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Avantstar Quick View Plus 12


The world’s most-recognized desktop file-viewing program just got better ...

Introducing Quick View Plus 12 Standard Edition

Quick View Plus 12 Standard Edition lets you view virtually any file or email attachment you need instantly, without purchasing numerous software programs. Slash your software licensing expenses and find information in a fraction of the time.

Quick View Plus 12 Professional Edition provides even more advanced f
ile viewing and search features for legal, government and enterprise applications

Enhanced Features

  • Updated MIME content types.
    Quick View Plus will now support Apple Mail 2.0 (.EMLX), Ichitaro (.JTD, .JTT), MBOX (.MBOX), Microsoft Live Messenger (.V2), Open Office Document (.ODT, .OTT), Open Office Presentation (.ODP, .OTP, and .ODG) and Open Office Spreadsheet (.ODS and .OTS).

  • Print Image in Actual Size.
    Print bitmap or vector images in a size based upon the physical measurements, e.g. inches or centimeters.

Format Updates

New version file format support

  • Adobe PDF Package

  • Adobe PDF Portfolio

  • Apple Mail 2.0 message

  • AutoCAD 2010

  • Auto CAD 2009

  • AutoCAD 2008

  • Corel WordPerfect Office Presentations X4

  • Corel WordPerfect Office Quattro Pro X4

  • Corel WordPerfect Office WordPerfect X4

  • Ichitaro 2010 (Bullets preceding list text will not be supported.)

  • KingSoft WPS Office Presentation 2010

  • KingSoft WPS Office Spreadsheet 2010

  • KingSoft WPS Office Writer 2010

  • MBOX (containing multiple messages)

  • Microsoft Cabinet (Split archives, files that span cabinet boundaries, and Quantum compressed files will not be supported.)

  • Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 Binary (Embedded graphics will not be supported.)

  • Microsoft Live Messenger 10

  • Microsoft Project 2010 (text view only)

  • Open Office Calc 3.x

  • Open Office Draw 3.x

  • Open Office Impress 3.x

  • Open Office Writer 3.x

  • Oracle Open Office Calc 3.x

  • Oracle Open Office Draw 3.x

  • Oracle Open Office Impress 3.x

  • Oracle Open Office Writer 3.x

  • Star Office Calc 9

  • Star Office Draw 9

  • Star Office Impress 9

  • Star Office Writer 9

  • Trillian Text

  • 7z compressed files (Bzip 2 and split archives will not be supported.)

Enhanced file format support

  • Excel 2007/2010

  • Ability to process read only workbooks

  • Better conditional text formatting

  • Chart display improvements and support for additional chart types

  • PDF Attachments (body attachments only; attachments inserted in comments will not be supported)

  • PDF graphics support will include images with explicit mask, JBIG2 with symbol refinement, JPEG 2000 (JPXDecode) and JPEG with CMYK color.

  • Microsoft Word

  • Tab leaders (rendered as dot, hyphen or underline as displayed in the native file)

  • Table row vertical alignment (middle and bottom)

  • TOC links rendered as in the native file (not blue underline by default)

  • More accurate rendering of tables that are formatted using styles

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Support for arbitrary text rotation

  • Support for user modified arrow objects

  • Support for improved brightness and contrast

  • HTML (enhancements in rendering tables)

  • Microsoft Outlook files will be identified as mail, note, task, appointment, contact, or journal files.

  • Postscript (improved handling)

  • Vector graphics The fidelity for all input formats that leverage vector graphics will be enhanced. This includes new or enhanced support for the following chart categories:

  • 3D Vertical

  • 2D High/Low

  • 3D Horizontal

  • 2D Volume

  • 3D Line

  • 2D Filled Surface

  • 2D B-Spline

  • 2D Wireframe

  • 2D Stacked Line

  • 2D Bubble

  • 2D Exploded

  • 2D Radar

  • 2D Pie of Pie

  • 2D Line

  • 2D Multiple Pie

  • 2D Cubic

  • 2D XY

Product Integrations

Quick View Plus 12 integrates with the following third party applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader X

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

  • Mozilla Firefox 4 through 8

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