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Seavus DropMind

Realize the true potential of your amazing mind.

Encourage your brain to work in a way that is fast, efficient and stylish.
Make your thinking and planning smarter and faster. Get extraordinary experience and create immediate personal success.
Seavus DropMind™ provides you with a powerful method to store, organize and prioritize information. It is a natural thinking tool that draws upon inspiration and effectiveness.

Seavus DropMind™ will help you form more creative ideas and solutions, and to think in multiple directions simultaneously.
Our mind mapping tool offers unique creation of mind maps and effective and rapid review of information.

Trigger your distinctive memories and encourage new thoughts and ideas. Start NOW!

Why to use Seavus DropMind™

For marketing

Being in marketing requires good planning, organizational skills and ability to work under pressure. In this fast changing environment, it is easy to get lost in a bunch of information and have problems meeting deadlines. Tracking details of the marketing plan and transforming ideas into measurable results is a challenge for every person in marketing.

How Seavus DropMind™ can help you: 

  • Detailed campaign plans
    With mind maps you can see all the information and data so you can build a
     detailed plan which provides faster and easier memorization and visualization of the whole plan. By having the "big picture" presented in a map, you can easily find parts from the map with the advanced search option and focus on what you want to see.
  • Fast generation of creative ideas
    The most important skill for every marketing person is creativity. Seavus DropMind™ facilitates the process of generating innovative ideas, which leads to fast creation of marketing campaigns and strategies. Using this type of software can help you increase your skills while you are solving a problem, intensify creativity and facilitate your thinking processes.

    Collaborate more closely and share ideas. You can chat with colleagues and friends and make changes simultaneously on the map in real time. It is easy to track changes made on the map with the time line slider.
  • Focus on the step-by-step process
    It takes time to plan and organize your work. Every day you receive information from emails, files, online news, social media, smart phones etc. With DropMind™ you are able to centralize all needed documents in a single place by adding attachments to a mind map or importing files from different formats. DropMind™ offers a variety of importing and exporting options, such as:

    - Import maps or tasks created with Mindjet's MindManager®, XMind, FreeMind, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Project, Microsoft ® Outlook.

    - Export your map as PDF Document, Image, Microsoft® Word, Rich Text Document, Microsoft ® PowerPoint, HTML, FreeMind Map, Mindjet's Mind Manager, Microsoft® Project, Microsoft® Outlook tasks and XML Document.

    Moreover, DropMind™ helps you to meet deadlines easily by setting reminders for a specific meeting or assigned task, or adding time and date on a specific topic in the mind map.

  • Remarkable Presentation
    Presentations are a crucial part of every marketing activity. Getting the audience to pay attention and understand what you are saying is rather difficult. You can have the presentation outline in a mind map and use it as guide by providing hard copy to the audience which will make it flawless and easy to follow. Using snapshots from parts of the map can make it more visually understandable and focused.

For professors

Professors can find great use of DropMind™. Mind mapping helps professors to present information in a comprehensive way and actively involve their students in the learning process. Let us explain briefly few points DropMind™ offers which can help you teach at greater ease. 

  • Set yourself a base for all of your work!
    Make it inevitable for students to better memorize the material you teach and improve the rate at which they can closely follow your lecture. As an educator, think about presenting the lesson in front of your class, sometimes the material weighs heavy on your students and they fall back during your lecture. It is much easier to have a guide and know at every time exactly which point it's missed out and which point is discussed about. Using DropMind™ allows viewing the whole class material in front of you in a form of a map. Let the students have the map! Think about this: One class, one concept, one easy map!
  • Grab your student's attention during your lecture.
    Update your client's information by exporting/importing and attaching any file type all while you still preserve the highlighted key points on which you want to place your focus. Second and final step, set a reminder and you are prepared for the next sale.
  • Print the way you want.
    Give your students a hard copy print out of the material or send it as an attachment to an e-mail in a form you find suitable. Use the extensive exporting options to manipulate with the information you hold.
  • Track your student's work.
    Seavus DropMind™ Web allows for collaboration and tracks the changes done on the map. This can help you see who has been working on a given group project who has not.
  • Let grading be a much easier task than ever before!
    Using DropMind™ as your base will freshen your thoughts about each of your students instantly. Enter notes by their name and make all of the needed information about a particular student be available to you at a glance, paint a better picture of their work and behavior than ever before!

