studies.
  • Fact #14: Support and maintenance included. When you buy ATLAS.ti, there are no hidden and no extra charges. 24-hour online support, regular updates, and constant addition of newly developed features are included in the price.
  • Fact #15: Maximum data/project security: Strong authorship and data access model keeps confidential data away from team members with lower clearance. Copy Bundle creates full backups of entire projects with one click.
  • Fact #16: Maximum security: ATLAS.ti is secure from computer viruses. And it won't compromise your computer's security by relying on potentially vulnerable components.
  • Fact #17: Intuitive paper-and-pencil feel: Use the fully interactive margin as the central command post of your work.
  • Fact #18: Everything is an object. Unlike other software, ATLAS.ti treats each data segment as a completely independent object. This results in unparalleled flexibility, power, and even security.
  • Fact #19: German engineering at its best: ATLAS.ti embodies a combination of creativity and solid know-how that results in innovation and excellent craftsmanship second to none.
  • Fact #20: The most flexible functions for searching, retrieving, filtering, and grouping in the business. No one else gives you this much power over your data.
  • Fact #21: ATLAS.ti sets standards. Our features are the most imitated in the field. Where others copy, we lead with innovation, reliability, and openness. Get the real thing that started it all.
  • Fact #22: Our PDF engine delivers. Other manufacturers claim that their product supports PDF--until you actually try to use it with real-life material! ATLAS.ti's PDF engine is powerful, stable, and performs smoothly with documents of ANY size.
  • Fact #23: Survey import: Only ATLAS.ti lets you import entire surveys in full, pre-coded, and in lightning speed. Other programs that also claim to do that literally take hours--or crash.
  • Fact #24: Performance: It is easy for others to claim their software has similar features as ATLAS.ti--just don't ask about their actual performance rates, format support, astronomical load times, and frequent crashes. Test with real-life material, and you'll see the difference right away.
ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows is Coming!  

ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows will be launched in October. To make ATLAS.ti even more powerful, enjoyable and user-friendly, we are incorporating the feedback and recommendations that beta testers have been providing.

ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows comes with a set of important new features, such as the ability to import Evernote documents, Twitter posts, and bibliographic data from your favorite reference manager software (e.g., EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero). Meanwhile, existing tools and procedures have been improved and expanded. Examples of this include the word cloud and word list, the project searching tool, the Query Tool and networks. Now, word clouds and word lists can be generated in relation to the quotations linked to a selected code or to an individual selected quotation, opening up new avenues for discourse analysis. The former Object Crawler, now known as 'Project Search,' allows for richer exploration of text across the entire project (i.e., documents, groups, codes, quotations and networks). The Query Tool has become more intuitive than it was in earlier versions of the software, making it easy to query the data in multiple ways. And the representation of relationships in the form of networks is now dynamic, allowing for a variety of layouts, and more attractive than it was before.

ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows has a complete new interface design which will blow your mind. The modern new look makes it easier than ever to navigate through your data. And best of all, ATLAS.ti licenses purchased after April 1, 2015 qualify for a FREE UPGRADE once version 8 is released. So there is no need to wait - start your analysis today, and switch to ATLAS.ti 8 for free later.

System Requirements  

ATLAS.ti runs on Intel-based PCs under the Windows operating system exclusively.

For successful installation and operation of ATLAS.ti, your system must meet the following requirements:

  Minimum* Recommended**
Processor Intel/AMD 1GHz PC: Intel Dual Core, 2 GB
Mac***: Intel Mac with Boot Camp or Parallels
RAM 500 MB 2 GB or more
Disk Space 50 MB 50 MB
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, WIndows 7 Windows XP, Windows Vista, WIndows 7
  * Minimum configuration means just that: You will be able to install and run the program. You will be able to perform all basic functions and work with text and multimedia files. But please do not expect to work with larger or a great number of multimedia files or to run auxiliary applications in parallel. ** Bigger is better! The more available resources (especially RAM and processor power) your system has, the more comfortably and smoothly will you be able to work with ATLAS.ti. For work with with multimedia material, embedded content, or for running auxiliary applications we strongly recommend PC systems of a solid mid- to upper-level capacity.

Non-Windows Platforms

Apple Macintosh
*** There is NO native Mac version of ATLAS.ti and ATLAS.ti will not work under MacOS. -- However, there are ways to use ATLAS.ti on your Intel Mac. Please read this information.

Unix / Linux
There is NO native Unix/Linux version of ATLAS.ti. -- Please look into software that lets you create a virtual or simulated Windows PC environment on your Unix computer. Make sure you have enough system resources (especially RAM, processor speed) left for smooth operation.

Get Started for FREE!!

Download the free trial version and start working NOW! The ATLAS.ti trial version is limited only in the size of projects that it lets you save, but it is perfect for smaller projects and for test driving the full program--for an UNLIMITED time. Continue your projects seamlessly in the full version if you ever decide to buy.

ATLAS.ti v7 - Quick Tour [pdf] 3.2Mb QuickTour_a7_en.pdf
ATLAS.ti v7 Manual [pdf] 11.9Mb atlasti_v7_manual.pdf
What's New in ATLAS.ti v7 [pdf] 3.2 Mb WhatsNew_a7.pdf

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