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Oberon Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW

Calendar Wizard 4.0 main dialogOberon Calendar Wizard 4.1 is a CorelDRAW add-on to create professional quality calendar layouts of various styles and levels of complexity. Designed with high quality output in mind, Calendar Wizard 4.1 offers unparallel flexibility and power to the user.

The exceptional features of Calendar Wizard coupled with excellent tools of CorelDRAW allows you to create the best looking calendar designs in a short amount of time.

With over 30 different layout types supported and over 500 parameters such as colors, fonts, etc. describing each layout, you can create truly personalized calendars. Top this off with the ability to create calendars in different languages, add public holidays, local events or personal special dates, indicate lunar phases and other events and you end up with the right tool to handle the most demanding projects.

Features such as live previews right in Calendar Wizard's dialogs eliminate guesswork and allow you to concentrate on the design, not the tool itself.

Once a calendar is generated, use standard CorelDRAW tools and features to enhance the design with clipart images, photos, artistic effects and then print or export the design in the format required for final output.

A number of predefined calendar designs is readily available from the presets list of the main dialog which is a good starting point for your base design if you don't want to start tweaking standard styles from scratch.

It could be as little as 10 seconds from the time you start CorelDRAW till you have a calendar design created for you ready to be printed.

The current version of Calendar Wizard can be used together with CorelDRAW 10, 11 and 12 and requires Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Calendar Wizard Features

Calendar Wizard 4.1 has the following key features:

  • Works with CorelDRAW 10 and up
  • Automatically generate calendars for any year between 1583 and 4000.
  • 32 Calendar Layouts
  • Combine "hanging" dates of 6th week with 5th (e.g. 23/30).
  • Display days of previous/next month in empty cells of calendar grids
  • Display mini-calendars for previous/next months in unused cells of calendar grid or in the calendar title
  • Place week numbers on calendar grids
  • Number of the day in the year and/or number of days left till the end of the year can be displayed on calendar grids
  • Generate a calendar in the current CorelDRAW document, new document, or inside a selected rectangle object in CorelDRAW.
  • Support for unlimited number of languages and unlimited number of locales within a single language definition (e.g. English/US, English/UK, English/Australia)
  • Per-locale calendar settings (first day of week, first week of the year)
  • Per-locale sets of holidays/events
  • 7 types of holiday date definition:
    • Recurring weekly (e.g. every Monday)
    • Recurring monthly (e.g. the second day of every month)
    • Fixed date (e.g. August, 27th)
    • Recurring week of month (e.g. last Sunday of every month)
    • Specific week day of a month (e.g. 3rd Friday of March)
    • Day of year (e.g. 72nd day of year or 37 day before the end of year)
    • Relative (e.g. 2 weeks before Christmas or 1 month before Vernal Equinox). You can base one event definition on another which in turn can be based on other event(s)
  • Conditional holiday date definition (e.g. if a holiday falls on Sunday, move it to the next Monday)
  • More than 1 holiday/event definitions per day
  • Define multiple event categories in each locale so they can be handled as a group (e.g. Public holidays, Religious holidays, Family birthdays, etc)
  • Full customization of fonts, line styles and colors
  • Each cell can have no background, solid color background or gradient fill (smooth transition between colors)
  • Cells can have cusp or round corners
  • Independent font, color, border and background definitions for regular calendar cells, for weekends and holidays
  • Save/load projects with all settings so you can store your calendar design to be recalled later or to share them with friends or colleagues
  • Save calendar styles/designs as a preset to be recalled quickly by just selecting them from the preset list.
  • Save color/font schemes as calendar formatting styles to be applied to different calendar layouts later

Calendar Wizard System Requirements

Oberon Calendar Wizard 4.1 is an add-on for CorelDRAW and as such requires CorelDRAW.

Currently, Calendar Wizard is available for CorelDRAW 10, 11 and 12:

Calendar Wizard for CorelDRAW 11/12:

A retail version of CorelDRAW 11.633 or later is required. Service Packs 1 and 2 are recommended. Or CorelDRAW 12.458 or later can be used.

You must ensure that Visual Basic for Applications is installed along with CorelDRAW. VBA is installed in CorelDRAW 11 and 12 by default but if you ran a custom setup and did not include VBA in the installation, you will need to install it before installing Oberon Calendar Wizard 4.

Calendar Wizard for CorelDRAW 10:

This program requires CorelDRAW 10 Service Pack 1 (10.427) or later. Correct functioning under the original release of CorelDRAW 10 (10.410) is not guaranteed. This program will not run under earlier versions of CorelDRAW.

If you don't have the latest version of CorelDRAW 10, download the service pack(s) from Corel web site:

You have to have Visual Basic for Applications installed to run this program. VBA is not installed by default with CorelDRAW 10 Graphics suite. You need to do a custom installation and choose to install VBA. You can run the VBA install manually by running the vba6.msi installation package from \Corel\Graphics10\Config\Redist\VBA6 folder of the CorelDRAW 10 CD#1.

Note to users of Academic version of CorelDRAW:

CorelDRAW 10 Academic doesn't include Visual Basic for Applications and therefore Oberon Calendar Wizard cannot be used with it. You need to have a full retail version of application to be able to run Calendar Wizard. Academic versions of CorelDRAW 11 and 12 does include VBA though.

Calendar Wizard Downloads

Download a free trial versions of Oberon Calendar Wizard 4.1. The ZIP archives provided includes a self-installing setup packages.

The application is fully functional during its 7 day try-out period. After the trial expires, you must order the ESD application to continue using it.

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW 12:

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW 11:

Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW 10:

When installing the application, the setup program will ask if you want to activate the Calendar Wizard custom workspace in CorelDRAW. If you choose Yes, then a default CorelDRAW workspace will be installed which will have an extra toolbar with two buttons on it:

Note that if you customized your existing workspace, it will be replaced with the Calendar Wizard's workspace (you can however revert to your workspace by using CorelDRAW's workspace manager).

If you choose not to activate Calendar Wizard's workspace, you still can add the macro buttons to your existing toolbars. Please consult your CorelDRAW online help or manual on adding macro buttons to toolbars.

You can download the following icon images which can be used on the macro buttons of Calendar Wizard:

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