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Nuance PDF Converter 7 Professional

Everything you love about PDF Converter is here – plus a host of great new features and enhancements designed to make organising your documents easier than ever.

PDF is the undisputed worldwide standard for sharing documents. And you can be sure it didn’t get that way by resting on its laurels. PDF has evolved. It’s gotten smarter. And a smarter format like PDF demands smarter PDF software to deliver every bit of business-critical PDF functionality you need.

Introducing the smartest way to edit, create, convert, search, secure & share PDF files.

So how did PDF Converter Professional get smarter? PDF Converter Professional 7 now features smarter editing that lets you make changes directly within PDF files – no conversion necessary. Smarter creation gives you new PDF Portfolios and interactive features like bookmarks and embedded audio and video. Smarter PDF conversion lets you convert any PDF file into a fully-formatted Microsoft Office document. Smarter integration with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 takes your productivity to the next level. You’ll save time and find information fast with smarter searching. And you’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with smarter document security.

Here’s a glance at what’s new:

  • Enhanced document conversion – Delivers up to 21% more accurate conversion into Microsoft Excel, plus you can combine multiple PDF pages into one Excel worksheet
  • Smarter searching – new ‘looks like’ facility makes it easier to find what you need.
  • Easier document assembly – combining documents into one PDF is now even more efficient.
  • Better security – flatten document objects into one permanent layer so the document content is more secured against unwanted changes
  • More versatile – you can now embed Microsoft Silverlight multimedia content.
  • Use Windows 7 jump lists to go straight to recent or favourite PDFs, or to quickly create or convert new PDFs.
  • And much more…

PDF Converter Professional 7

New PDF Converter Professional 7 is uniquely designed to help you work smarter, do things with PDF you might not know were possible, and most importantly, save you time.

PDF Converter Professional 7 is the smartest and easiest way to create PDF files, edit and annotate them, convert them to fully-formatted Microsoft Office documents, search them, secure them, and even make any PDF form instantly fillable - all within a single, affordable application. According to Edward Mendelson of PC Magazine, PDF Converter Professional is
"…all the PDF software you'll ever need."

PDF Converter enables business users to create, convert, edit, assemble and share PDF files with colleagues and customers for improved productivity, collaboration, and compliance. It combines powerful functionality, built-in intelligence and Microsoft Office support.

PDF Converter version 7 is now available and includes the following new improvements and features:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 support and comprehensive integration with Microsoft Office 2010

  • Tabbed document previews for drag-and-drop document assembly

  • One-click professional scanning with automatic find-and-mark

  • Document layers management

  • Comprehensive search and redaction capabilities

  • Flatten document information in a single layer

  • Microsoft Silverlight multi-media support.

More about what makes PDF Converter Professional 7 smarter…

PDF Converter Professional 7 is our smartest PDF solution ever. It includes all the features you expect and some hot new functionality you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s more about what you get:



NEW! Smarter PDF Editing. PDF wasn’t designed with editing in mind. But with PDF Converter Professional 7 you get all the PDF editing you need. You can select, move, re-size, rotate, copy, and paste nearly anything in a PDF document, copy graphics to other applications and edit text in-place. You can even assemble and reorder PDF documents as easily as shuffling paper on your desk – now with previews to ensure you’ve got the file you want and to choose which pages you’d like to add to your PDF file. It’s smarter PDF editing for less!



NEW! Smarter PDF Creation. Like other, more expensive solutions, PDF Converter Professional 7 allows you to create PDF files from any of your PC applications. PDF Converter Professional 7, however, creates PDF files with much more flexibility. Toolbar shortcuts for Microsoft Office allow you to make a PDF copy of your documents with a single click, and the PDF Create Assistant allows you to easily convert multiple files into a single PDF, create PDF packages and more, with drag-and-drop simplicity. PDF Portfolios allow you to place multiple files, even folders, within a single PDF file in order to more effectively organize, share and secure document groups.



NEW! Smarter PDF Conversion. PDF Converter Professional 7 instantly and accurately converts any PDF file into a fully-formatted Microsoft Word, Excel®, PowerPoint, XPS, or Corel® WordPerfect® document – complete with layout, columns, tables and graphics. It supports the new Office 2010 and even lets you automatically convert a scanned or image-only PDF file into a Searchable PDF. Now, you can convert any page area in any PDF without having to process the whole page. There’s also the PDF Converter Assistant with easy-to-use batch conversion.



NEW! Smarter PDF Collaboration. This release features a comprehensive array of mark-up and commenting tools for all your collaboration needs. Highlight, cross-out, or underline text – now automatically. Add pop-up comments or stamps. Compare two versions of a PDF document side-by-side. Compare a PDF document with its Word counterpart. Merge comments from multiple reviewers into one integrated PDF document. Print with Comments to make for easier review. PDF Converter Professional 7 makes collaboration smarter.



NEW! Smarter PDF Security. These days, document security isn’t just important, it’s imperative. PDF Converter Professional 7 gives you the power to securely control PDF content with the highest available level of security: 256-bit encryption. The Inspect Document feature enables you to completely remove sensitive information like comments, document properties and more. PDF Converter Professional 7 now lets you make PDF content fixed and permanent with password protection and extends permission control down to PDF layers. Safe. Secure. Smart.



NEW! Smarter PDF Searching. PDF Converter Professional 7 lets you easily search across all elements of a PDF file, including bookmarks, comments, footnotes and more. The new “Looks Like” Search even finds information based upon a distinct pattern found in number or text sequences. Use pre-defined criteria like telephone number, date, email address, etc., or create your own custom criteria for things like part numbers. So next time you need to highlight every part number in a 70-page inventory report, simply select “part number” in the Search window and bingo – you’re done!



NEW! And Much, Much More. We’ve also made sure to include all the advanced features you need in a complete PDF solution, including integrated spell checking, document splitting, automatic table of contents creation, full support for new Windows 7 and Office 2010, support for Firefox and Chrome... you get the idea.


System Requirements

  • A computer with an Intel® Pentium® III or higher processor or equivalent
  • Supported operating systems:
    • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Editions
    • Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit Editions with Service Pack 2
    • Windows XP 32-bit Edition with Service Pack 3
    • Windows 2003, 2008 Server (Citrix, AD, WTS)
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®7 or above
  • 512 MB of memory (RAM), 1 GB recommended
  • 130 MB of free hard disk space for application files plus 20 MB working space during installation
  • CD-ROM drive for installation
  • Web access needed for product registration, activation and obtaining live updates for the program
  • To save DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files (for Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 Word, Excel and PowerPoint) you should have or install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 on Windows XP (free download available at com).

Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer’s processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements.

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