For Students

Students can find DropMind™ as a fun and exciting way to study, work and follow their progress all while saving time. Learn how cool and easy is to organize class schedules, write essays, prepare exams, and meet deadlines. Let us explain briefly some steps where you will find yourself: 

  • Never be late on your assignments again!
    You can use DropMind™ to organize the wealthy information you receive from all of your classes you take. Attach your lecture documents of any file type to the class or chapter topic, enter notes and set alerts for your assignment and test due dates. Be on top of your education and know how well you are progressing!
  • Collaborate
    Our collaboration feature allows for a perfect group project. Chat with your classmates, discuss your ideas and share your views, all while you are still able to upload and attach documents for others to read. Build a common view and understanding with your classmates!
  • Save on valuable time on your next presentation!
    Create your presentation in the shortest time ever. Present your information on a DropMind™ mind map by using our automatic snap-shot feature and cover all your topics!!! Or you can still use our extensive options for exporting your info into a different, more conventional format and let everyone view your great work!
  • Set yourself personal tasks and be on top of your life!
    When visualizing all your tasks and assignments you can work with ease and more confidence.

For sales

In sales you want to gain access to all the information about the potential clients, form a dynamic presentational story and ultimately get to that point where you can use your people skills to the fullest. This requires you to have exceptional information management skills. Let us show you how you can manage your information more effectively by using DropMind™. 

  • Generate a sales approach in seconds!
    Keep all of your client's information in a visual perspective; highlight your key points to focus on and help yourself quickly visualize your client's needs and the benefit your product will bring to their table. Generate a dynamic sales strategy and reach your goal!
  • Keep updated and stay ahead!
    Update your client's information by exporting/importing and attaching any file type all while you still preserve the highlighted key points on which you want to place your focus. Second and final step, set a reminder and you are prepared for the next sale.

For managers

Being a Project Manager gives you the ability to demonstrate an effective way to improve your organizational skills as well as your team's productivity. Having in mind the number of people you communicate with, tasks you manage and emails you track, your abilities can often be challenged through information overload and scattered work.

Let us show you how to benefit from Seavus DropMind™ by using it in your project related activities:

  • Recall enough information to successfully initiate the project
    Mind-Maps are excellent for the first phase of breaking a project into manageable parts. Brainstorm the ideas for the project related activities with your peers and enhance the quality of the project's scope. Develop the desired project requirements by consolidating documents and sharing ideas with your team members from one single accessible point.
  • Create next action steps and set the tasks
    Create a list of tasks and assign the resources needed for best results. Estimate the project's start and end date by identifying the amount of effort required to complete each task. Include relationships for related tasks and set the appropriate task dependencies. Collaborate on the topic at hand and manipulate with all the information you have in a much easier way then ever before, use our extensive exporting options to deliver for best results. Export all your work to a conventional Project Management application!
  • Follow the progress
    Follow the project's trajectory by setting alerts for the milestones to make sure you never fall behind. Think about this:Get to work, look at a map, and grasp the plan for the day!
    Run effective project status meetings together with your co-workers, add updates and share your views with the related parties.

    Think about improvement and use your time to bring your skills in the light.
Visualize your success

Synchronize your desktop and web mind maps
Create and manage your work by accessing your map from anywhere and at anytime. The integration between desktop and web applications allows you to always get the latest changes and stay updated. Get the best from desktop and web solution together and have both Seavus DropMind™ - Desktop and Seavus DropMind™ - Web versions of mind maps with their last changes.

Gain business value from your mind maps
Use DropMind™ at the beginning phases of your project and get the best from your brainstorming sessions. Communicate information effectively and present the project details in different file formats with the MS Office integration. Have all data on hand by exporting and importing mind maps quickly and easily in a variety of different formats including MS® Excel, MS® Word, MS® Power Point, MS® Project, MS® Outlook.

Present information effectively
Generate presentations in seconds. Share your ideas and plans by creating a productive business atmosphere during meetings. Presentation mode gives possibility for creating, exporting and viewing presentations from the created mind maps directly within the application or by exporting the map to MS® Power Point.

Stay compatible with your business partners
You have variety of documents in different places or mind maps created in other mind mapping software? Then you will love Seavus DropMind™. Why? Because Seavus DropMind™ is information visualization mind mapping software that offers variety of import and export options. Share your thoughts with anyone. Keep strong relationships with your business partners which are using different mind mapping applications. Export mind maps to FreeMind Map or Mindjet's Mind Manager®.

Work in style
Create and navigate your maps easier with the simple multi-touch gestures. Design your maps quickly with the explosion of shapes, colors, gradients and images. It is fun and simply cool.

Collaborate simultaneously

Work together on one map simultaneously and make changes at the same time with your friends, colleagues or family. All changes made by each participant will be visible to all collaborators and viewers. The main purpose of this feature is to automate, simplify and fasten the process of collaboration. Each action during the collaboration is recorded.

Create New Map, Templates

Create new maps in a four-sphere multi-colored layout and capture ideas with a single click. Or, create a mind map from a number of templates.
Insert as many parent topics, sibling topics, child topics and floating topics as you wish. Create multiple maps within one map space by inserting multiple central topics. Label a single topic as a key topic to call attention to the essential points.
Enrich your map with inserting relationships, callouts and boundaries.

