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NovaStor NovaNET 11



NovaNET tape and disk backup software for Windows, NetWare, and Linux networks is designed for cross-platform environments to meet the demands of users with either homogeneous or mixed operating systems installed, all of which can be centrally managed through its common graphical user interface.

Convenient features for remote administration, distributed backup processing, redundant tape drives, database protection and disaster recovery are seamlessly integrated and can be enabled to fit the user's requirements. Additional online data protection plug-in services are available to support Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, SAN Servers, DPM Server, open file backup and more.

Whatever the user environment, NovaNET easily and economically adapts to ensure complete data protection. NovaStor software has been protecting millions of computers for over 20 years.

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Universal Support

When it comes to data protection for small-to-medium business, NovaNET™ is the one solution for server and PC desktop backup. NovaNET™ provides seamless cross-platform support for Microsoft Windows®, Linux and NetWare®. This unique advantage decreases the learning curve associated with multiple applications and provides a single solution which is powerful, yet consistent and simplified.

In addition to broad platform support, NovaNET™ protects open files including leading databases and applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Also, with the increasing popularity of Network Attached Storage (NAS), NovaNET™ supports a broad class of NAS solutions, including those built on Microsoft Storage Server 2003.

Intuitive Backup and Recovery
Backup, and more importantly, recovery, shouldn’t be complicated or cumbersome. NovaNET™ provides intuitive wizards to guide you step-by-step through installation, setup and every aspect of the backup and recovery process to ensure the protection and restoration of your critical business data. With Disaster Recovery options for servers and workstations, NovaNET™ provides a broad range of recovery options with the capability to fully recover complete system environments or just a single file.

Scales to Suit Any Environment
Built for businesses with growth in mind, NovaNET™ can scale from a minimal configuration supporting a single server with a locally attached backup device up to an enterprise environment with multiple domains, OSs, workstations, servers and storage devices. NovaNET™ employs a building block architecture centralized around a central Master Server component, and from this foundation, support for additional servers, workstations, backup devices and critical applications can be added individually as required.

Unmatched Flexibility
With NovaNET™’s distributed architecture, backup devices can be located anywhere on the network to suit your personal requirements and administration of all backups can be controlled from any server, workstation or browser.

With NovaNET™’s flexible licensing technology, you have the ability to redesign your network infrastructure at any time without additional software investment. NovaNET™ provides the perfect solution for businesses wishing to migrate to a new or mixed OS platform. Each license has built in support for each OS and the same license key will activate the platform that best suits the existing or newly planned environment.

Innovative Automation
NovaNET™ facilitates the management of storage media with an automated media rotation and tape library support. NovaNET™ automatically detects new devices allowing the instant integration into your backup routines. NovaNET™ offers a Self Tuning Logic (STL) which ensures maximum backup and recovery performance for optimal usage of software and hardware resources.

Best Valued Packs for Small Business Needs
NovaStor has further expanded and enhanced its most popular edition of NovaNET™. The introduction of Value Packs makes composing your software solution easy as ordering from a take-away. NovaStor offers small business owners the best value packages to meet ?their business needs with unbeatable prices in the marketplace, building on NovaStor’s reputation for delivering value.

For example, NovaNET™ Master Server Value Pack Combo A includes the Standard Master Server for scalable single server backup. Additionally, users can choose one of the most popular plug-ins/options for NovaNET™. NovaStor offers protection for SQL, Exchange, a Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Plug-in and many customized options. Combos B and C are designed for a multi-server environment. Covering a Master Server Starter or Enterprise Pack plus two plug-ins/options NovaNET™’s Combos B and C serve the data protection needs of most business’ completely.

Shorter Backup Windows
NovaNET™ includes a unique distributed architecture and intelligent storage management design, including fault tolerance, software compression, and comparative data verification. This provides the ability to backup to and restore from devices anywhere on the network simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time needed to backup even the largest systems.

In addition, NovaNET™’s highly parallel data movement operations and dynamic load balancing features deliver backup and recovery performance that is second to none. During a backup or recovery operation, NovaNET™ can read and write multiple concurrent data streams between the source data and target device(s) taking advantage of today’s high-speed devices with multiple I/O streams.

Advanced Schedule Management
Utilizing NovaNET™’s scheduling feature lets you plan days, weeks, months and even years ahead. Autoloader/ Library support and background backup operation assure regular backups for complete data security. Predefined schedules included with the application make preventing data loss easy. The automatic tape rotation manager ensures full data recovery and access to historical files.

Expert Technical Support
Our expert assistance is available to curb downtimes, providing an even better return on investment for your data security. NovaStor aims to provide our customers with reliable software that they can depend on, but for times when assistance is required, standard technical support is offered via email, our web site, online chat, and phone. Fee based Priority technical support as well as maintenance and upgrade protection plans are also available.

