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CA ERwin r8 Modeling

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is an IT management software and solutions company with expertise across all IT environments – from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud. CA Technologies manages and secures IT environments and enables customers to deliver more flexible IT services. CA Technologies innovative products and services provide the insight and control essential for IT organizations to power business agility. The majority of the Global Fortune 500 relies on CA Technologies to manage evolving IT ecosystems.

CA ERwin Offers New Products to support both Cloud and On-Premise Databases and a New Web-Based Portal

The role of the data management professional has become increasingly challenging-having to act as a mediator between multiple audiences, multiple business units and departments, multiple tools and applications, and multiple databases. There is tremendous pressure to increase data quality and provide more rapid access to information, while at the same time reduce costs. Sound familiar?

CA ERwin® Data Modeling provides a simple, visual interface to design and manage your complex data environment-whether on-premise or in the Cloud. With a centralized view of key data definitions, you can leverage information as a strategic asset and Visualize the Power of Your Data: both On-Premise and in the Cloud.

What's New?

The CA ERwin family of products now includes two new product offerings, as well as an updated version of the core CA ERwin Data Modeler product:

CA Erwin® Web Portal: Visualize Information from the Web — for All Audiences

With the new CA ERwin Web Portal, all user types can easily search for critical definitions with an internet-style keyword search paradigm, and perform drill-down analysis into key data elements, to help assess the impact of change and understand critical data-centric business rules and definitions.

Key features of the CA ERwin Web Portal include:

  • Internet-Style Keyword Search
  • Diagram Visualization
  • Graphical Impact Analysis
  • Interface for Business vs. Technical Users
  • Reporting
  • Easy Roll-Out Across the Organization

CA ERwin® Data Modeler for Microsoft® SQL Azure™: Managing Data — both On-Premise and in the Cloud

With CA ERwin Data Modeler for Microsoft SQL Azure, customers can have a single visual interface providing a centralized view of all data sources-both on-premise and in the Cloud.

Key features of CA ERwin Data Modeler for Microsoft SQL Azure enable you to:

  • Quickly and easily design databases for the Microsoft SQL Azure Cloud database platform
  • Support migrations of data structures from on-premise to Cloud databases
  • Visualize both on-premise (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2, etc.) and Cloud-based databases (MS SQL Azure) from a single data modeling environment
  • Have confidence that your data is managed securely, whether on-premise or in the Cloud

CA ERwin® Data Modeler r8.2: Collaboration Facilitated

CA ERwin Data Modeler r8.2 has two main features to facilitate collaboration across the enterprise:

  • Concurrent Licensing
  • Active Model Templates for improved model object reuse and sharing

CA Software Finland Oy

Ylläpito ja tukipalvelut

Ylläpito (Maintenance) on saatavilla CA:n OLP/MLP/GLP lisenssiohjelmien kautta hankituille ohjelmistoille ja se voidaan hankkia 1 tai 3 vuodeksi lisenssitilauksen yhteydessä. Jatkoylläpito (1 tai 3 vuodeksi) on hankittava 15 päivän kuluessa ylläpidon päättymisestä. Ylläpitoon sisältyy versiopäivitykset sekä englanninkielinen puhelintuki. Uudet ohjelmistoversiot tilataan osoitteesta: .

Value Maintenance:

12x5h Englanninkielinen puhelintuki (UK 8:00 – 20:00)
+ versiopäivitykset ohjelmistoista

Enterprise Maintenance:

24x7h Englanninkielinen puhelintuki
+  versiopäivitykset ohjelmistoista, rajoittamaton pääsy CA:n SupportConnect tukijärjestelmään (

Yhteydenotot tukiasioissa  
  • Technical Support puh:  0303 9017
  • OnLine tuki: 
  • Total License Care puh: 0303 9015
  • Web:
Enterprise Maintenance -asiakkaat:
- Ylläpitoasiakkaan SiteID (asiakasnumero) avataan ensimmäisen tukikyselyn yhteydessä tai pyynnöstä soittamalla numeroon puh: 0303 9017

Tukipyynnön vasteaika: Tukipyyntöä avattaessa puhelimitse/sähköpostitse kuvataan ongelman kiirellisyys (=Severity Level) ja sen mukaan määräytyy vasteaika ongelman selvittämiseksi.

Severity Level 1: Vasteaika 1h (”Production system down”)
Severity Level 2:
Vasteaika “business hours” (”Major problem, high impact to systems”)
Severity Level 3: Vasteaika “business hours” (”Minor problem, low impact to systems”)
Severity Level 4:
Vasteaika “business day” (”Question type of request”)

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
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