Print, Import / Export

Print your mind maps within your space, or fit to screen to print exactly what you see. Select a specific topic with its subtopics and print only the selected area.
Import from MindManager®, Basecamp, FreeMind, XMind, Desktop Seavus DropMind™ and Microsoft® Word Document. Export your map as an Image, Document outline (.rtf), Document outline (.doc), Basecamp and to Desktop Seavus DropMind™, MindJet's MindManager®, FreeMind, PDF, XML and HTML.

Integration with Basecamp

The Basecamp integration offers you importing your entire projects or part of a project, project information, to-do lists and milestones. Using this powerful collaboration system helps you view and manage your projects and organize them in a unique and distinctive way.

Integration with Google Apps

Be flexible and more productive with Google integration. With these powerful collaboration and communication tool you are able to share and manage documents, search to the content of the documents of your Google Docs and much more. Connect with you Google Contacts by importing them in your map community. Invite them to view or collaborate on you map.

Map History

Easily track map changes made by others, who you have invited to collaborate on your mind map.
View recent map versions and return to any of them whenever you want. By using timeline slider, you can see when and who made the change on your mind map.
You can save your map as a new map or restore a particular version of the map that you have created.

Insert Topic Elements

Elaborate topics with rich text notes; link maps to websites; add a hyperlink to a topic that will associate it with another topic in the same map; attach files relevant to map's content.
Add icons from our rich Seavus DropMind™ Gallery to your map. Easily insert images in a map and change, resize or delete them. Place your icons and images up, down, left and right in the topic.

Upload, Search and add Image URL

Browse images from your computer, upload it in Seavus DropMind™ and insert them to the mind map's topics.
Moreover, you can search for other images online on Flickr or Live, or simply insert the image URL to add image to the topic and enrich your map with visual elements.

Apply Task Information to Topics

If you want a topic in your map to become a tasks you can easily add task information to the specific topic.
Task information you can enter for a certain topic includes: Priority, Start date, End date, % Complete, Duration (hours/days/weeks/years) and Resources.

Format Topics

Choose from different fonts and font sizes, style and colors to arrange topic's text format. Pick from different topic shapes and customize your topic format. Additionally, change the fill, border and relationship and boundary colors. Set topic ties (Straight, Elbow, Angle, and Curve) and format the background color or the color of the entire map.

Format Map Style and Layout

In addition to the default formatting options, format map layout, map and topic styles as you wish.
Set the map layout for the best view: 4 Spheres layout, Left-Right/Right/Left map or Organizational chart top-down/down/up. Choose you map and topic styles from our predefined library or create your own styles.

Generate Presentations

The Presentation Mode allows for a "full-screen" view of your existing mind maps. It allows you to present different parts of your maps with minimum distraction.
You can generate separate slides of different topics by taking snapshots and showcasing them in an up-to-the-minute presentation. Work with a higher slide and schedule the generation of slides upon your needs. Arrange the presentation as you desire At the end, you can export presentation slides as image list in .zip or as .ppt slides.

Chat, Share Maps and Publish Maps

Chat (using GTalk) or invite your friends and coworkers to view and collaborate on your map. Create your mind map community by assigning others as collaborators or viewers. Each change made on the map will be recorded and by using the timeline slider you can see how map was build. You can publish your mind maps to be viewed by other users, and you can choose to receive map alerts as direct messages on your Twitter account, simply by allowing twittering from each map separately and following Seavus DropMind™ on Twitter.

Search Online

Select a single topic and find related information online. Search the word/phrase written in the selected topic via Google, Delicious, Live Search and Wikipedia.
Click on the Google and Live Search buttons and get results in Seavus DropMind™ application. Moreover, the Twitter integration allows you to tweet your topic's content!

Search Maps Thoroughly

The advanced search option is a very powerful search engine built in the application that allows you to search your open maps.
To refine your search results you can search through topic types; search in topic text, notes, hyperlinks, attachments and Google Docs; search current map or all open maps; and choose when the map you are searching was last modified.