NovaNET 11 Plug-Ins:

Disaster Recovery Agent
Microsoft Exchange Agent
Open File Manager
D2D2Many Virtual Tape Library
Microsoft SQL Agent
Library Expansion Pack
Microsoft DPM Agent


Key Features & Benefits of NovaNET:
  • Modular Architecture
    Provides the foundation for a flexible solution that easily grows from a single-server to a many-server environment
  • Media Encryption
    Integrated and easy to implement software encryption allows users to quickly and easily select one of three encryption levels.
  • Self-Tuning Logic Automation
    Automatically calculates and dynamically adjusts the number of concurrent data streams to ensure backups complete in the prescribed backup window
  • Unlimited Backup to Disk
    Ensures optimal backup performance by providing ability to backup directly to and restore from disk regardless of data volume
  • Disk-to-Disk-to-Any (D2D2Ne)
    Quickly and easily implement data copy policies that allow you to seamlessly backup data to disk for fast backups/recoveries and then copy to tape for security and disaster protection  (sold separately from NovaNET Master Server)
  • Bare Metal Disaster Recovery
    Create a bootable image for complete, quick, and easy system recovery without reinstalling the operating system or applications  (sold separately from NovaNET Master Server)
  • Calendar-based scheduling
    Highly flexible scheduler makes it simple to customize automated backup to suit any need
  • Easy, wizard-driven job setup
    Quickly and easily install, configure, and manage your data protection strategy.
    NEW! Quick Access Tray icon enables quick access to management tasks.
  • Easy recovery
    Full tracking of backups to allow easy selection of data to be recovered, including specific versions of files; restore from VTL results in rapid recovery of data
  • Quick and simple install
    Enables you to begin protecting your data in minutes
  • Application and Database Agents
    Native data protection for popular applications such as MS Exchange Server and MS SQL Server (sold separately from NovaNET Master Server)
  • Protection for unlimited number of networked desktops
    Protect important data stored on networked PCs
  • Native support for Windows, Linux, or Netware
    NovaNET Standard runs natively allowing you to use the best platform for your business


NovaNET 11 System Requirements
Vista Ready
  • Pentium or higher CPU
  • 256 MB RAM required, 512 MB recommended Minimum
  • 400 MB free disk space
  • 20 GB recommended for Master Server
  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher

Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2003 Standard / Enterprise / Storage Server SP 1/R2 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows Server 2003 SBS SP1, Windows 2003 SBS SP 1 (32/64 Bit),
  • Windows XP Professional SP 1, 2;
  • Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server/SBS/Professional SP4,
  • Windows Vista Home Basic/HomePremium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (32/64 Bit)*,
  • Linux RHEL 4 AS, ES, WS SP 1, 2, 3 (32/64 Bit),
  • Linux RHEL 3 AS, ES, WS SP 1 - 8 SLES 10 (32 / 64 Bit), SLES 9 SP 2, 3 (32/64 Bit),
  • Ubuntu/ v6.06/7.04/7.10 (Desktop/Server),
  • XUbuntu/ v6.06/7.04/7.10 (Desktop/Server),
  • KUbuntu/ v6.06/7.04/7.10 (Desktop/Server),
  • CentOS 4.3/5.0,
  • Fedora 6/7,
  • openSuSE 10.1/10.2/10.3,
  • Netware 6.5 / Netware 6.5 SBS SP 3, 4a, 5, Netware 6 / Netware 6 SBS SP 4,5



Open File Manager
The Open File Manager enables NovaNET to capture open files - even if the files are changing. More...

Disaster Recovery
With NovaNET, recovering from a complete failure can be as quick and easy as booting up your system or pushing a single button on your tape drive. More...

For WindowsMicrosoft SQL Server
NovaNET Backup for Microsoft SQL Server is a reliable way to efficiently back up and restore your Microsoft SQL Server databases, even while they are open and being used. Supports SQL Server 2005. More...

For WindowsMicrosoft Exchange Server
The NovaNET plug-in for the backup of Microsoft Exchange Server is the ideal way to protect your Microsoft messaging system, even while its files are open and being used. Now supports Exchange Server 2007! More...

For WindowsMicrosoft Data Protection Manager
In many organizations, disk-to-disk-to-tape backup is replacing the traditional disk-to-tape backup systems that have been the standard for disaster recovery for many years. A big part of that reason is Microsoft's new server product, Data Protection Manager (DPM). The NovaNET DPM option integrates the enterprise backup and disaster recovery power of NovaNET with the simple on-line replication advantages of DPM, bringing unprecedented simplicity, power, flexibility, and reliability to enterprise data protection. More...

For WindowsD2D2Many Virtual Tape Library
Turn Your Disk or NAS Device into a Virtual Tape Library! Save time and money while increasing protection and security. More...

For WindowsSAN (Storage Area Network) Media Server New
Turn Your SAN Device into a Virtual Tape Library! Save time and money while increasing protection and security. More...

For LinuxLibrary Expansion Pack
Every NovaNET package comes ready to support multi-slot autoloaders with a single tape drive. For more expansive storage solutions, extra support for additional tape drives for larger libraries and larger autoloaders may be purchased. More...

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