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EMCO Remote Shutdown

EMCO Software is a leading innovator on the remote administration and management solutions market. Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, we are an international company with offices and operations around the globe. Since the company's founding in 2001, we have been dedicated to providing network administrators with feature-rich, easy-to-use and affordable software and improving productivity of IT departments. Focused on the real-world needs of network professionals, our products are simple to try, simple to use, and simple to maintain while providing the power, scalability and flexibility needed by companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our solutions portfolio includes award-winning products targeted at remote network inventory, remote software deployment, remote desktop access and administration, network protection from viruses and malware, network security and health analyzing, remote power management, and remote automation.

During a long time, products for remote desktops management, administration and inventorying were positioned on the market as enterprise-level solutions with a prohibitive total cost of ownership. A high price and a big complexity kept many companies and organizations away from those solutions while they have a high demand for tools that can improve productivity of their IT departments. We came to the market looking to change this situation and be focused on the real-world needs of network professionals by providing simple but effective products and making them affordable for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our first releases in 2001 proved that our products, which can be up and running within minutes with no learning and complex configuration to immediately provide remote desktop control over the network, were exactly the solution that network engineers need most. An intuitive interface, valuable real-world features and an affordable price were key factors to our quick market acquiring. After the first big success, our solutions portfolio quickly grew to 35 products that cover various fields of network administration and help automate hundreds of administration tasks. Along with this, there is still a lot of space for improvements, and we plan to further extend our product set to provide best-of-breed solutions.

More than 20,000 customers in 85 countries around the world rely on our products every day to take the complex routine out of their network managing. Our solutions help them to remotely manage as many as 2,3 million desktops and 103,000 servers and save millions hours of work and multi-million dollars in total every year. Our worldwide customer base includes dozens of Fortune 100 and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies as well as large and small businesses representing all industries, educational and healthcare organizations, charity and non-profit organizations, and government institutions.

As a global company, we have partners all around the world who contribute to our products development, international sales and technical support. We are proud to cooperate with leading distributors and more than 50 resellers from 20 countries who represent our products on local markets.

EMCO Remote Shutdown:
Shutdown and Wake-on-LAN Tool for Networks

This power management software allows you to manage network PCs from a central location and run remote Shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, Reboot, Sleep and other operations on multiple network PCs remotely. Remote operations can be executed manually on demand and automatically on schedule, so you can fully automate power management operations in your organization. The program is designed to support networks of any complexity.
EMCO Remote Shutdown is software that allows you to run remote Shutdown, Wake-on-LAN and other operations on selected network PCs. You can run the operations manually or schedule them for automatic execution. The program doesn't require any manual agent installation on remote PCs or a specific network configuration. All remote operations are easy to configure and run across a network.

EMCO Remote Shutdown is available in three editions:

  • Free edition allows running a remote operation on up to 5 network PCs. It allows creating up to 2 tasks of every type. This edition works as a Windows program, so the execution of scheduled tasks stops if you close the UI or log off from Windows.
  • Professional edition doesn't have limitations for the number of targeted PCs in a remote operation and allows creating an unlimited number of tasks. It runs as a Windows service, so a scheduled execution continues even if you close the UI or log off from Windows.
  • Enterprise edition doesn't have limitations for the number of targeted PCs and created tasks. It works as client/server. The server works as a Windows service to execute scheduled tasks in the 24/7 mode. Clients can be installed locally or remotely and can connect to the server through a LAN or the Internet. They can work concurrently to manage scheduled tasks, run remote operations and check execution results. This edition also provides web access to execution results of remote operations.

EMCO Remote Shutdown: Main Features and Benefits

EMCO Remote Shutdown is a PC power management tool for networks that allows you to automate power management in your organization. You can remotely shut down, wake up, reboot network PCs with a few mouse clicks and schedule these operations for automatic execution. It helps to reduce power consumption in your organization.

Power Management Operations

The program allows you to shut down and wake up (using Wake-on-LAN) remote PCs connected to a LAN/WAN in order to turn them on/off. You can also restart, hibernate and sleep remote PCs, sign out from and lock sessions on remote PCs, lock and unlock the keyboard and the mouse, and send text messages to network PCs. Learn how it works

Static and Dynamic Operation Targets

Remote operations can be executed on static and/or dynamic groups of remote PCs. You can specify target PCs by selecting them manually and/or specify a condition to select target PCs automatically. For example, you can execute a remote operation on PCs from a specific Organizational Unit of Active Directory. Learn how it works

Tasks and Schedule

If you plan to repeat the same remote operation multiple times, you can create a task. The task includes a configuration of operation options and target PCs. A task can be executed manually with a single click. You can also schedule a task for automatic execution at a defined date/time or recurrently on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Learn how it works

Advanced Wake-on-LAN Features

To use Wake-on-LAN, you need to know the IP and MAC addresses of the network PCs and use the appropriate WOL delivery methods. The program can automatically detect IP and MAC addresses of remote hosts. MAC addresses can be detected using different methods. The program supports different WOL delivery methods. Learn how it works

Client/Server Architecture

The Enterprise edition of the program works as client/server. The server is responsible for executing remote operations, and the client is used to configure operations and check the execution results. Multiple clients can connect to the same server locally or remotely through a LAN or the Internet and work concurrently. Learn how it works

Ready-to-Use Solution

To manage remote computers, you don't need to have any specific hardware or modify your network configuration. You don't need to install any agent software to network PCs manually in order to manage them remotely. To use the program, you only need to have access with administrative permissions on remote PCs. Learn how it works

Need more information about EMCO Remote Shutdown features? Take a look at feature list for details.

A Site License is for a company at one location or one city when a Enterprise license is for a company located in many cities or countries..
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