Seavus DropMind Desktop:

 Seavus DropMind™ - Overview
 Seavus DropMind™ - User Manual - English
 Features By Releases

Seavus DropMind Web:

 Seavus DropMind™ - Overview
 Seavus DropMind™ - User Manual - English
 Features By Releases






 Mind maps per user 5 Unlimited
   Invite collaborators per mind map 2 Unlimited
   Simultaneious collaboration (Number of participants) 2 Unlimited
   Invite viewers per mind map Unlimited Unlimited
   Storage 30 MB 100 MB
   Multiple mind maps in map space      
   Map Layouts      
   Topic Styles      
   Tag maps      
   Google, Delicious, Wikipedia and Live search      
   Integration with Google Docs and Google Contacts, Google Search      
   Integration with Basecamp - project management application      
   Image library      
   Add image with inserting URL      
   Search maps      
   Map History      
   Task Info      
   Interlink mind maps      
   Link to topic in same map      
   G-Talk Chat      
   Twitter Integration      
   Import MS Word document      
   Import from MindJet MindManger®      
   Import from FreeMind      
   Import from XMind      
   Export map as .dmm file (Desktop Seavus DropMind™)      
   Export to MS® PowerPoint      
   Export to MS® Word      
   Export to MindJet MindManager®      
   Export mind map as image      
   Export mind map as .rtf file      
   Export mind map as html      
   Export mind map as .pdf file      
   Export mind map to MS Word document      
   Export mind map to XML      
   Export mind map to FreeMind      
   Seamless integration between Web and Desktop      
   Upload Image      
   Search image online      
   Add attachments      
   Send mind map as e-mail attachment      
   Save mind map as template      
   Save Map Parts      
   Advanced Search      
   Presentation Mode      
   Export presentation slides as images in .zip      
   Export presentation to MS Power Point      
   View mind map as outline      
   Synchronization with Desktop DropMind™      

New Release: Version 2.3 Available Now

The new version of DropMind™ is released. Version 2.3 is here to map your mind in more efficient and intuitive way and it brings big improvements for your brainstorming and decision making challenges.

Enjoy a powerful set of features and improvements and bring original insights to your decisions making process. Explore the features, evaluate the possibilities and unleash your creativity.

Now, DropMind™ can do even more.

The mobile version of DropMind™ is completely finished and live. It will complete the philosophy of 3A: Accessing the maps by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The perfect synergy between the 3 applications (desktop, web and mobile) will improve your experience and will allow you to organize yourself quickly and effectively. The mobile access to your DropMind™ web account will enable fast and easy retrieval of your created maps, viewing and editing them in a well-structured outline mode and capturing your new ideas on the go in a few simple steps.

The desktop applications for Windows allows you to create your topics with multiple hyperlinks per topic. Use web hyperlink, hyperlink to file or folder; hyperlink to e-mail address; hyperlink to topic in the map or hyperlinks to maps on the web – anyway, you can easier link your map to the World Wide Web.

Moreover, we created environment where you can work with your ideas’ flow with just a touch of the fingers. Yes, plural, because version 2.3 has multi-touch support. Plus, you can edit every note very smoothly and easily because of the following improvements: Format text within notes editor; Bold, Italic, Underline; Cross over; Add web hyperlinks and more.

Now, something about the Web version. The new ribbon design allows you to move more efficiently and quickly access tools that you need to accomplish more in less time. Want to sign in, but you’re not registered? No need to worry, because you can sign in using credentials from Google mail, Google Apps™, Yahoo or the OpenID. Now you can keep statistics for your maps: Session duration; Number of Central Topics; Number of Topics; Number of Floating topics; and lots of other numbers. If you don’t like something on your map, just send it to the Recycle Bin and later you can restore your deleted maps and retrieve your information.

People always like to chat,even when they are writing their ideas, right? We added the internal chat in the simultaneous collaboration mode, so, you can connect your teams using group chat and work together. And when taking a break from work, you can share some gossips :).

sOh? You’re surprised? Of course you are, cause you’re looking at the new design of the product’s website. It is clear, filled with useful information, easier to navigate.

So, no more words needed. Take a journey with your ideas, write them down with DropMind™ and share your experience with us. You feedback is the most valuable asset for the next big adventure of releasing new version. Until then, stay tuned on our blog and map your mind with DropMind™ 2.3.

It is our pleasure to inform you that the first digital magazine for Seavus Group's insider news is now available and is aimed at all of our appreciated customers, partners and all other interested readers.

Seavus Insider reports in depth on the key activities and news related to the Seavus actions in the past period. The first issue focuses on hot market topics and gives an overview on the latest inside projects.

Our magazine aims to publicize news and actions – in line with our latest findings, creative strategies, events and projects. This way we are trying to keep all of our attached partners, clients and contact regularly informed about Seavus development, since everything we accomplished is a direct result from the mutual collaboration.

The inaugural issue of Seavus Insider is twenty six pages of visual interpretations of the hot news in Seavus. In addition to all key topics, the issue also includes a letter from the CEO, Flesh Seavus news; Industry trends; Interviews with key Seavus people; Android corner; Thought leadership articles; Events calendar; and Gallery.

You can access the magazine on the following link - Seavus Insider #1!

Uusi Adobe CC 2019 3+ Seats Promo -kampanja 30.11.18 asti!
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore