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Sybase DataWindow .NET

Introducing Sybase DataWindow .NET!

Sybase DataWindow .NET

Sybase Application Development Tool Accelerates the Creation of Enterprise-Class, Data-Driven Applications Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework

Patented DataWindow Technology for .NET
Sybase DataWindow .NET, a powerful new development tool for any .NET environment, simplifies and accelerates the creation of data driven enterprise applications. Based on proven technology that has been awarded six patents, Sybase DataWindow .NET gives developers a single tool to quickly and easily incorporate data access, complex logic and data presentation into .NET applications.

Sybase DataWindow .NET delivers data access and presentation capabilities - virtually code free. A user-friendly point-and-click environment enables easy data retrieval and modification, allowing developers to quickly incorporate complex business logic into applications and to modify it when business needs change. Sybase DataWindow .NET is engineered for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET, Borland® C# Builder™, or any other development environment that supports the Microsoft .NET Framework.

One Tool Does It All for .NET
Unlike other .NET tools that leave you wanting more, DataWindow .NET brings the best of both worlds providing a variety of sophisticated and adaptable presentation layers with minimal coding, along the ability to easily build complex SQL queries, define validation rules, filter, sort, and manipulate data.

DataWindow .NET - Key Features
Key Sybase DataWindow .NET™
features include:
  • Powerful, patented leading edge technology.
  • Best-in-class rapid application development (RAD) component makes development easy out of the box.
  • 4GL Data access, data validation, and data presentation - virtually code free!
  • 5 lines of code with DataWindow .NET does the work of 30 lines of Visual Basic and 100 lines of C++ or Java.
  • Integrates with version 1.1 of the .NET Framework:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
    • Borland's C#Builder
    • Open source #develop (SharpDevelop).
  • User friendly graphic interface delivers unparalleled productivity


DataWindow .NET - Benefits
Learn more about how DataWindow .NET can speed your development cycle and make you more efficient
  • Reduced Costs - Greatly simplifies development and deployment of enterprise level data driven applications. Get your projects done faster then ever before.
  • Improved Productivity - Allows developers to easily build data intensive applications in hours or days, with minimal coding
  • Minimized Risk - Proven technology, tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of developers allows new developers to benefit from the mature and robust 4-GL graphic programming component
  • Speeds Development - 4GL component with built-in functions and properties reduces coding required
  • Flexible - Code in your .NET language of choice
  • Boosts Performance of - Visual Studio .NET, Borland's C# Builder, and #develop.
Learn more and download your free eval copy!

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Softa SuperStore